What is the slow carb diet? | Slow carb diet food list and 5 main rules

Looking for an easy and simple way to regain grace and slimness? Try a slow carb diet!

Did you know that losing 3 kilograms in just 1 month is incredibly easy? And this is really possible, even if you do not resort to physical exercises of medium and high intensity, but by “planting” yourself on a properly chosen diet. And three kilograms correspond to two sizes of a dress or trousers, depending on what you wear.



Why slow carbs are beneficial

Slow carb diet rules
Slow carb diet rules. Source: Positive healthwellness

For a start, it is useful to know how our body processes nutrients – nutrients. The key to understanding the problem is knowing the chemical characteristics of our metabolism. The truth is that fats are deposited from excess sugar in the blood. The mechanism itself is as follows.

The body consumes nutrients evenly and can not absorb more than some limit amount per hour, and excess sugar diligently processed into fat. For example, you felt hungry, chose a sweet dessert for a snack and got a few hundred calories.

Within half an hour, the “sugar attack” begins in the blood, which our body neutralizes, turning nutrients into energy and excess sugar into fat, simultaneously releasing a good dose of insulin, on the one hand, very necessary for digesting food, and on the other hand – secondary hunger soon.

After another hour, when you again want to eat, fats cannot turn back into sugar, as they are already deposited in the fat depots, and come out only when the body goes into emergency mode – ketosis, which is not only difficult but also dangerous to achieve.

Therefore, there is only one way out – to control the quality of nutrients, correctly combining proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And it will be right to avoid the surge of blood sugar, which cannot be completely neutralized.

Slow carbohydrates are not chemically ready for digestion, they need splitting and do not immediately “go into the business” – they require an average of 2.5 hours to free up all calories and sugar.

Slow carb diet is good for losing weight, which break down for several hours, do not cause a jump in sugar and are completely converted into energy for the cells, even if you didn’t train on that day – calories are spent on daily physical activity, digestion, breathing, mental work and even such activities, like communication and sleep.


Slow carb chicken and vegetables
Slow carb chicken and vegetables


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Slow carb diet rules

That it is one of the easiest and easiest ways to lose weight. But only in order for it to be really effective, you should remember 5 simple, but meanwhile incredibly important rules.

  1. Avoid “white” carbs. These include: all types of bread, rice, cereals, potatoes, pasta, muffins, and, of course, any fried foods. Even this single step will help you lose weight!
  2. Build your diet on foods whose consumption does not lead to a set of unnecessary weight. And these are: – eggs, chicken, lean pork, fish; – black beans, lentils, red beans, soybeans; – Spinach, cabbage, asparagus, peas, broccoli, asparagus and carrots. Combine the above products, while making the minimum amount of salt and fat when preparing them. And if you wish, you can make your menu incredibly diverse, and therefore avoid the main mistake of all those who stop dieting, because he has to eat the same thing again and again.
  3. Discard liquid calories. And many people cannot lose weight precisely because they forget how high-calorie sweet coffee or sweet tea can be. Or the same fat milk. Teach yourself to drink plenty of pure water. And if, suppose you cannot imagine your day without coffee, use sweetener instead of sugar. And remember, if you do not abuse them, it will be perfectly safe, because Many of the “horror stories” told about him are the most common fabrications. Also, do not be fooled into believing that soy milk, carbonated drinks and fruit juices help you lose weight. All of these drinks contain aspartame, which, as scientifically proven, stimulates weight gain. Alcohol is also prohibited for you. Although half a glass for a holiday you still do not hurt.
  4. Eat less fruits, vegetables and berries. And do it because our ancient ancestors (and many people forget about it) did not eat fruit all year round. Knowing the ripening period of most fruits, we can safely say that our evolution did not accustom us to the daily consumption of fruits and berries. And because the formula “orange” or “a handful of grapes every day” is absolutely fake. But there are two exceptions to this rule. And these are tomatoes and avocados. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C and lycopene, and avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Slowly carbohydrates allows you to eat fruit once a week, so enjoy this day.
  5. For one day once a week, forget about the diet and let yourself relax. Eat everything that you really want, but at the same time observe the measure. And relax, because it has been proven that increasing calorie intake once a week helps fat loss, because it boosts the metabolism in working condition, forcing it to work to the maximum.

So, as you can see, the slow carb diet is very simple. Yes, the choice of products is limited, but you can mix and match the allowed products in any combination, and there are just enough of them to avoid hunger. Another advantage of this diet is that you should not count carbohydrates that you eat. Which allows us to think that a simpler diet will be hard to find.


Slow carb diet rules
Slow carb diet rules


Slow carb diet food list for weight loss:

  1. Buckwheat;
  2. Oatmeal;
  3. Beans;
  4. Cabbage;
  5. Squashes;
  6. Turnip;
  7. Sour apples;
  8. A pineapple;
  9. Spicy greens;
  10. Nuts.

10 “prohibited” products:

  1. Sugar;
  2. Pasta;
  3. Semolina, rice, wheat;
  4. Beet;
  5. Corn;
  6. Bananas;
  7. Jam;
  8. Buns;
  9. Sweet soda;
  10. Alcohol.

Weight gain on a slow carb food list

Men more often want to gain weight than lose it. This is due to the fact that they train more and thanks to carbohydrates they can gain weight faster, increasing their stamina at the same time. Therefore, those thin people who can not get seductive forms in any way just fit such a diet. Why get fat? This is not about solid 20-30 kg, but about a small weight gain for acquiring more rounded shapes.

And when the bones stick out, it is not only ugly, but also uncomfortable, it even hurts to sit on a hard chair. So do not be surprised, this is a completely different version of the diet for weight gain. The process takes more time, especially if you play sports, but it is with this combination that you can get a very beautiful figure.

The proportions are as follows:

Protein 30%
Fat 15%
Carbohydrates 55%
In this case, you must follow such a diet for at least a month, so you can get plus 5 kg. But it’s better to leave carbohydrates in the morning, and proteins later in the evening.

An example menu looks like this:

  • For breakfast: eggs, oatmeal, buckwheat in milk, scrambled eggs, cheese sandwiches.
  • Snack: apples, pears, other fruits, corn tortillas, milk, fatty yogurt.
  • Lunch: any porridge (preferably buckwheat or rice) with mushrooms, vegetables, legumes, meat, fish or seafood.
  • Snack: bananas, smoothies, juices, nuts and dried fruits, cheesecakes.
  • Dinner: steamed or fresh vegetables, salads, fish, meat.
  • At night, you can eat cottage cheese or drink kefir.

Way Out of a Carbohydrate Diet

The main thing that certainly does not need to be done is to pounce on something that I did not eat all the time while I was on a diet. The body needs time to adapt to products and to large portions. They don’t need to be made too big, because you don’t want to regain weight. Slowly and gradually add your usual foods, but still try to use as few fast carbohydrates as possible in your diet. Gradually and increase the serving. So in a couple of weeks you will get used to it, and thanks to the diet you can eat less and better control your appetite.

Physical activity

As for exercises, although they change the shape of your body and burn fat, they do not make you smaller and thinner. After all, fat is being replaced by muscles. And it is known that the same exercises for the running-in of the press and the buttocks instead of the desired reduction in volume can lead to the fact that, even dropping fat, you will become 1–2 sizes larger. And it will happen at the expense of building muscle mass.