Best fat burners for weight loss and ways of applying

Best fat burners for weight loss and ways of applying

Considering the issues of effective weight loss, many people turn to different drugs. Some of them are placebo, the effect of others is small, but there is a category of sports nutrition that can really help to noticeably lose weight. What are fat burners? How to train and what to choose in order to achieve optimal results? Let’s consider in more detail…

General information

Sports fat burners are a complex of sports supplements or sports pharmacology that accelerate the process of fat burning. They are used for:

  1. Primary weight loss.
  2. The first stage of sports drying.
  3. Increase energy balance during training.

How do fat burners work? In fact, this is a rather difficult question, because all of them are divided into several main categories of drugs. How do fat burners work from these categories?

Type of fat burner The principle of action on the body
Thermogenics Increase body temperature to 37.2 and above. In view of this, the heart rate is increased, and for normal thermoregulation the body begins to consume its own fat reserves.
Lipotropics Preparations that facilitate the splitting of fats under the influence of external factors. They are in themselves ineffective, but they are quite safe. They help to slightly speed up the process of fat burning with proper diet and training.
Calorie blockers Calorie blockers are drugs that bind to gastric juice and protein enzymes, linking their activity. Due to this, food passes through the esophagus without splitting up to the simplest energy elements.
Replenishing dietary supplements A complex of vitamins and minerals, which in no way affect the very process of fat burning, but allow to stimulate the quality and speed of metabolism. Together with other methods, it is possible to significantly reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat.
Suppressors of appetite Preparations that bind to glucagon, reducing appetite.
Cortisol blockers In fact, these drugs have no effect on fat burning, and can not be considered a fat burner in the classical sense. However, they completely block the disintegration of muscle tissue under the influence of stress, which allows you to perform training with greater intensity – spend more calories – create an energy deficit – lose weight without losing muscle mass.
Stimulants of the thyroid gland Warning: dangerous preparation. Do not take without the consent of your doctor.Stimulants of the thyroid gland, responsible for the secretion of hormones, T3 and T4, which are responsible for the formation and splitting of fat cells.

Note: this table does not reflect all types of fat-burning drugs. For example, some of those not mentioned are considered serious doping, have more serious side effects and harm to health. So, for example, there are no medications for asthma that transplant the body from glycogen to fatty fuel, in view of the fact that these drugs weaken the heart muscle.

How to take fat burners?


How to take fat burners
How to take fat burners

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an unambiguous instruction on how to take best fat burners. There are several reasons for this.

Concentration of the drug. Even if we consider specific best fat burners (for example, ephedra), then from producer to manufacturer changes not only the concentration of pure substance, but also its bioavailability. The higher it is, the less substance is needed, and vice versa.

Read the article about chest exercises.

In addition, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Primordial somatotype. If you are an endomorph, then for normal fat burning, thermogenics that will accelerate metabolism are excellent . At the same time, for mesomorphs they are inadmissible, because along with fat will begin to actively decrease and muscle mass.
  2. Training process. If your training cycle uses a prolonged cardio, then only thermogenics. If interval, then they should be excluded in view of the heavy burden on the heart.
  3. Diet. If there is an excess of calories, then perhaps you need to use the calorie blockers.
  4. Another accepted sport nutrition. For example, the effectiveness of ECA is reduced when using No-xplode, and the effectiveness of caffeine is reduced when using large doses of creatine.
  5. The state of metabolism . If the accumulation of fat is associated with metabolic disorders , or too sharp a way out of a low-carb diet, supplements, vitamins and minerals will be needed.
  6. Health status. Most of the best fat burners are contraindicated in people who have problems with the cardiovascular system.
  7. Goals. If your goal is to maximize weight loss, then it is better to combine several drugs. If you need to keep your muscles, it’s better to focus on the blockers of calories. If the goal is weight control before the competition, then perhaps best fat burners should be replaced with no less dangerous diuretics.

