What Is Anavar?

What Is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is actively used among bodybuilders to improve muscle quality, improve strength performance and achieve other important characteristics. Buy this steroids from the manufacturer and be sure of the originality of the drug you can in the online store.

What Are The Benefits Of Anavar?

anavar what is itInitially, Anavar was invented for HIV-infected women and children, to maintain their immune system, as well as for the treatment of osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and other pathologies. Paying attention to the high efficiency and anabolic effect, the drug became popular in sports, after which it was entered in the list of controlled substances. Anavar is synonymous with the harmless use of steroids.

Among the main indicators, Anavar should be noted the following:

  • powerful anabolic action, its activity is 400% of testosterone;
  • androgenic activity of the drug 25% of testosterone;
  • has no aromatization;
  • does not retain water in the body and does not increase blood pressure;
  • has a moderately weak hepatoxicity, i.e. the effect on the liver;
  • the active period of action after taking is 8-12 hours.

Positive effects of Anavar:

  • improves the relief of muscle mass;
  • increases power performance;
  • promotes fat burning;
  • increases growth hormone levels.

Pay attention! Anavar is suitable for athletes to achieve relief and elasticity of muscle mass, but the drug does not promote weight gain.

How To Use Anavar?

The cycle of Anavar in the solo version is 6-8 weeks. Regarding dosages, the first week “input”, we recommend starting with a dose of 20 mg per day 1-2 days, divide it into two doses: in the morning and in the afternoon. Starting from the 3rd day if you do not feel pronounced side effects, you can increase the dosage to 40 -60 mg. (maximum 80 mg), divided into three doses per day.

what is anavar steroidFor those who want not only to burn extra subcutaneous fat and gain muscle relief, but also to gain muscle mass, experts recommend the combined cycles of Anavar. The steroid is permissible to combine with:

  • Testosterone;
  • Primobolan;
  • Sustanon.

Pay attention! With a combined cycle, the dosage of Anavar should be at the level of 40 mg per day.

Post Cycle Therapy

To avoid side effects after the cycle of the steroid Anavar dosage is necessary to pass Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Two days after completion of the cycle with the substance, clomid or Nolvadex should be taken within 4-5 weeks. This tool will help to restore the body’s own production of testosterone.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Anavar?

Anavar refers to a relatively harmless steroid. Despite the fact that the substance is produced in tablets, special toxicity to the liver does not have. Such side effects as gynecomastia or swelling, the tool does not have, as it is not converted into estrogens. Even the inhibition of testosterone occurs at a much lower level than when taking other steroids. There may be temporary side effects, among them:

  • nausea;
  • abdominal pain;
  • differential pressure;
  • dizziness.

As a rule, even they are extremely rare.


According to surveys, one of the publications, 88% of athletes noted the severity of the effect of receiving Anavar. With side effects faced no more than 15% of athletes, 87% – noted the excellent tolerability of the substance.

Order Anavar at the best price and at the same time be sure of the originality of the product you can in the online store. Experienced consultants will help you deal with the proposed positions, as well as arrange delivery to the desired region. Buying online, you can be sure of the quality and originality of steroids.

How To Cycle Anavar and Anavar cycle dosage?

How To Cycle Anavar and Anavar cycle dosage?

Anavar was invented in the United States at the dawn of the Golden era of bodybuilding, however, it was used purely for medical purposes. His profile is extensive. An interesting fact is that the drug doses of the hormonal agent were high in comparison with other steroid drugs. For example, the daily dose of Methandienone specified in the instructions does not exceed 5 mg. Per day, the maximum daily dose of Anavar is equal to a whole 20 mg. In the world of sports, the daily peak dosage of the steroid is 40 mg. And the dosage of Methandienone can reach 60 mg.

Anavar Solo Cycle

anavar only cycleSolo cycle of Anavar should not exceed six weeks. The peak, maximum and optimal daily dose is 40 mg. When building a steroid cycle, steps should be made, five days long. First stage – 10 mg. Second stage – 20 mg. And so on to the fourth stage, which is 12 days, when the athlete receives the maximum dose of 40 mg. After this stage the cycle begins the final stage, a decrease in the dosage symmetrically to the first three steps.

