How to take whey protein?

How to take whey protein?

Whey protein is a high-protein mixture obtained from whey that forms when milk is curdled, pasteurized, filtered and concentrated and dried.

Whey protein has the highest biological value (100%), due to which, it effectively helps to lose weight and gain muscle mass to athletes.

Whey protein refers to a class of easily or rapidly digestible proteins that very quickly saturate blood with amino acids, hindering catabolism processes after and during hard training.



Types of Whey Protein

In the market of sports nutrition, whey protein can be found in three types, which are fundamentally different in quality and price:

  • Concentrate (a cheap type of protein, with a protein content of 60-85%, with a low purity.One serving contains about a protein – 24 grams, carbohydrates – 3 g, fats – 2 grams, cholesterol – 65 mg, and a small amount of vitamins and minerals. Such protein is absorbed within 3-4 hours, by 90%)
  • Isolate (protein is highly purified, which contains 85-97% protein.One servings in small amounts, and sometimes they do not contain fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, but in large quantities have BCAA amino acids. It is assimilated by 90%, on average for 3 hours.)
  • Hydrolyzate (one of the most expensive forms of protein, obtained from whey protein isolate, can stimulate insulin secretion.) It is immediately absorbed into the blood, due to the fact that this protein is already split into fragments of 2-3 amino acids sequentially bound by a peptide bond. stomach, one serving of this protein is already assimilated within 20-30 minutes.It has a specific bitter taste, indicating the quality of the product.It is ideal as an alternative to conventional amino acids.)

In 1985, scientific research was conducted (by scientists Moriarty KJ, Hegarty JE and others), about the effect of whey protein on muscle growth. As it turned out, there was no significant difference in the change in nitrogen balance in the body, when taking concentrate and isolate. Conclusion – why pay more if the effect of whey protein concentrate is about the same. While, the effectiveness of the use of hydrolyzate, relative to other types of protein (concentrate and isolate) does not exceed 10-15%.


Whey Protein Chocolate Flavor
Whey Protein Chocolate Flavor


Serum itself contains an abundance of essential amino acids, in addition, the US is the main supplier of whey protein throughout the world, which means that the whey protein that is sold will be of high quality.

Irreplaceable amino acids account for more than 60% of the total protein content in whey. At the output, we get whey proteins, with a rich set of essential amino acids, that is, with a high biological value, which significantly exceed in quality many vegetable proteins.

Whey Protein Isolates (WPIs) are perfectly balanced, have a good composition, like sports nutrition products. WPI has an extremely low lactose content of less than 1%. In addition, an excellent and mild flavor allows them to be bred not only with milk, but also with various fruit juices.

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Thus, whey proteins provide:

  • fast inflow of energy
  • increase muscle mass
  • recovery from a heavy workout

In addition, whey protein has a prestigious USDA certificate, according to which its amino acid composition and digestion rate has a coefficient of 1.14, in the meantime, when other protein products have only 1.0. And this means that whey protein has scientifically exposed data and a certificate of high quality.


Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition
Whey Protein from Ultimate Nutrition


The biological value of protein is a measure of the quality of the protein. It is measured by the degree of protein digestibility and a balanced set of amino acids, respectively, the more protein is digested and the amino acid composition is better, the higher is the biological value. Whey protein in studies scored 100 points, it is higher than all other types of protein.

How to use Whey protein?

It is best to take protein drinks immediately after strength training, for rapid intake of protein and nutrients, and also 1 hour before the workout (to suppress catabolism that inevitably starts when the athlete trains). During rest, on non-training days, it does not matter much when to take protein, except, perhaps, the next day, in the morning when you wake up, you should saturate your starved and exhausted body with whey protein.

In the body, the protein level is depleted due to training and physical exertion. Whey protein supplies all essential amino acids and is a building material for building muscle mass. He builds new muscle fibers, increases stamina and reduces muscle damage. Whey supplements provide a lot of branched chain amino acids that are important for bodybuilders, since they are metabolized directly to the muscles instead of the liver, unlike other amino acids.


Gold standard whey protein
Gold standard whey protein


Depending on your diet, when and what you eat, protein shakes should be provided in your menu so that the amino acids saturate your body every 3-4 hours. So, for example, if you do not have time to cook meat with potatoes, it is advisable to take with you at least one protein drink or protein bar in order to make up for the entire protein requirement.

For example, on weekdays, a healthy breakfast, it will look like this:

  • a plate of oatmeal with milk
  • protein drink

And on weekends, when you have more free time, prepare a natural breakfast, for example, steak and eggs.

For bodybuilders, that is, for a set of muscle mass, it is acceptable to consume 2-2.8 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight each day, try to eat like that, experiment. If you can not eat as much protein from normal, natural foods, then include protein drinks in your diet, to compensate for the missing protein (protein).

Due to the fact that whey protein is considered to be fast, it is not very convenient to use in your weight loss schemes, so if you can get a complex protein that is ideal for “drying”. If you have already bought whey protein, and want to lose weight, then take 1/2 of the recommended portion, the rest of the protein should be consumed from natural foods.

Whey protein for weight gain

Serum proteins are rich in arginine and lysine. It is believed that these amino acids (arginine and lysine), can stimulate the production of growth hormone, which naturally, positively affects bodybuilders, the growth of muscle mass in general. Proteins can stimulate the release of growth hormone, which is an anabolic hormone or a stimulator of muscle growth.

Since the use of anabolic steroids in physical training is forbidden (in 1976 the IOC banned the official use of AAS), athletes around the world are still looking for substitutes and analogues of steroids, various natural preparations, adaptogens, for the growth of strength, endurance and muscle mass.

An alternative to using steroids may be inclusion of different sports nutrition in your diet, for example, whey protein, ideal for bodybuilders, of course, the effect of anabolics on the human body is not compared anymore, in contrast to quality protein, but still, it’s better than nothing, and besides, it is not only safe, but also useful.


Whey Protein 100% Whey Gold Standard (Optimum Nutrition)
Whey Protein 100% Whey Gold Standard (Optimum Nutrition)


Milk whey contains glutamine, a conditionally indispensable amino acid. The role of glutamine in the body of an athlete is fully understood, it is to prevent fatigue and overtraining. It is conditionally indispensable, because in certain situations it may be necessary in the diet. Glutamine acts as a fuel for cell division. In addition, 60% of all amino acids that are contained in skeletal muscles are glutamine, therefore, athletes can not tolerate a deficiency of this amino acid, in order to avoid the arrest of muscle growth and muscle destruction.