Only considering all these factors, you can determine how to properly burn the fat burner, what kind of diet to combine it, and what exercises to perform at the stage of active weight loss.

Top products and their composition

In order to understand which fat burner is better, and with what it is properly combined, you need to determine its type and composition of elements of a specific fat burner.

A drug Type / Effect Components
L-carnitine Lipotropic / replenishing dietary supplements Transport amino acid L-carnitine, which stimulates the cardiovascular system, and forces the body to use fat as a fuel in training.
Prefect Jack3D Complex preparation Has powerful adrenaline stimulation due to incoming caffeine and ephedrine. In addition, it has a lipotropic effect due to the presence of creatine, arginine and nitrogen donors.
ECA Powerful thermogenics Ephedrine is a thermogen. Caffeine is a thermogenic adrenaline stimulant. Aspirin is a reaction stabilizer that reduces side effects.
Clenbuterol Lipotropic / Asthma medicine According to the data, allows you to reconfigure the body, forcing it to use up to 70% of energy from fat tissue (against 35-40% under normal conditions).Actively used by Norwegian athletes at the Olympic Games.
Cheaters Relief from BSN Termogenik Cinnulin – increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin. In fact, reducing the minimum amount of food to saturate. Chitosan is a powerful blocker of calories. Citralin is a lipotropic. Alfalipolyic acid – increases sensitivity to insulin. CassiaNoName – a blocker of calories. Ficus extract is a weak lipotropic.
Prefect Blackspider Complex preparation ECA + yohimbine, green tea extract and guarana as a thermogen. Vitamins b6 and b12 to suppress appetite. Chromium picolinate – to improve the quality of metabolism.

Note: this list has a large number of pre-training complexes. The thing is that the combination of components in these complexes, usually combines the support from the dietary supplement, with a serious increase in temperature (due to the presence of adrenaline stimulants), and in some preparations there are lipotropic components. Of course, in themselves, pre-exercise is not an incentive for weight loss, but with a low-calorie diet, their intake may be more effective than using various advertised drugs (goji berries, green coffee, etc.)

Body after using fat burners
Body after using fat burners

Harm from fat burners

Despite all the effectiveness of fat burners for weight loss, you need to understand that these are sports drugs that can cause serious complications. In particular, their use:

  1. Increases the load on the gastrointestinal tract. By blocking digestive enzymes (blockers of calories) or a large amount of anhydrous caffeine (thermogenics).
  2. Changes the level of enzyme production. Calorie blockers lead to hypercompensation for the production of enzymes during the period of rejection of the drug. All this leads to a constant feeling of hunger, and even is fraught with a ulcer of the stomach or duodenum.
  3. Increases the burden on the cardiovascular system. In general, this applies to certain types of lipotropics and thermogenics.
  4. Changes the hormonal background. Mostly seen for drugs that regulate the work of the thyroid gland.
  5. It leads to leaching of minerals and vitamins. Almost all fat burners lead to increased sweating. Together with sweat and urine, most of the minerals come out of the body. Given that they all pass through the kidneys, there may be kidney stones.
  6. Increase blood pressure.

Therefore, usually together with sports fat burners, it is recommended to take a complex of auxiliary vitamins and minerals.

IMPORTANT: the amount of minerals and vitamins taken with fat burners should be much higher than the daily rate, because With the liquid, most of the minerals that accumulate in the body more than one day go away. Optimum are considered double doses Animal pack, or vitamins similar in composition.


Finally I would like to say about a simple pyramid, which sometimes proves to be much more productive than the most effective fat burners.

  1. Food.
  2. Training.
  3. Recreation.

Only when these elements are combined in the right proportions, you can really burn all the excess fat, and keep your weight at an acceptable level for a long time.

Body after using fat burnersBody after using fat burners

The rector does not recommend the use of powerful fat burners if you do not exercise professionally. Often the acceleration of fat burning is much less than expected, but the health damage is always present.