Strength exercises for women

Strength exercises for women are a challenge in the world to improve their own figure. An incorrectly selected program can not only spoil the source material, but also harm the health. As you know, the female body at the genetic level is protected from building muscle mass.

Undoubtedly, you can achieve massive cubes of the press, but the path will be long and very difficult. In this article, we will tell you how to correctly bring your own figure into order with the help of physical exercises, making it attractive and smart.

Strength exercises for women – correct execution

Before you begin to train hard in the gym or at home – it is worth to go to a medical institution. Only after a complete diagnosis of health, you can start working on your own body, without fear of harming yourself. In the case of identifying problems at the physical level – consider them when selecting a program for classes.

Correctly chosen mode of employment is the key to successful progress in working on oneself. Among the most significant preparatory rules, it is worth highlighting the following points:

  1. On the first weeks of visiting the hall, it is recommended to get your own trainer. It is he who will help you to choose the correct mode of training and will give some tips on how best to perform exercises for women.
  2. Make a mode of morning exercise and stick to it. If it is twice a week – you can sometimes increase, but not decrease. The body must get used to a new way of life.
  3. Do not start the first training days with high loads. Stick to basic exercises for a month, implementing 5 sets of 10-15 repetitions. In the future, gradually increase the load.
  4. Strength exercises have many limitations associated with various kinds of diseases. Before the start of the training path, report on your nuances to the coach, and he will make the correct mode.

A variety of strength exercises

A variety of strength exercises
A variety of strength exercises

Coming into the hall, a woman encounters a huge abundance of simulators, and the execution technician exerts even more. That the first training day was not in vain, consider a few basic methods for the female:

  1. Pushups with weighting – during the execution of this method the upper part of the body works: the muscles of the hands, abdomen, back. The technician is performing a lot and all of them are effective. We recommend using several options in one workout, making 4-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  2. “Rope” – has an effect on the muscles of the press and legs. Perform each workout for 4-5 sets – 12 reps.
  3. Exercises with dumbbells – Strength exercises of this type are suitable for building muscle mass and losing weight. In the first weeks of training it is recommended to take weight is most comfortable for you: you should not be easy, but not too hard.
    do 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions.
  4. Squats with weight – carried out with bars or dumbbells, while working should absolutely all the muscles of the body, starting from the shoulders – ending with the calf muscles. Do at least three sets of 15 repetitions.

Note: do not assume heavy burdens that your body can not do. After performing the exercise, there should be a feeling of pleasant fatigue and a slight shortness of breath. Between the approaches, take small breaks of no more than two minutes.

Strength exercises for women
Strength exercises for women

Anatomy of the bark

This technique is modern and effective, if desired, to achieve good results. The bottom line is that a special corset is put on the body, which groups the muscles into a single system. Whatever you do in the hall – the body will work. This technique is widely used in the following exercises:

  1. The bar is standard.
  2. The side bar.
  3. Back strap with knee pressure.
  4. Raising the pelvis on one leg.
  5. “Climber”.

Anatomy of the Cora is an indispensable physical exercise for women, regardless of whether you are gaining weight or getting rid of extra pounds.

Extensible Errors

How to properly perform strength training for women knows not every. As a result, a lot of mistakes arise that prevent you from achieving the desired results:

  1. Increased pace of implementation.
  2. An invariable mode of employment during a long time.
  3. Disregarding the frequency of visiting training.
  4. Too frequent training.
  5. Incorrect weight of weighting agents, bars, dumbbell.
  6. Performing exercises only for a certain part of the body, neglecting the development of others.

Adhering to the above recommendations – after a few months, you will get a clear result, so do not forget to dilute the strength training cardio with loads and other directions.

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