Glutamine plays an important role in the binding of ammonia, which has detrimental and toxic effects on muscle fibers, thus neutralizing ammonia on the muscles. During stressful situations, the need for glutamine can significantly increase in the body. Adding glutamine to whey protein, greatly expands the use of this sports supplement. Glutamine can also be used with success in other sports drinks, cocktails. Manufacturers of sports nutrition can increase the value of their products by adding glutamine.


Sports nutrition for muscle gain

Sports nutrition for muscle gain

A selection of the best sports nutrition that will effectively help the athlete gain muscle mass. The rating is made without errors, only really working sports nutrition.

We all know that there are a huge number of additives on the shelves of stores, but few who realize that half of them do not work at all, a purely marketing trick, buying them, you just spend money “to the wind”, the other part is considered weak and medium effective. And only a small class of sports nutrition, can really affect the processes of muscle growth in the body.

The problem lies also in the fact that under each class of sports nutrition, a separate supplement is hidden, and not all of them meet the declared effect on the body. In order to disclose dishonest sellers, and sometimes even charlatans, it is necessary to conduct a laboratory analysis of the components, but sometimes it is enough to know the name of the ingredients that make up the composition to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of one or another additive, and also do not forget that simple reviews buyers, help also to find the best supplement for muscle growth / fat burning.



Top sports nutrition for muscle mass gain

First and foremost, there are additives that help athletes to build muscle the most. All of them are effective, and really work, someone more, and someone in less (indirectly affect the growth of muscles, the last in the ranking).


Creatine is one of the most important amino acids (nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid) involved in the energy metabolism of muscle and nerve cells. Available in various forms:

  • Creatine anhydrous
  • Citrate creatine
  • Creatine Phosphate
  • Creatine Malate
  • Creatine tartrate
  • Magnesium Creatine
  • Creatine ester
  • HMB Creatine
  • Creatine monohydrate

It is the latter form that got the most popularity, as it is scientifically proven that creatine monohydrate is the most effective, which is produced mainly in the form of powder and capsules, it is very rare to be found in liquid form.

Creatine, this natural substance that is synthesized in the body with the help of three amino acids (arginine, glycine and methionine) in the liver, pancreas and kidneys, is deposited mainly in skeletal muscles in the form of phosphocreatine.

The intake of creatine supplementation from sports nutrition has a positive effect on the performance of the athlete, his strengths, especially on explosive strength.

In power sports, creatine is simply an indispensable supplement that an athlete must take, and strive to gain relief and strength of muscles.

Training in the anaerobic stele (in the gym, strength training) consumes the maximum amount of creatine and muscle. In the process of fitness, the muscles of the athlete are more and more able to delay phosphocreatine, and also begin to restore it more quickly.


Creatine Monohydrate Jarrow Formulas and Universal Nutrition
Creatine Monohydrate Jarrow Formulas and Universal Nutrition


When taking creatine, dehydration of the body, water retention, due to the fact that phosphocreatine draws water from the bloodstream into the muscle cells can be observed (therefore, the quality of the musculature becomes higher). It takes creatine in different ways, with a phase loading and without, you can read more here.


Protein is a high-protein mixture that saturates the body with valuable amino acids for muscle building. Regular consumption of protein, at a rate of 2-2.5 grams / kg creates a positive nitrogen balance (the amount of nitrogen that the body receives from food and removes), so that the process of muscle growth is possible.

In the market of sports nutrition, the leading position is occupied by whey protein and casein protein, the first is often taken for weight gain, as it is fast (easily assimilated), the second for weight loss, slow, long digested gradually saturating muscle amino acids.

The best time to take the protein, 1 hour before training, and within 40 minutes after it, to suppress the processes of catabolism (muscle destruction). The optimal serving size is not more than 30-40 grams of protein.

Also keep in mind that many proteins contain lactose (milk sugar), so they may not be suitable for everyone


Different cans of protein: Ultimate Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition
Different cans of protein: Ultimate Nutrition and Optimum Nutrition



Gainer is a protein-carbohydrate mixture that is ideal for typical ectomorphs (lean physique, which is difficult to gain weight). Very often in its composition, in addition to protein and carbohydrates, contains vitamins and minerals and unsaturated fats, making the product even more valuable to athletes.

In the era of the birth of sports nutrition, the quality of the geyner, as well as other additives, left much to be desired, proteins of low biological value and poor quality of carbohydrates were used in production. However, the process is moving forward, and now the geyner is a high-grade high-quality product, which includes special carbohydrates and high-quality proteins (though the domestic producer still lives by remnants of the past, making the product low-grade).

Gainer, quickly restores the energy costs of athletes, successfully closing the protein-carbohydrate window.

If your goal is to gain weight and you do not slope to sets of body fat, and your financial capabilities allow it to be bought on a regular basis, then this will be one of the best for you sports nutrition products.

Athletes who seek, for muscle relief, are not the best product, in this case it is more expedient for you to buy protein, too, the rule applies to people who are sloping to a set of excess weight.




Gainer, helps to absorb creatine better, so do not be afraid to mix it with it. The best time to take, just before and after training, and also the next morning, to counteract the processes of catabolism in the body.

BCAA amino acids

BCCA – irreplaceable three amino acids with branched chains, leucine, isoleucine, valine, which can not be synthesized in the body, that is, they must be taken from food. A large number of BCAAs contain products such as:

  • meat
  • a fish
  • seafood
  • cheese
  • eggs
  • cottage cheese
  • peanut

Sports nutrition, in a concentrated form contains BCAA, is one of the most important supplements for an athlete, it helps:

  • regain strength after training
  • protects muscles from destruction (anti-catabolic action)
  • start the processes of muscle growth (by 35% of the muscle consist of BCAA)

In the process of training, catabolic processes are started which rapidly begin to expend BCAA, trying to replenish the reserves of amino acids (energy homeostasis), the body begins to destroy muscle proteins, however, this process can be stopped and have a significant reserve of BCAA.


BCAA amino acids from different manufacturers: Weider, Optimum Nutrition
BCAA amino acids from different manufacturers: Weider, Optimum Nutrition


The best time to take before, on time and after training, and also the next morning, to suppress the processes of catabolism. Combine BCAA with almost any sports nutrition. The optimal dosage is 4-8 grams per day.

Pre-training complexes

Pre-training complexes, indirectly affect the growth of the athlete’s muscle mass, the main effect on the body, the athlete’s preparation for a heavy, energy-consuming exercise, by stimulating the central nervous system. Accordingly, the more the athlete is “charged”, the more efficiently he will perform the work in the gym.

