Gainers – effective builders of your muscles, the best in 2019 | Top supplements

Gainers – effective builders of your muscles, the best in 2019 | Top supplements

What is a gainer? You are working hard in the gym, doing the right exercises, increasing the mass, but the mirror is in no hurry to show you the desired round shapes. You make even more effort, you train until you lose your pulse, you even try to eat more – and the result is an hour for a teaspoon. And it would not be so insulting, but a friend who has been training on the same program as you, has seen radical changes in six months.

What is the matter? Do not rush to blame yourself and blame for the fact that you are trying little. Perhaps your body has an accelerated metabolism or it does not build muscle. Metabolism rate is an individual trait of a person along with eye color or skin type. For a complete picture of your metabolic processes, you can enroll to an endocrinologist, but for now you can make a verdict: your body quickly burns energy and almost does not accumulate muscle mass.

The solution lies on the surface: start to consume much more protein and carbohydrate foods. Protein is the building material for muscles, and carbohydrates are the energy that an athlete needs for intense training. However, does everybody have the opportunity to have nourishing cereals, rich meat soups, buckwheat with chicken breast 4-5 times a day? Does everyone even have the opportunity to fully eat up to 4 times a day? Of course not.

Special formulations for athletes come to the rescue – gainers. These are powder mixtures that can be dissolved in water / milk / kefir and taken as an additional source of nutrition. Gainers consist of proteins (soy, milk, peas) and carbohydrates (“fast” and “slow”). Do not confuse gainers and regular protein shakes: the latter do not contain (or contain in very small quantities) carbohydrates, while in the gainers they are present in a large percentage.

Athlete and post-workout shake
Athlete and post-workout shake

How do gainers help you gain muscle mass?

Protein, which is part of the gainers, is a building material for muscles. And carbohydrates provide the body with energy and do not allow the body to take energy from already existing muscles. Thus, with intense workouts in athletes taking weight gainers, muscle mass is growing rapidly and rapidly. Attention: the use of gainers without intensive training is highly undesirable: it leads to the banal obesity of the body. This is another difference between gainers and protein shakes, which can be taken for weight loss.

The recommended portion of a gainer contains from 350 to 1000 Kcal. Therefore, they are accepted by those athletes who have no problems with weight gain, but who need to quickly get into shape before a competition. Accept and wrestlers who want to go to a higher weight category. However, gainers are always a temporary measure. After the desired weight is reached, it is necessary to switch to a regular protein shake in order to maintain the gained mass.

Recommendations for use

A portion of the powder 60-100 g, diluted with a liquid, to drink either an hour before a workout, or half an hour after it – to recover. If the intensity of training has decreased or the athlete is forced to abandon training for some time, it is not necessary to take gainers, because the body will not grow without loads or even maintain muscle mass.

Advantages of gainers:

  • additional nutrition for athletes who simply do not have the opportunity to take full meals often;
  • quick muscle mass gain for bodybuilders and powerlifters;
  • convenient release format – just dilute the powder with water / milk / kefir in a shaker;
  • rapid recovery of the body after a hard workout;
  • convenient to take on the road or in the gym.

So, you firmly decided to intensively build muscle mass and enter a gainer in your diet. How to choose the one that is right for you? This will help you rating the best and most popular gainers in 2019.

Are you ready to see best mass gainers?
Are you ready to see best mass gainers?

Best gainers 2019



The composition of this gainer a huge amount of carbohydrates, and the percentage of them is 5 times more than the content of proteins. So the product is more suitable for restoring the energy balance of the body after intensive training. The manufacturing company decided to focus on maximizing the cost of the mixture (within reasonable limits), but there are still some vitamins, trace elements and creatine in the composition. This is just a find for subtle ectomorphs, in which the metabolism burns calories at the speed of sound. Per serving 1280 Kcal.

Top gainers: Super Mass Gainer
Top gainers: Super Mass Gainer


  • effective suppression of catabolism, a strong increase in anabolism;
  • energy value is very high;
  • complex of minerals, vitamins, creatine;
  • the price is fully consistent with the high quality of the goods.


  • very low protein content. Not suitable for those who just need to build muscle mass – more to restore the required energy level of the body.


Often chosen by professional athletes brand food. The composition of several types of protein (total content – 25%), a huge number of amino acids. The rest is composed of complex carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fatty acids, calcium, iron, glutamine and enzymes. In servings (4 scoops) 1020 Kcal, of which fat – only 80 Kcal. The mixture is very well absorbed by the body and gives noticeable results.