The daily dose of Anavar should be divided into two or three doses. Start cycle need with morning reception, on the second stage adding another reception with interval in six hours, and so on. The dose can be divided into four doses, however, the last reception per day should not be later than eight in the evening. Since the drug works for a long time – up to 12 hours, the best option is to use the steroid in the morning and at lunch. Each dose is best consumed 10 minutes before meals.

When using the normal anabolic, athlete’s diet should be balanced and consist of at least two grams of protein per 1 kg of weight. Despite the fact that Anavar is not designed for weight gain, with the right diet and well-built training, the athlete is able to get up to four kilograms of dry, relief muscles. The drug is perfect for athletes who have a Constitution for the type of mesomorph, as it has a strong fat-burning effect, which does not expel water, does not harm the joints and ligaments, as Stanozolol or Turinabol.

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Combined Cycle Of Anavar For Men

anavar cycle for menWhen using Anavar in a cycle with other remedies, steroids should be chosen to create a dry and quality musculature.

Combined courses of the drug with other means will help not only reduce the risk of negative manifestations, but also increase effectiveness. For joint use, Sustanon is most suitable (250-500 mg per week).

Anavar and Masteron Cycle

One of the easy and effective cycles will be Anavar and injectable Masteron. This option will create a quality form with minimal risk of side effects and harm to the body. Both drugs in this bundle complement each other well, and at minimum doses will give a powerful synergistic effect. On such a cycle, 40 days long, the athlete can get 6 kg of flawless muscles. Cycles with drugs that have high androgenic effects, aimed at increasing the mass in combination with Anavar will not give a good result.

First, Anavar is not able to give weight gain, as other drugs, such as Methandienone or Stanozolol, if you need to gain more, but high-quality mass. Secondly, the price of Anavar is several times higher than that of Stanozolol.

Anavar and Test Cycle

A cycle of Sustanon or other long testosterone esters with Anavar will not give the desired result. But Anavar and Testosterone Propionate will be an excellent option for a set of dry relief muscles or keeping it in the interval between full steroid cycles of four or six drugs. This cycle is composed of the principle of the pyramid described above. Testosterone Propionate should be put on 1 mg every other day in the morning.

How to take Anavar cycle dosage

Before you start the course, you need to consult a sports doctor and undergo a complete medical examination. The duration of the cycle and dosage are selected individually depending on the purpose of the intake, the characteristics of the body and other influencing factors. Basically, the recommended course can last from one and a half to two months, during which doping is used daily with a dosage varying from 20 to 80 milligrams. The start of administration should begin with a minimum dose (20 mg), gradually increasing to a maximum. The daily dose is best divided into several doses, which will help to avoid changes in the hormonal background and the occurrence of adverse events.

After 2 days after the completion of the use of anabolic steroids, it is necessary to conduct after the course therapy with Clomid (Tamoxifen is less preferred) for 14 days.


How Should Women Cycle Anavar?

Anavar is taken three times a day according to the pyramid scheme, however, each step increases the dose from 2.5 to 5 mg. the Maximum daily dosage is 20 mg. Professional athletes participating in bodybuilding competitions use a complex of Anavar and Masteron in medium doses of 10 mg per day. Any, combined or solo steroid cycle should not exceed 4 weeks. After a four-week break with the PCT, the cycle can be repeated.

How To Take Anavar?

How To Take Anavar?

what is anavar used forThis article will be useful for those who still decided to take Anavar for their own purposes. Our blog does not sell or encourage the use of anabolic steroids or other potent substances.

Anavar is the safest in terms of side effects of all anabolic steroids. After all, it was created primarily for children and women. And even if it is not as effective as other steroids, but has some valuable properties that make it sometimes indispensable.

What Is Anavar Used For?

  1. Anavar is widely used in medicine for children and women. In children, it perfectly restores the skin (after burns). In addition, it can be safely given to young athletes to increase their strength performance. This drug will not interfere with the hormonal system of the body. And will not cause any complications in the future.
  2. In power sports, Anavar is often used between major steroid cycles. As I said above, it is a good anti-catabolic and does not inhibit the production of its own testosterone. All this allows you to save the muscle mass gained on the main cycle and at the same time restore your own hormonal background. That is, it allows the body to rest from the side effects of other steroids, and the muscles in the meantime to save.
  3. Anavar is used in conjunction with Winstrol to increase muscle strength without increasing body weight. This is especially true for those who do not want to go beyond their weight category before the competition.
  4. Its property is not to increase body weight and protect muscles from decay is very useful when drying. Therefore, it is often used when it is necessary to make the body as relief, but keep the muscles.
  5. Oxandrolone is also suitable for those who want to try steroids for the first time. If your body is still “not used” to anabolics, even from small doses of Anavar you will feel an increase in strength.