The main effects from the reception of such complexes are:

  • increase in working capacity (endurance)
  • accelerate recovery processes

Often the manufacturers of pre-training complexes add creatine, vitamins, microelements, beta-alanine, caffeine, taurine, arginine, BCAA to the composition. Thus, after drinking a portion of the pre-training complex, you can not worry, for the processes of catabolism, which can destroy the muscles.


Set of pre-training complexes: Mesomorph, Finaflex Stimul 8, Black Annis
Set of pre-training complexes: Mesomorph, Finaflex Stimul 8, Black Annis


The optimal time to take 30 minutes before training. Do not use it on rest days, but also on days of light training, as this is not advisable.

Testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters are supplements that increase the body’s natural level of testosterone(male sex hormone). In their composition, almost always only natural, vegetable components are contained.

Suitable for athletes of age categories (after 30 years), for increasing lean muscle mass, as well as for athletes who want to exit the steroid course, to minimize the ” retracement phenomenon.”

Boosters can be combined with protein, creatine and vitamins (to enhance muscle growth).

The regimen is usually 1-3 times a day, but each manufacturer has its own recommendations and dosages.


Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster
Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster



Prohormones are a number of additives on the sports nutrition market that can be converted into hormones (testosterone and nandrolone) when ingested, hence the name prohormones or prosteroids, while, in themselves, do not affect the person in any way.

The action of prohormones is very similar to that of real anabolic steroids, however, they are much less effective for their “fellow”, while the side effects are very similar, often athletes need to use PCT after the course of prohormones.


Prohormones: H-DROL 30, M1T. 1-AD, SUPERDROL 350
Prohormones: H-DROL 30, M1T. 1-AD, SUPERDROL 350


Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin-mineral complexes are substances that supply the body with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

In connection with the fact that the body can not independently synthesize vitamins and minerals, they must be filled with multivitamins or high-quality food.

The need for bodybuilding in a good, nutritious diet that would contain vitamins and minerals in the right amount is much higher than in people who do not exercise. From the usual food, it is very difficult for athletes to provide a daily rate of all micronutrients, so it is advisable to add vitamin and mineral complexes to your diet.

Vitamins, in the body work as coenzymes (substances that enhance the activity of enzymes). For example, if there is not enough vitamins, you can forget about muscle growth, because enzymes that are responsible for the cleavage of the protein (protease) to amino acids, will work very poorly.

Minerals (macro and microelements) play a very important role in bodybuilding, it is due to them that muscle contraction is provided, good nerve conduction is maintained, water-electrolyte balance is maintained, and ultimately they are responsible for energy production in the body. Some minerals are extremely important in the collection of muscle mass, primarily we mean zinc (Zn), it is involved in the formation of testosterone, and magnesium (Mg) is responsible for protein synthesis, as well as calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) which are included in the composition of bone tissue.


Vitrum vitamin and mineral complex
Vitrum vitamin and mineral complex


Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 – unsaturated fatty acids, which are not synthesized in the body, that is, they also need to be consumed as vitamins and minerals with food, or from various supplements, in sports nutrition stores.

Harmful, abnormal food, anabolic steroids increases the level of harmful cholesterol (low density lipoproteins) is scientifically proven, which has a disastrous effect on the cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis, one of the most common causes of death), in order to lower this level it is necessary to add to your diet in mandatory order of omega-3 fatty acids.

Here are some of the positive properties of this additive:

  • an increase in metabolic rate (metabolism)
  • universally suitable as drying period, and during the mass gathering
  • slow down the absorption of carbohydrates
  • strengthen the heart by reducing the viscosity of the blood, thereby reducing blood pressure, the risk of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks
  • prevent the destruction of cartilage in the joints, as well as reduce inflammation, increases mobility
  • improves brain function (prevention of schizophrenia)
  • cleans the skin, gives it elasticity and softness
  • saturates the body with useful fats, protecting the person from obesity
  • strengthens the secretion of a very important for bodybuilding hormone (testosterone)
  • has anti-catabolic effect, (prevents the formation of cortisol)

Some of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids are: seafood, eggs, salmon, flaxseed oil, fish oil.


Omega 3 fatty acids: Country Life, Nordic Naturals, Norwegian Fish Oil
Omega 3 fatty acids: Country Life, Nordic Naturals, Norwegian Fish Oil


These aforementioned additives will significantly help you gain muscle mass, with adequate strength training, proper nutrition, and recovery. Use them according to the recommendations on the package, if it is not, then follow the advice we gave you.

Also remember that in the sports nutrition market, just a huge number of different additives, and many sellers, are trying to sell them, under the guise of a miracle drug that can build muscle in a matter of days. To avoid this, to get rid of the misconceptions that impregnate the market, always give preference to proven manufacturers, well-known companies, get acquainted with the composition on the package, study the objective (not purchased) reviews.


Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate

Beginners can hover a little in front of a showcase with a chic variety of sports supplements. The choice between a protein, an isolate, a concentrate or a hydrolyzate for a beginner can be quite complicated.

Moreover, given the fact that all this is a high-quality protein, which is necessary for the normal functioning and maximum performance of our muscles.



What is an isolate and what is it obtained from?

Isolate is a high-filtered protein with a protein content of 97-98%. Characterized by a high degree of assimilation. This sports supplement is characterized by the greatest possible efficiency and is obtained from milk protein, which undergoes multilevel cleansing. It is the purest protein without fat, lactose, cholesterol, carbohydrates and other impurities, with a minimum calorie content, which is very important for athletes during the drying period.

Protein supplements, in the matrix of which the serum isolate is based, are of the highest quality and provide an extreme increase in musculature.

For example, the isolate Dymatize ISO 100 guarantees instant muscle saturation with amino-resources for optimal recovery and active growth. This drug, like all other whey isolates, sports experts are advised to take immediately after intense stressesand in the morning to exclude protein deficiency, to prevent muscle catabolism.

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The isolate differs from the concentrate and hydrolyzate

Whey concentrate at a price cheaper than the isolate, because the degree of its purification and biological value is significantly lower. A good concentrate contains 60-85% pure protein, and the rest is made up of fats, peptide compounds and lactose. It is absorbed more slowly, up to 4 hours. In addition, it has a higher content of calories, so it can not be used when reducing the problem weight.

Table – Types of whey protein and their difference

Protein name Protein content Speed ​​of assimilation Cost (in conventional units) Biological value, units
Concentrate 40-80% 4 hours 1 140
Isolate 90-95% 3 hours 1.5-2.2 150
Hydrolyzate 90-95% 0.5 hour 3 150

Hydrolyzate – an ideal source of protein with 100% digestibility. This is a highly purified protein, which, as a result of production, is split up into amino acids, which means that it is immediately absorbed by the cells and replenishes the shortage of building resources for the musculature.


