Best exercises with a skipping rope

In today’s world, sport has become very popular. Many people, due to their ecological situation, try to get involved in a healthy and right way of life. There are a lot of options to restore physical fitness and maintain health. In this article we will talk about skipping – exercises with a skipping rope. It is impossible to say that this universal sports projectile was forgotten by us since childhood. Just because of their employment, not everyone thinks about the benefits of such a simple device.

People are used to the fact that for a beautiful, sporty body you have to pay considerable sums in gyms, buying a subscription and paying for work to a personal trainer. Nobody denies the use of such sports. Even professional athletes constantly use the rope in their training. In some countries, skipping still has its own federations, and competitions are held for this sport.

Training of boxers do not pass without exercises with a skipping rope. They help to develop the endurance and coordination that fighters need in the ring. Hard work – to stand up against a strong opponent and constantly maneuver, moving away from the blows. Also volleyball players, basketball players, gymnasts, athletes and many other athletes can not do without half an hour of training with this projectile.

Benefits of skipping

Basically, the beautiful half of humanity is interested in how to lose weight thanks to the skipping rope. Everything is very simple. With the rope, you can burn more calories than during swimming, cycling and running. Scientists have conducted research and determined a simple formula: a person weighing 70 kg for 1 hour of jumping burns 720 kcal, if in one minute it performs 130-140 repetitions. Thus, a 10-minute jump with a rope is equivalent to a cyclo-cross at 3 km, running for 2 km and swimming with brass for 12 minutes.

Positive result:

  1. Excellent warm-up of all muscle groups. 5-10 minutes of easy jumps perfectly prepare the body for the basic strength training or will be an excellent charge in the morning.
  2. Improve physical performance. The muscles of the bark, back, shoulders, buttocks and muscles of the press actively work.
  3. Active burning of fatty deposits with a prepared training plan and proper nutrition.
  4. Improving the condition of the musculoskeletal and vestibular apparatus. Such activities develop coordination, dexterity and improve overall health.
  5. Strengthens and tones the heart muscle and not only. Cardio with a rope develops the airways. Thanks to this, blood circulation is accelerated and metabolism is restored.

Contraindications and disadvantages of training with a rope

The best exercises with a rope – an excellent alternative to attending the gym, a good physical shape, and the loss of extra pounds. Such classes are advocated by doctors and fitness trainers to quickly achieve results in restoring health, excellent physical fitness, and maintaining the achieved level. Do not forget that each person has individual health indicators, and such training will be contraindicated in some cases.

Training exercises with a skipping rope
Training exercises with a skipping rope

There are both temporary prohibitions and categorical contraindications to jumping, and this applies not only to cardio with a rope. The temporary prohibitions include:

  1. Pregnancy, the period after childbirth.
  2. Obesity is 2-3 degrees.
  3. Jumping right after eating.
  4. Stretchings, bruises, injuries.
  5. Migraine pains.
  6. The reasons for which it is strictly forbidden to engage.
  7. Visual impairment, illness and eye trauma.
  8. Varicose veins.
  9. Unstable blood pressure.
  10. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  11. Injuries of joints.
  12. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


Jumps in one place can soon tire of their monotony. Trainers are advised to use a variety of techniques, change approaches and positions. Such training helps to improve results, develop dexterity, endurance and even will give excitement in overcoming the next task in view.

training exercises with a skipping rope
Training exercises with a skipping rope

The best exercises with a skipping rope:

  1. Jumping standard on two legs.
  2. Alternately on each leg.
  3. With the raising of the knees.
  4. The technique of jumping is “step”.
  5. Intense crushing of the lower leg.
  6. “Boxing reception” – the rope is scrolled on the sides of the body.
  7. Double and triple revolutions of the projectile for one jump.
  8. Cross arms during rope rotation.
  9. Moves to the sides and back and forth.

This is a small part of the existing exercises that help, how to lose weight thanks to the rope, and keep the body in tone. A properly selected technique, a drawn up plan and a healthy diet will soon bring results. Hateful pounds will go away, and the body will become sporty and strong.

10-Minute Jump Robe Workout