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How Much Anavar Should I Take?

how much anavar should i takeOptimal effective dosage of Anavar: 50–100 mg per day for men, and 20–50 mg per day for women and children. And ideally it is necessary to divide this portion into 3 receptions. This is due to the fact that the half-life of Oxandrolone 8–10 hours anavar cycle dosage. And if you divide his reception by three times and take at regular intervals, then just get 8 hours.

The fact that this method will keep the level of Anavar in the body at the same level. And this will slightly increase its effectiveness than if you took it once every 24 hours. In this case, you can not avoid hormonal fluctuations, as a day in your body from the last reception is almost nothing left. Not that it’s bad, but if you can squeeze the most out of this drug, it’s better to do so. By the way, the frequency of taking any steroid should be based on the duration of its half-life.

As a rule, the dosage of more than 100 mg per day is impractical. Since the efficiency is almost not growing. And these dosages will be great to beat your wallet.

Duration of administration of Anavar – 1-2 months. Although I’m sure it can last longer without any consequences. That is, for one full cycle will need about 200-300 tablets of 10 mg.


  • Anavar has only two distinct properties: increasing muscle strength and preventing muscle breakdown (anti-catabolic effect). Some studies also suggest a slight burning of fat. To use this drug for weight gain is impractical.
  • Proper use of adequate dosages does not cause absolutely no side effects. Neither during its application, nor after.
  • The absence of suppression of own testosterone and the absence of aromatization allow without fear to accept this drug people any age and gender.
  • If you’re just going to try anabolic steroids, or you want to increase muscle strength without increasing mass, or want to keep your muscles after another cycle of steroids, Anavar will come in handy.
The influence of growth hormone (HGH) on the body

The influence of growth hormone (HGH) on the body

Growth hormone, has long been famous in bodybuilding, and in other power sports, its wonderful effect on the human body, as well as its rejuvenating properties, but is it all so? Is it really a magic pill for muscle growth and an elixir of youth that has been looking for so many years?

A man at all times sought an answer, a miracle cure that could prolong life, slow the aging process, live forever. Scientists have noticed that if the level of human HGH is kept at a high, juvenile level, then the aging process can be slowed down. The discovery of this growth hormone is the most important achievement in a person’s ability to turn back time.

An Experiment on Humans and Growth Hormone

In America, in the medical journal New England, July 5, 1990, published a study in the field of medicine, which forever changed the world of drugs intended for rejuvenation. It published the results of a 6-month trial conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman, MD, with a synthetic growth hormone, over 12 elderly men, aged 61 to 81 years.

As a result of the experiment, it turned out that the male body became younger from injections for 20 years, and also, the HGH showed both anabolic properties in relation to muscles, and catabolic, in relation to the fatty layer:

  • the increase in dry muscle mass was 10%
  • fat decreased by 15%

However, after the drug was discontinued, the side effects did not take long to appear, which manifested itself in the following:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome (pain and numbness of fingers)
  • severe pain in joints
  • gynecomastia (enlargement of the mammary glands)

It is worth replacing that, to date, the frequency of side effects is rare, usually only in professional bodybuilders who “horse” doses of koljat hormone growth.

Growth Hormone (somatotropin)
Growth Hormone (somatotropin)

What is growth hormone

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. This pituitary gland (pituitary gland) controls the growth and multiplication of cells in the human body and other vertebrates. Recently, growth hormone has become available through injections, pills and sprays for patients who want to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Growth hormone was originally developed, for children of small height, who need to grow.

Before use, make sure that you know all the effects and potential risks associated with taking HGH.

Growth hormone, also called somatotropin, is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. It is secreted into the blood in the portal veins of the anterior pituitary gland, in large quantities than any other pituitary hormone.