What distinguishes the isolate from concentrate and hydrolyzate?
What distinguishes the isolate from concentrate and hydrolyzate?


What to choose and in what cases

The choice of the shape of the protein will depend on the goals.

If you need to quickly and efficiently gain weight, then you need to choose between the isolate and concentrate, since for increasing muscle mass, fats and carbohydrates are also very necessary. In this case, the financial issue here will play an important role, since the cost of the isolate is much higher than the concentrate.

To actively lose weight and work out a pronounced sculpture of muscles, you must strictly monitor the intake of every extra gram of fat and carbohydrates into the body. Here the justified assistant will be isolate or hydrolyzate – depending on what you have enough money.


Whey protein BSN Syntha-6 Isolate
Whey protein BSN Syntha-6 Isolate


Advantages of the isolate and its drawbacks

The main advantage of this supplement is the active saturation of the muscle tissues with important amino-structures for regeneration and anabolism. For the post-training period, this drug is simply irreplaceable, as it quickly replenishes the polypeptide supply and speeds up the metabolic processes. In the arsenal of the isolate there are still indisputable advantages:

  • net formula with min calories
  • the amount of lactose, fat and carbohydrates is reduced to zero
  • multicomponent amino acid content
  • the content of purified high-quality protein to 98%

The disadvantage of the additive is only one – a high price. However, it quickly pays off tremendous results in the gym and a powerful increase in muscle and strength.


Best fat burners for weight loss and ways of applying

Best fat burners for weight loss and ways of applying

Considering the issues of effective weight loss, many people turn to different drugs. Some of them are placebo, the effect of others is small, but there is a category of sports nutrition that can really help to noticeably lose weight. What are fat burners? How to train and what to choose in order to achieve optimal results? Let’s consider in more detail…



General information

Sports fat burners are a complex of sports supplements or sports pharmacology that accelerate the process of fat burning. They are used for:

  1. Primary weight loss.
  2. The first stage of sports drying.
  3. Increase energy balance during training.

How do fat burners work? In fact, this is a rather difficult question, because all of them are divided into several main categories of drugs. How do fat burners work from these categories?

Type of fat burner The principle of action on the body
Thermogenics Increase body temperature to 37.2 and above. In view of this, the heart rate is increased, and for normal thermoregulation the body begins to consume its own fat reserves.
Lipotropics Preparations that facilitate the splitting of fats under the influence of external factors. They are in themselves ineffective, but they are quite safe. They help to slightly speed up the process of fat burning with proper diet and training.
Calorie blockers Calorie blockers are drugs that bind to gastric juice and protein enzymes, linking their activity. Due to this, food passes through the esophagus without splitting up to the simplest energy elements.
Replenishing dietary supplements A complex of vitamins and minerals, which in no way affect the very process of fat burning, but allow to stimulate the quality and speed of metabolism. Together with other methods, it is possible to significantly reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat.
Suppressors of appetite Preparations that bind to glucagon, reducing appetite.
Cortisol blockers In fact, these drugs have no effect on fat burning, and can not be considered a fat burner in the classical sense. However, they completely block the disintegration of muscle tissue under the influence of stress, which allows you to perform training with greater intensity – spend more calories – create an energy deficit – lose weight without losing muscle mass.
Stimulants of the thyroid gland Warning: dangerous preparation. Do not take without the consent of your doctor.Stimulants of the thyroid gland, responsible for the secretion of hormones, T3 and T4, which are responsible for the formation and splitting of fat cells.

Note: this table does not reflect all types of fat-burning drugs. For example, some of those not mentioned are considered serious doping, have more serious side effects and harm to health. So, for example, there are no medications for asthma that transplant the body from glycogen to fatty fuel, in view of the fact that these drugs weaken the heart muscle.


How to take fat burners?


How to take fat burners
How to take fat burners


Unfortunately, it is impossible to give an unambiguous instruction on how to take best fat burners. There are several reasons for this.

Concentration of the drug. Even if we consider specific best fat burners (for example, ephedra), then from producer to manufacturer changes not only the concentration of pure substance, but also its bioavailability. The higher it is, the less substance is needed, and vice versa.

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In addition, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Primordial somatotype. If you are an endomorph, then for normal fat burning, thermogenics that will accelerate metabolism are excellent . At the same time, for mesomorphs they are inadmissible, because along with fat will begin to actively decrease and muscle mass.
  2. Training process. If your training cycle uses a prolonged cardio, then only thermogenics. If interval, then they should be excluded in view of the heavy burden on the heart.
  3. Diet. If there is an excess of calories, then perhaps you need to use the calorie blockers.
  4. Another accepted sport nutrition. For example, the effectiveness of ECA is reduced when using No-xplode, and the effectiveness of caffeine is reduced when using large doses of creatine.
  5. The state of metabolism . If the accumulation of fat is associated with metabolic disorders , or too sharp a way out of a low-carb diet, supplements, vitamins and minerals will be needed.
  6. Health status. Most of the best fat burners are contraindicated in people who have problems with the cardiovascular system.
  7. Goals. If your goal is to maximize weight loss, then it is better to combine several drugs. If you need to keep your muscles, it’s better to focus on the blockers of calories. If the goal is weight control before the competition, then perhaps best fat burners should be replaced with no less dangerous diuretics.

Only considering all these factors, you can determine how to properly burn the fat burner, what kind of diet to combine it, and what exercises to perform at the stage of active weight loss.

Top products and their composition

In order to understand which fat burner is better, and with what it is properly combined, you need to determine its type and composition of elements of a specific fat burner.

A drug Type / Effect Components
L-carnitine Lipotropic / replenishing dietary supplements Transport amino acid L-carnitine, which stimulates the cardiovascular system, and forces the body to use fat as a fuel in training.
Prefect Jack3D Complex preparation Has powerful adrenaline stimulation due to incoming caffeine and ephedrine. In addition, it has a lipotropic effect due to the presence of creatine, arginine and nitrogen donors.
ECA Powerful thermogenics Ephedrine is a thermogen. Caffeine is a thermogenic adrenaline stimulant. Aspirin is a reaction stabilizer that reduces side effects.
Clenbuterol Lipotropic / Asthma medicine According to the data, allows you to reconfigure the body, forcing it to use up to 70% of energy from fat tissue (against 35-40% under normal conditions).Actively used by Norwegian athletes at the Olympic Games.
Cheaters Relief from BSN Termogenik Cinnulin – increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin. In fact, reducing the minimum amount of food to saturate. Chitosan is a powerful blocker of calories. Citralin is a lipotropic. Alfalipolyic acid – increases sensitivity to insulin. CassiaNoName – a blocker of calories. Ficus extract is a weak lipotropic.
Prefect Blackspider Complex preparation ECA + yohimbine, green tea extract and guarana as a thermogen. Vitamins b6 and b12 to suppress appetite. Chromium picolinate – to improve the quality of metabolism.

