How to choose a gym?

Someone before, someone later, comes to the idea that it’s time to start practicing yourself, lose weight, pull up the figure, pump up the muscles, and then the main question arises, how to choose a future gym that will allow you to engage in fitness or bodybuilding.

At the first stage, when the idea to go to the gym was ripe, it is necessary to decide on the choice, because there are many fitness centers in almost every city, and among all this diversity you need to choose only one that will meet all your criteria in order for the training to take place comfortable and effective.

Choosing the right gym

Before, finally stopping your choice on a specific gym, we recommend that you get acquainted with our tips and recommendations that will help you spend your financial resources and time more effectively to achieve a beautiful, athletic figure.

The purpose of the gym

Not all fitness centers are equipped with the necessary equipment for carrying out full-fledged strength training, some have mostly treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipsoids (such gyms are “sharpened” for aerobic training, that is, to lose weight, lose weight), others, have a lot of collapsible dumbbells and bars, a platform, various vultures, a lot of pancakes and bars under the bar (that is, the inventory involves explicit increases in strength and muscle growth).

The first option is more suitable if your task is to burn fat, the second option is suitable for those people who want to build muscle, pump up, so based on the equipment available in the gym, you can already make a conclusion whether it is worth visiting it or not.

To find out what kind of equipment is most likely to be in one or another gym, it’s enough at the entrance, ask for a tour around the hall from the administrator or a fitness trainer, or find their group on social networks (instagram, facebook), in which probably there will be a photo of the hall and the inventory, which is there).

A muscular athlete with a bare torso stands in a slant with a dumbbell in the gym
A muscular athlete with a bare torso stands in a slant with a dumbbell in the gym

The cost of the subscription to the gym

In many cities, it has long been practiced to sell, not only a monthly but also an annualsubscription, the cost of which can be completely different, and everything will depend on the status, name, location of the gym, and of course on the presence / absence of this or that training equipment, the area of ​​the premises, various free / paid services (swimming pool, massage, solarium, sauna).

As a rule, people who have a high enough income who are willing to pay a small amount for comfort, go to expensive, premium, VIP fitness centers, all the rest are satisfied with the average and low quality of the hall. But sometimes, it even helps to tune in to the training, immerse in the working atmosphere of the gym, plunge into the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “basement rockers.”

Therefore, if your financial resources do not allow you to visit expensive fitness centers, find economy class rooms, do it simply, thanks for example to the notorious 2gis program, specify your city, and in the search type “gyms”, in the window that appears, which are in your city, indicating the phone, the schedule of work, the cost of the subscription, photos and reviews, it is very convenient and simple.

The leading positions of VIP or premium class are occupied by WorldClass, the cost of a monthly subscription in such a gym is usually $ 100-150, as for the economy class.

Money (dollars) and dumbbell on a dark background
Money (dollars) and dumbbell on a dark background

Schedule (mode) of the work of the gym

One of the most important criteria for choosing a gym is its mode of operation, because sometimes the main work activity ends very late, and the halls that work until 21:00, have to “weed out”. The same applies to gyms that start opening at 9-00, they obviously will not suit people who are used to training in the morning, before the main job.

Strength training  2-3 times a week, for 30-45 minutes (many are still in this mode of training, because they do not want to change the usual gym with an inconvenient work schedule for them), almost to nothing, except for an empty purse and empty Spending time will not result, due to the fact that you will not have enough time to fully implement all the repetitions with the observance of the rest time between the approaches.

Hurrying to perform the exercises, for a short period of time, until the gym is closed, you can not arbitrarily cause yourself and other  trauma, and it is natural not to talk about the concentration of attention to the technique of performance in such a fast mode of the training process.

Therefore, if you want to successfully combine time work and a gym, try to find 24-hour (in small and medium-sized cities, there are almost none) or a hall that meets your working day requirements, for example, from 7-00 to 23-00.

Time for fitness
Time for fitness

Other points that should be considered when choosing a gym:

  • Is there a fitness instructor in the gym (a competent coach will be able to suggest the technique of performing exercises, give advice and recommendations on healthy nutrition and the plan for training)
  • How often the room is ventilated, whether there are conditioners, is especially actual in the summer (in conditions of heat, lack of oxygen, it is much harder to train, there is shortness of breath)
  • Location from home / work, the closer the room, the easier and faster it is possible to get, and hence fully exercise
  • Does the music play, if it plays what, sometimes it is better to take your mp3 player
  • How good is lighting, in poor lighting, eyesight deteriorates, you can accidentally injure yourself or others
  • The area of ​​the room (in a small and narrow hall, oxygen is less, simulators, dumbbells, barbells are constantly occupied)

As a rule, in expensive halls, absolutely everything is done for comfortable and pleasant workouts, starting with a shower room, in which there are already all soap supplies, ending with free protein-carbohydrate cocktails, which are so necessary for the athlete to recoverfrom training.

Fitness girl drinks from a shaker water in the gym
Fitness girl drinks from a shaker water in the gym

And the last thing I would like to draw your attention to is directly on the trip to the gym, some having read this article, they will not go anywhere, find an excuse, there is no time, I’m too thin or fat, I’m ashamed and so, through all these, the “test” were almost all successful fitness models and bodybuilders, all were once very weak, thin, with a flat booty and thin arms, but they all found the strength to go train, overcome themselves. This question only concerns your motivation, how much you need it all.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in 15 years, it was the usual skinny young man, and how he became thanks to heavy training in the gym and rigid internal discipline, which he was betrayed, and that led him to success in almost all areas, not just in the bodybuilding.

Following our advice, choose a gym for yourself, find yourself a training program, learn the technique of doing exercises, get to know the proper nutrition when playing sports, and follow your ideal athletic figure.

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