This secretion is regulated by peptide hormones ( somatostatin and somatoliberin ) by the released hypothalamus. The balance of these peptides determines the production of HGH, this balance, in turn, depends on factors such as sleep, exercise and diet.

Scientists have proved that sports nutrition, supplements, can increase, stimulate, own production of growth hormone 3-5 times.

Supplements should be taken before bedtime, at this time (after falling asleep, after 1 hour) the activity of HGH secretion is maximal.

The effect of growth hormone on the human body
The effect of growth hormone on the human body

Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding

Sports supplements that stimulate the production of HGH are successfully used in fitness and bodybuilding industries, primarily for the solution of such problem just like testosterone cypionate that one can find online in USA.

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Reduction of fatty layer (fat burning)
  • Improvement of skin structure and appearance
  • Increased bone mass (bone growth), helps cope with osteoporosis
  • Increases intelligence, keeps a clear mind, memory, even in old age
  • Increases sexual desire
  • Improves the physical, mental state of a person
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces overall fatigue, helps to get out (do not fall) into depression
One dark bottle of growth hormone from Nordex
One dark bottle of growth hormone from Nordex

As already mentioned, with an increase in the recommended dosages, it is possible to observe side effects:

  • Tunnel Syndrome
  • Thyroid function suppression
  • Accumulation of liquid
  • Hypertrophy of the heart and other organs
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Gynecomastia

At present, somatotropin is successfully used, especially athletes of power sports, combining it with anabolic steroids.

Growth hormone rejuvenation

The pituitary body is the main energy center, it is he who is responsible for your appearance, and for your well-being. Symptoms of aging, low activity, lethargy and fat accumulation, can be attributed to functional problems of the pituitary gland. Clinical trials have proven that these negative symptoms are reversible, with an increase in hormone production by the pituitary gland.

Many experts believe that HGH supplements have a great potential for adult bodybuilders, especially those over 30. Growth hormone production decreases with age. In this regard, we begin to get tired more, train with less enthusiasm and generally are more likely to be depressed. Treatment with growth hormone, significantly prevents aging, both body and mind.

Growth hormone influences almost all cells in the body, stimulating the restoration of hair, skin, muscles, bones and organs, that is, in every way rejuvenates the person.

Neuroendocrine theory is one of the main hypotheses of aging. This theory suggests that the signs of aging correspond to the symptoms associated with the suspension of the various organs of the neuroendocrine system. The level of growth hormone in our body is reduced by 14% every 10 years. Modern research has proven that people of age can regain their former physical condition, become younger, remove the symptoms of aging by 15 years, using growth hormone.

Growth hormone acts on the liver and other tissues, as fuel for the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 ( IGF-1 ), which is the endocrine mediator of the action of growth hormone.

Bodybuilder with a heavy dumbbell in the gym
Bodybuilder with a heavy dumbbell in the gym

About 30 years ago, a book was published on the extension of life, edited by Dark Pearson and Sandy Shaw, in which a practical scientific approach to the growth hormone was published in order to popularize it. Almost immediately after the publication of the book, many manufacturers of amino acid supplementssaid that their products cause rapid weight loss by increasing the secretion of GHG.

At present, there are dozens of websites on the Internet that advertise and sell growth hormone in questionable quality and with bad reviews.

Unfortunately, the sale of growth hormone is not limited, in this regard, the product is of poor quality, with large impurities. In the world, there are only a few companies that can sell really high-quality, pure HGH, in fact it is, 20-30 out of 300 companies that sell somatotropin. Bad filtration, adding unnecessary impurities, here are the main facts that spoil the product, than actually and do not use bona fide manufacturers.

Is it okay to use growth hormone in sports?

It is clear that the hormones responsible for the formation of a physically strong, strong body will not be produced in the same quantities as before, when you were young. There are both practical and ethical issues, the use of growth hormone in their training.

If you are a serving bodybuilder, growth hormone – will be considered doping, a prohibited substance in sports. As early as 1989, somatotropin was banned in use by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), to all athletes.

In addition, the full cycle of HGH is very expensive, not every athlete can afford it.

Supporting high levels of growth hormone can really bring human benefits. Unfortunately, scientific progress has advanced so much that it has already drowned in everything, as a result of this, a lot of scammers appeared on the market, be vigilant! Fortunately, there are several growth hormone products on the market that are safe and useful.