Note: this list has a large number of pre-training complexes. The thing is that the combination of components in these complexes, usually combines the support from the dietary supplement, with a serious increase in temperature (due to the presence of adrenaline stimulants), and in some preparations there are lipotropic components. Of course, in themselves, pre-exercise is not an incentive for weight loss, but with a low-calorie diet, their intake may be more effective than using various advertised drugs (goji berries, green coffee, etc.)


Body after using fat burners
Body after using fat burners


Harm from fat burners

Despite all the effectiveness of fat burners for weight loss, you need to understand that these are sports drugs that can cause serious complications. In particular, their use:

  1. Increases the load on the gastrointestinal tract. By blocking digestive enzymes (blockers of calories) or a large amount of anhydrous caffeine (thermogenics).
  2. Changes the level of enzyme production. Calorie blockers lead to hypercompensation for the production of enzymes during the period of rejection of the drug. All this leads to a constant feeling of hunger, and even is fraught with a ulcer of the stomach or duodenum.
  3. Increases the burden on the cardiovascular system. In general, this applies to certain types of lipotropics and thermogenics.
  4. Changes the hormonal background. Mostly seen for drugs that regulate the work of the thyroid gland.
  5. It leads to leaching of minerals and vitamins. Almost all fat burners lead to increased sweating. Together with sweat and urine, most of the minerals come out of the body. Given that they all pass through the kidneys, there may be kidney stones.
  6. Increase blood pressure.

Therefore, usually together with sports fat burners, it is recommended to take a complex of auxiliary vitamins and minerals.

IMPORTANT: the amount of minerals and vitamins taken with fat burners should be much higher than the daily rate, because With the liquid, most of the minerals that accumulate in the body more than one day go away. Optimum are considered double doses Animal pack, or vitamins similar in composition.


Finally I would like to say about a simple pyramid, which sometimes proves to be much more productive than the most effective fat burners.

  1. Food.
  2. Training.
  3. Recreation.

Only when these elements are combined in the right proportions, you can really burn all the excess fat, and keep your weight at an acceptable level for a long time.


Body after using fat burnersBody after using fat burners


The rector does not recommend the use of powerful fat burners if you do not exercise professionally. Often the acceleration of fat burning is much less than expected, but the health damage is always present.

Different types of proteins | Why do we need each?

Different types of proteins | Why do we need each?

Training will be ineffective if the body is deficient in protein. But the training can be of little more use if you do not understand what the different types of proteins are. In sports nutrition there is a classification: some additives are used for weight gain, others are for weight loss. The choice of sports is determined by the purpose of using a cocktail.



Different types of proteins, features, differences and “what you need to know” about each type

The main criteria for choosing protein supplements:

  • efficiency – the potential ability to help an athlete achieve the goal (increase muscle volume or lose weight);
  • the rate of assimilation and the duration of the effect;
  • gastric load – depending on the individual characteristics of the body, this or that kind of protein can negatively affect the functioning of the digestive system.

It is information on the characteristics of the different types of proteins and their differences that will help make the right choice.

Read the article about fat burners for weight loss.


The most popular species. It is made from whey by filtration of non-protein components. Protein activates the metabolism, saturates the body with the necessary amino acids and inhibits the formation of fat stores. Whey supplements are called fast. They are very well and quickly digested, so they are great for eating both before and after training.


Whey protein and its characteristics
Whey protein and its characteristics


The species is divided into subspecies, depending on the protein concentration:

  • Concentrate is a weakly purified subgroup, with protein accounting for 30-90%;
  • isolate – a more filtered variant, the protein concentration reaches 90-95%;
  • hydrolyzate – the most pure (up to 99% protein) and rapidly digested whey subspecies.

“Serum” contains almost the entire amino acid complex and is characterized by a neutral taste.

Important! Each species can be manufactured with a different degree of purification.


Refers to slow proteins and is digested worse than the previous variant. But due to this, it becomes possible to stretch the protein effect. Casein can not be recommended for use after exercise. Its main function is to provide the muscles with the necessary substances for their growth during sleep.


Casein and its features
Casein and its features


Casein protein is also made from milk (from curd mass). The species is rich in calcium, especially not pleasant taste and relatively poorly soluble. The protein effect lasts about 5-10 hours. Casein is able to heavily burden the gastrointestinal tract. Slow subspecies can be combined with fast variants. But without taking into account its peculiarities, using casein is almost meaningless.


Less expensive and effective version of whey supplements. Combines the characteristics of fast and slow proteins. 80% consists of casein and 20% of “whey”. Despite much less popularity than the first, classical, type, it is well suited for both consumption between meals and as a metabolic feed during protein “idle time” (during sleep, flights, etc.). The duration of the additive is 3-4 hours.

Nevertheless, many believe that it is better to specialize to solve specific problems. It is not recommended to take a dairy version before and after exercise. Since the milk protein contains lactose, it is suitable only for those who are not restricted in its use of the features of digestion.


Milk protein and its features
Milk protein and its features



Protein based on plant components. Due to this, the amino acid composition of soy protein is incomplete, and the biological value is the lowest among all species. Since we are talking about drawbacks, we’ll add a few more to the list of minuses: the additive does not matter, it dissolves in the water, it does not taste pleasant and can cause constipation.

But soy protein is a find for vegetarians and those who suffer from intolerance to lactose. The best kind is suitable for women – soybean positively affects the production of female sex hormones. In addition, the additive reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. Soy protein is effective for 3-5 hours. It can be consumed between meals and after exercise.


Soy Protein and Its Features
Soy Protein and Its Features



There is nothing ideal, but this species, like no other, is close to the ideal. Contains almost all the necessary amino acid series – the value of the additive, which is produced from egg powder, is the highest. This option has only two drawbacks – high cost and possible side effects in the form of constipation or other problems with the gastrointestinal tract (with regular intake). This is why it is inferior in popularity to whey protein. Operates about 3-5 hours. Good for eating in the morning, before and after training. It is recommended, including those who suffer from intolerance to dairy products.


Features of egg protein
Features of egg protein


A few years ago this type of protein was popular and expensive. But because of the inability to determine the protein source, its value in the eyes of consumers has significantly decreased. This is also contributed by the fact that a number of amino acids in the production process lose their original components. Hydrolyzate is not highly effective, but it loads the digestive system quite well. The rate of assimilation depends on the source of the protein.

Who can recommend this type of supplement? First of all – to women who are trying to prevent a change in the hormonal background. Among potential consumers and those who do not fit proteins based on animal components and milk.


Features of hydrolyzate
Features of hydrolyzate


Multicomponent protein

Protein complexes are a combination of various subspecies of protein supplements. Composition, price and effectiveness are variable. Typically, the composition includes essential essential amino acids. The purpose of the species is to smooth out the roughness of other variants. As far as it is good for a specific multicomponent additive, it depends on the raw materials and the manufacturer.

Complex protein is better considered as a protein supplementing casein and “serum”. Since the composition of both fast and slow components, this sportpit can be used to close the protein window, and between meals, and overnight. At the same time, it is not necessary to talk about a very high biological value. If it is possible to select and use specialized supplements, it is desirable to abandon complexes or reduce their intake to a minimum. In addition, you need to be cautious about choosing a manufacturer. The average duration of the complex protein effect is 3-6 hours.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the comparative table of protein species.

Type of protein Origin ContentBCAA (valine, isoleucine, leycin),% Speedmastering Taste Cost
Whey Animal 17th High Neutral Average
Казеиновый Animal 15 Low Neutral High
Lactic Animal 16 And quickly, andslow Neutral Average
Egg Animal 17th Above average Specific High
Soybean Vegetable 10 Average Neutral Low

For what purpose is this or that species appropriate?

Protein supplements are used mainly for muscle mass gain and weight loss. Therefore, before acquiring it is necessary to understand not only what kinds of protein are, but also what exactly to use in this or that case.

Protein, which serves as a building material for muscles, must be obtained, first of all, from ordinary food. But large loads and high goals require the introduction of sports supplements into the diet. As physical possibilities increase, athletes need more and more protein. It is very difficult to get the necessary portion from natural products. Therefore, part of the daily mass-collected menu is proteins:

  • serum;
  • egg;
  • dairy;
  • complex.

To use sports supplements led to the desired result, it is necessary to follow the instructions and rules of the ratio of proteins and body weight.




To understand which protein to choose for weight loss, you need to consider such nuances:

  • soy protein is low-calorie, but for weight loss it is not suitable because it does not have a high biological value;
  • casein is attracted by the fact that it is digested slowly and suppresses the feeling of hunger; being a good energy source, serves as a powerful bio-nutrient at night, without increasing the fatty layer;
  • whey protein is very quickly absorbed, so it is well suited for both massaging, and for fat burning, and for drying;
  • isolate – perhaps the ideal additive for weight loss; contains very little carbohydrates and fats.

To the effect of protein, as a fat burner, was the most effective, nutritionists recommend taking it instead of breakfast. This will speed up the metabolism, reduce the feeling of hunger and allow you to quickly achieve the desired physical shape.


Is there any real benefit from protein bars?

Is there any real benefit from protein bars?

Proper nutrition is an important part of progress in sports. Regardless of whether you decide to lose weight, or vice versa gain muscle mass, you need to observe the correct regime of the day and a strict diet. But not always people have the opportunity to eat right, because the workload at work dictates its conditions. Revenues can come from power substitutes. The main benefit of protein bars and other substitutes is the ability to maintain a positive balance of calories and protein in the diet.



General information

A protein bar is a confectionery product enriched with protein. Initially, they were created as an alternative to protein cocktails, but among the professional athletes did not find a response.

The composition of protein bars may vary depending on the manufacturer, however the general formula remains unchanged:

  1. Whey / milk protein. Usually it is up to 70% of the total product.
  2. Stabilizers of the mixture.
  3. Flavors and flavors.
  4. Chocolate glaze or molasses.

In rare cases, manufacturers add preservatives to the bar, which can increase shelf life.


General Information About Protein Bars
General Information About Protein Bars


Why use?

Why do we need protein bars when we can buy protein powder, or do we use protein from natural sources? Despite the high cost in relation to protein cocktails, bars are widely used among the population for the following reasons:

  1. Absence of a psychological barrier. Many people are afraid of protein cocktails for mythical reasons, which were imposed from the TV screens at the end of the last century. Despite the fact that almost everyone has access to the Internet, myths about “potency, aggression and liver” are still relevant. Protein bars are an intermediate link that relieves psychological limitations and is not prone to prejudices about protein.
  2. Ability to maintain a diet. This is especially important when eating properly at work does not work.
  3. Longer shelf life. On average, the protein shake can be stored up to 3, 4 hours in the finished form. The shelf life of the protein bar is measured in weeks.
  4. Alternative to chocolate bars. Very often nutritionists prescribe protein bars for lovers of sweet. Unlike snickers and other junk snacks, the protein bar has a lower caloric value and greater benefit.


Different protein bars
Different protein bars


Potential damage

How can protein bars benefit and harm for losing weight? In fact, this is a rather difficult question. Let’s consider both points of view:

The Benefits of Protein Bars Harm of protein bars
They are a source of high quality protein. Usually rich in sugar or sugar substitutes, which lead to an insulin reaction.
Allow to replenish protein stocks without being distracted from other matters. Violate eating behavior, which leads to overeating in the future.
Balanced in composition. Usually one bar is not enough to maintain a protein balance, and two – a lot.
They are stored much longer than the prepared protein shake. Bioavailability of protein in the bar is lower than that of natural food.
Allow to accelerate anabolic processes. Slow down catabolic processes, which are based on fat burning.
Disperses metabolism. Insulin reaction does not allow long to maintain a sense of saturation.

Based on the tabulated data, it can be said that potential harm from using protein bars can be neglected. The only exception is kidney problems, but in this case the restriction concerns the consumption of the protein as a whole.


Read the article about kinds of protein.


Why you need protein bars
Why you need protein bars


Are they equally useful for women and men?

If we consider the issue from the point of view of sports achievements, then the benefits of protein bars for men and women are the same. But if we consider the maintenance of normal functioning, they are much more important for women than for men.

Why are protein bars for women?

  1. In view of the peculiarities of maintaining the reproductive system, the basal protein intake in women is much higher.
  2. To maintain a normal level of hormones.
  3. To maintain good immunity.
  4. To improve lactation.

In addition, there is an opinion that dairy / whey protein plays an important role in breast size, which is a pleasant bonus for the beautiful half of the population.