Many have seen fantastic results after 30 days of admission. Our videos should help you choose high-quality growth hormone, if you are all-currents decided to try it in their preparation.

What triggers HGH?

Table of effectiveness of steroids

Table of effectiveness of steroids

The table of steroids will help you choose in your sports training, the anabolic you need, based on your goals, your sport, be it bodybuilding, swimming or running, what you train, it will grow, but first the theory.

Anabolic steroid use

The use of anabolic steroids has become an integral part of the training of professional athletes, various power sports, from arm-wrestling to bodybuilding. In this regard, athletes begin to search, while safe for health, and at the same time an effective steroid, so you need to understand, even a little in them, so as not to cause irreparable harm to the body.

effectiveness of steroids
Effectiveness of steroids

As a rule, the old, last century, time-proven anabolic steroids, are rightly considered effective, and at the same time, safe steroids (side effects are minimal, and the control scheme for them has been studied). To such steroids, first of all, carry: methandrostenolone, retabolil, vinstrol, anavar, Testosterone propionate, and others. The fact is that the anabolic steroids of the 20th century were better funded, the scientists sought to make safe and effective anabolics, and in our time, the topic of steroids is closed, what is being developed is of questionable quality, without confirming the effectiveness of the results.

Therefore, when choosing anabolic steroids, if you decide to use them all, you should give preference to steroids of the last century.

We also recommend the article: The influence of growth hormone on the body.

All athletes who want to sit on the steroid course for different purposes, someone wants to gain muscle mass and increase strength, someone wants to maintain a high level of testosterone because of age, someone wants to burn fat, and somebody wants to burn fat all at once. Therefore, you must first determine the goal, and then already choose the steroid you need. You will be helped in this by our comparative table of anabolic steroids, in addition, it also has the necessary graphs for choosing a steroid, such as price, side effects, appetite suppression, the ability to save achievements and prepare for competitions, that is, how much, this or that the drug is suitable for competitions.


Whichever anabolic steroids you choose, in your training, always remember that a wrong, uncontrolled intake, strong drugs, anabolic steroids, in large doses, can inflict irreparable harm to your health.

Table of the efficacy of anabolic steroids

Tradename International name Increase in muscle mass Increasing strength Fat Burning Side effects
Anadrol Oxymetholone 10 10 2 10
Anavar Oxandrolone 2 8 8 2.5
Andriol Testosterone Undecanoate 3 4 4 2
Androgel Testosterone (Cream) 3 4 3 2
Boldenone (esterless) Boldenone 5 7 5 4
Cheque Drops Mibolerone 1 5 1 6
Children-Durabolin Nandrolone Decanoate 7 6 5 4
Dianabol Methandrostenolon 8 5 3 6
Equipoise Boldenone Undeclynate 5 7 5 4
Halotestin Fluoxymesterone 1 6 5 6
Laurabolin Nandrolone Laurate 7 6 5 6
Masteron Drostanolone Propionate 3 6 6.5. 3
Masteron Enanthate Drostanolone Enanthate 3 6 6.5. 3
Methyltestosterone Methyltestosterone 2 6 4 7
Omnadren Testosterone Blend 8 8 4 6
Parabolan Trenbolone Hexahydrobencylcarbonate 5 7 8 7
Primobolan (Injectable) Methenolone Enanthate 4 6 7 1
Primobolan (oral) Methenolone Acetate 4 5 5 3
Proviron Mesterolone 2 4 4 2
Sten Testosterone Blend 8 8 4 6
Sustanon Testosterone Blend 8 8 4 6
Test 400 (T400) Testosterone Blend 8 8 4 6
Testolent Testosterone Phenylpropionate 8 8 4 6
Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone Cypionate 8 8 4 6
Testosterone Enanthate Testosterone Enanthate 8 8 4 6
Testosterone Propionate Testosterone Propionate 8 8 4 6
Testosterone Suspension Testosterone Suspension 9 8 4 6
Testoviron Testosterone Blend 8 8 4 6
Trenbolone Acetate Trenbolone Acetate 5 7 8 7.5
Trenbolone Enanthate Trenbolone Enanthate 5 7 8 7
Winstrol Stanozolol 4 6.5. 7 6.5.


What happens when you take steroids?