Protein bars are not a panacea or a magic remedy. They are not able to replace a full-fledged protein shake and, especially, real sources of protein. However, in conditions of extreme congestion, they are sometimes the only way to maintain a positive anabolic balance in the body. They are absolutely safe, both for adults and for children, which allows them to buy useful sweets instead of “harmful snickers”.

The most important thing is not to get carried away by them, since with an overabundance of protein in the body, its value is reduced, because the body begins to use it as fuel instead of carbohydrates. The main thing is to carefully read the composition of the bar before buying, because some unscrupulous manufacturers use soy milk instead of the usual one or use other tricks to make the production cheaper.

Sports nutrition for cutting muscles | Bodybuilding cutting

Sports nutrition for cutting muscles | Bodybuilding cutting

Sooner or later, every sportsman faces a loss of attractiveness of form. The typed muscles hide under the typed fat, and even though the person becomes many times stronger, it is quite difficult to distinguish him from a simple fat man. Therefore, all people use the periodization of training. One of the periods of sportsmen is weight loss, or in a more professional sense – cutting. How to improve your results, and what sports nutrition for cutting to choose? Let’s consider further.



General information about bodybuilding cutting

Before considering the correct selection of power for cutting, you need to enter some concepts. Weight loss is the maximum weight loss, with a priority on fat mass. Losing weight means applying all efforts. During slimming, a person:

  1. Loses muscle mass, sometimes in a larger volume than fat.
  2. Do not strive to maintain the right balance of proteins in the body.
  3. Loses power indicators.
  4. Loses muscle tone.
  5. Very often it loads the kidneys and liver.

This method of weight loss is suitable only for those people who do not have a basic physical form and can not perform most of the standard exercises. In addition, a basic weight pull is necessary for health. Well, and often it does not require intensive physical exercises, which is a priority for girls.

Read the article about protein bars.

Bodybuilding cutting – cardinally different from losing weight, despite the external similar signs. Cutting is  the loss of the fat layer and excess fluid under the skin, with the maximum preservation of muscle mass. Cutting, like a physiological process, is a more complex mechanism that requires deceiving the body.

In-time cutting, people:

  1. Preserves muscle mass, sometimes sacrificing additional kilograms.
  2. The intensity of weight reduction is much higher than with the classic weight loss
  3. Strive to maintain the correct balance of proteins in the body.
  4. A slight loss of strength, with almost instant recovery.
  5. Increased muscle tone.
  6. Gets a blow to the entire body.

Bodybuilding cutting is a process that is best performed only with a significant supply of muscle mass. In addition, proper cutting  causes a strong dehydration of the body, which is required to improve the relief and venousness. Therefore, this process, in contrast to losing weight, has a short-term character with a subsequent pullback. However, it can be prolonged with less harm to health. To do this, you need to use the right sports nutrition during cutting. It will allow to consolidate the results, remove more fat layer in comparison with water, and slow down the rollback after the end of the course.


What else can you say about drying
What else can you say about cutting


What kind of food to choose?

Consider what power is better to use for cutting, and how it affects the body of a training athlete.

Sports nutrition Necessity Influence on the body Impact on the result Danger to health
Multivitamins Extremely high. In the cutting process, the body actively spends vitamins, which dissolve to maintain basic functions that deal with stressful situations. Replenishment of vitamins from natural food in view of the features of a diet is almost impossible. The result does not affect cutting. The possibility of obtaining hypervitaminosis in the absence of a normal amount of fluid in the body.
Whey Protein Extremely high. To support proper cutting, it is important to maintain a constant anabolic background in catabolic processes. Protein allows to destroy fat cells practically without affecting the protein tissue. Allows you to keep muscle mass. With a lack of water, the genitourinary system is heavily loaded. The rest  issafe.
Glutamine You can do without it. Amino acids, affecting the speed and quality of recovery. It is necessary to maintain power performance with less loss when leaving the cutting. Allows you to better feel between workouts. It does not pose a danger to the body.
Creatine Only in case of health problems. Creatine interferes with cutting, as it causes severe water retention. However, in the initial stages of fat loss, it is taken to increase the intensity of training. It increases the effect of pumping and the intensity of training. There may be seizures.It is not recommended to go swimming during the loading phase.
Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA Not necessary. Amino acid affects the adaptive properties of our body. Improving self-awareness between training. No.
BCAA – amino acids with branched chains For professionals –  extremely high, for beginners – there  is no need. It is an ideal source of all essential amino acids, it allows to completely stop catabolic processes in muscle tissue, practically does not affect the digestive system. The maximum preservation of muscle mass, in the absence of insulin reaction. Relaxation of the gastric system. Easy disfermentation in the absence of other sources of protein.
Green Tea Extract No. A controversial source of caffeine, accelerating metabolism. No. Caffeine in green tea can plant a heart. May cause headache.
Fish fat Recommended for maintenance. Allows you to maintain a normal level of cholesterol and testosterone, which will save more muscle in the final stages of cutting. Maintaining a normal hormonal background. Omega-3 fatty acids, contained in fish oil, allow more efficient binding of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which leads to faster release of free radicals. No.
Nitric oxide donators Not recommended in the last stages of cutting. A powerful adaptogen, allows you to quickly recover between workouts. Retains water. Allows you to train more often, and feel better. Nitrogen poisoning is possible, there are side effects associated with increased libido during receptions.
Additives to strengthen joints Extremely high. In the process of cutting, with the loss of water, stagnation of minerals and rubbing of joints occurs. Additives allow to reduce trauma danger. No. Depending on the composition of the drug. It is better to consult a doctor before taking this dietary supplements
Mineral complexes Extremely high at the stage of cutting. Similar to additives to strengthen joints. It is not recommended in the early stages, since salts and minerals trap the fluid in the body. No. May cause more severe dehydration without fluid support. It is not recommended for people with sand in the kidneys.

As you can see from the table, unlike slimming, two main categories of drugs and dietary supplements are needed for cutting:

  1. Preparations for the preservation of muscle mass.
  2. Preparations for improved fat burning.

Of course, it is possible to use various thermogenics and other drugs that have pronounced properties that allow burning the fatty layer. But:

  1. In most cases, they are prohibited from doping control. This is very important for those who are going to perform with a new dried form.
  2. They cause great harm to the body. The same diuretics can lead to excessive blood clots, and, as a result, death due to the formation of a blood clot.
  3. Do not bring significant results without sports nutrition and the principles of calorie deficit.


How to choose the right sport food for drying
How to choose the right sport food for cutting



Multivitamin complexes are one of the most important elements in the choice of sports nutrition. At the same time, many underestimate them, as vitamins themselves do not affect the effect and speed of weight loss on cutting. Conversely, an increase in some vitamins can slow catabolic processes, which will slow down and result in cutting.

Multivitamin complexes should be selected specifically for cutting. Because it is complexes for cutting specifically designed and balanced for the needs of men and women during intense weight loss.

Pharmacy complexes, of course, also suitable, however, balancing drugs inside the complex, usually, will not allow you to achieve the best result. When taking vitamin pharmacy complexes during intensive cutting, hypervitaminosis occurs. In an effort to cover the costs of a single vitamin, you get a higher dose of vitamins A and C, which are practically not washed out of the body.

Whey Protein

It is with the purchase of whey protein that the selection of sports nutrition for cutting the body begins. Sometimes whey protein is replaced with a complex, or any other source of fast protein. What is it used for? First of all, to quickly stop the lack of protein, which leads to catabolic destruction. In addition, protein cocktails benefit before full-fledged nutrition in that they practically do not load the digestive system. As a result, there is a lower isolation of insulin and glucagon. Fatty tissue continues to disintegrate, but – there is no muscle.


Glutamine is one of the most powerful adaptogens that allow better recovery between training sessions. During cutting, the body does not have a strong need for glutamine, so if you are loaded before cutting, you can not consume it. In the case of cutting- it allows you to maintain the energy balance in the body, and push aside the moment of slowing metabolism, which is especially important if you discard more than 15 kilograms for cutting.


There is much debate about taking creatine. Many opponents of its use note a strong water retention in the body, which, firstly, does not allow to evaluate the results and direction of cutting, and, secondly, slow down the cutting  itself.


Creatine powder ON
Creatine powder ON


Creatine is best used, just change the regimen, and take into account that creatine and liquid along with it are excreted at least 3 weeks. Therefore, if you are planning a 2-month course of body cutting, creatine will be a good insurance for you, while for short cutting or its final stages, it is better to refrain from it.

BCAA – amino acids with branched chains

BCAA is the ideal source of building protein, which allows you to save muscle. Unlike serum and other sources, BCAA does not interact in any way with insulin and the digestive system. In fact, this is a cheat code for muscles, since less than 6 minutes pass between the consumption of BCAA and the onset of an anabolic spike.

Green Tea Extract

Quite a controversial ingredient for cutting, which is extremely not recommended for professional athletes because of side effects. If you drink a small amount of green tea, it does not in any way affect the cutting process or your health. And, if you take a concentrated extract, you get a shock dose of caffeine, which has a very negative effect on your health and the state of the cardiovascular system.

Fish fat

Fat tissue in the process of losing weight and cutting disintegrates unevenly. Typically, the full fat molecules go into the process, which, when disintegrated, leave a trace in the form of polyunsaturated omega-6 acids and free radicals. Omega 3 plays an important role, because when it enters the body, it allows you to bind the molecules together, which will facilitate the withdrawal of adipose tissue.

At the same time, omega 3 is a stabilizer of the cholesterol reaction, reducing the amount of bad cholesterol and increasing the amount of good. This, in turn, affects the synthesis of anabolic hormones including. testosterone.

Nitric oxide donators

The use of nitrogen donators is even more controversial than creatine. On the one hand, they do not in any way affect the cutting process itself, and with dried ligaments and joints can only do harm. On the other hand, they increase the pumping, due to which the burning of fat in the local sense is more effective. And, of course, they reduce the time of recovery of the body between training. Use nitrogen donators recommended only to experienced athletes under the supervision of a doctor.

Additives to strengthen joints

In the process of cutting, many elements from the body are washed away. At the same time, some of them compensate for the protein, but, as for the ligaments, they are destroyed and become more brittle. The same happens with joints, which lose interarticulate fluid. Therefore, additives to strengthen the joints – a must for anyone who decided to cut.


Learning how to choose the right sportpit for body drying
Learning how to choose the right sportpit for body cutting


Additional recommendations

Bodybuilding cutting is a complex approach, which requires not only proper training, but also adhere to certain rules.

  • Rule number 1 – reduce the consumption of sodium for the duration of bodybuilding cutting. Sodium strongly binds water, while, unlike cholesterol, it is deposited not in muscle tissues, but under the skin, which significantly slows down the process of acquiring the desired species. Therefore, in the last stages, completely discard salt and milk.
  • Rule number 2 – in the early stages do not give up milk. Despite the fact that there is a lot of sodium in milk, it also contains calcium, which allows you to keep your bones and teeth in a normal state. Refuse milk should be gradually, closer to the peak form.
  • Rule number 3 – in the last stages you need to drink a lot of liquid. Up to 5 liters per day. This liquid will not be absorbed to the full extent in the same way as it occurs with normal consumption. At the same time, it will disperse the metabolism, and the excretory system will work in such a way that together with the resulting liquid, a part of the unbound sodium will be removed.
  • Rule number 4 – sauna only in the first stages. So, the sauna excellently breaks down the metabolism and allows you to get rid of a part of the fluid in the body. However, in the final stages, your body is already in a state of forced dehydration, so the sauna will lead to a serious heart overload. Many professional athletes died because of this.
  • Rule number 5 – no fast carbohydrates. It is recommended to adhere to low-carbohydrate high-protein diets altogether, and to tighten your diet at the final stages, switching to carbohydrate alternation, which will deceive the body and intensively burn fat mass, practically without affecting the muscle meat.
  • Rule number 6 – do not forget to reduce the workout load. If you do not, sooner or later you will get the effect of overtraining, which will significantly slow down weight loss and cutting in general.

Adhering to these simple rules, you not only get the form necessary for beach photo shoots faster, but also save some of the lost during health cutting.


Sports nutrition on cutting is not a whim, but a reality. Unfortunately, in modern fitness industry it is impossible to achieve an ideal result without taking dietary supplements. At the same time, sports nutrition is a safe, albeit expensive, pleasure that will speed up your results. And yet cutting is a complex process, which depends not only on the intake of special preparations, but also:

  1. From properly composed training complex.
  2. Correct basic nutrition.
  3. Implementation of some rules.
  4. Correct recovery.

And most importantly – remember that losing weight all year long is not only beautiful, but also very dangerous for health. You can maintain low fat levels throughout the year, and even try to gain muscle mass without the fat layer, but bodybuilding cutting is not only fat loss, but also liquid, so we strongly do not recommend you to use extreme cutting if you are not competing athlete. Cutting is in demand for a short time before vacation on the beach, or before the competition. For the rest of the time, under your clothes, all the cubes of the press are still not visible, so you can safely cover them with a new layer of fat layer and build up more muscle mass on the cholesterol buffer.

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