Top gainers: Muscle Juice Revolution 2600
Top gainers: Muscle Juice Revolution 2600


  • excellent composition, content helping to digest proteins and carbohydrates;
  • high protein content;
  • very affordable price;
  • there is packaging on 5040gr;
  • strengthening the body.


  • It is difficult to choose the right portion so as not to gain excess fat.


This mixture actively suppresses catabolic processes in the body, intensifying – on the contrary – anabolic. Casein, a number of trace elements and inulin help to slow down the metabolic process. A high content of various carbohydrates saturates the body with energy, and a complex of several different proteins and a variety of amino acids contributes to effective and rapid muscle growth during intensive training. There are options with different food additives, which makes the mixture also tasty. In one portion – 605 Kcal.

Top gainers: Real Gains by Universal Nutrition
Top gainers: Real Gains by Universal Nutrition


  • artificial suppression of catabolism and increased anabolism;
  • composed of various origins proteins and many amino acids;
  • very affordable price;
  • the presence of different tastes;
  • There is a pack of 4800 grams.


  • carbohydrate, in fact, one – and this is ordinary sugar. With a decrease in the intensity of training in the body
  • immediately stores fat reserves;
  • if the bodybuilder will be limited to power loads alone, fat deposition is inevitable – cardio loadings need to be
  • injected, which is not what everyone likes to “roll”.


The mixture contains a high amount of protein for muscle growth and slow carbohydrates, which do not form fat, but give the athlete a lot of energy. A distinctive feature of this gainer is the incorporation of a large amount of vitamins and minerals in the composition, i.e. the mixture, among other things, is also a balanced vitamin complex. Gainer enhances anabolism and generally suits both ectomorphs and endomorphs – the only difference is that they need a different amount of powder to take. In one portion 520 Kcal.

Top gainers: Up Your Mass by MHP
Top gainers: Up Your Mass by MHP


  • slow (long) carbohydrates do not contribute to the buildup of fat;
  • amino acids and casein will quickly restore muscle tissue after exercise;
  • suitable for people with any type of shape and metabolic rate;
  • vitamin and mineral complex;
  • there are packagings for 908g, 2270g and 4540g.


  • only soy protein, not the best;
  • some tastes are sweet.


The composition of this gainer is such that there are 3 times more carbohydrates in it than proteins (there are only 20g of them per serving). Hence the low price: carbohydrates are cheaper than proteins. The mixture is obviously not suitable for endmorphs, since they will be deposited with fat. But for the ectomorph mixture is very useful. Muscles will grow slowly but surely. In general, a gainer aims more at recuperation after a workout. Contains a vitamin and mineral complex. In one portion 368 Kcal.

Top gainers: Mega Mass 4000 by Weider
Top gainers: Mega Mass 4000 by Weider


  • very quickly restores the body after exhausting workout;
  • affordable price;
  • ectomorphs gradually gain mass;
  • useful complex of vitamins and minerals.


  • weight gain is extremely slow;
  • low energy value per serving. Fast product consumption.


As part of this gainer there is a huge amount of carbohydrates, the powder has the highest energy value. In combination with intensive strength training provides a rapid increase in mass. You can take before training as a stock of building materials for muscles, and after – to restore the normal energy level of the body. Excellent for ectomorphs, but completely unacceptable for endomorphs, as it turns the latter into round koloboks. Per serving 1250 Kcal.

Top gainers: Serious Mass by ON
Top gainers: Serious Mass by ON


  • huge energy value;
  • rapid saturation of the body with energy, recovery from stress;
  • affordable price;
  • vitamin-mineral complex in the composition.


  • It is contraindicated in endomorphs, as it intensively adds fat mass to the body.


In this gainer, proteins and carbohydrates are perfectly balanced, they are contained approximately equally, which ensures muscle growth with minimal risk of gaining excess fat. The complex of proteins of different origin still actively nourish and build up muscles after workout, and long carbohydrates practically do not go into fats, but they help to better assimilate proteins. In one portion 626 Kcal.

Top gainers: True-mass by BSN
Top gainers: True-mass by BSN


  • a complex of proteins of different digestibility gives an effective increase in muscle mass;
  • slow carbohydrates almost do not give fat and help proteins digest;
  • complex of vitamins and minerals.


  • the price is higher than many other gainers, but it is justified by the composition.


The mixture contains a complex of several proteins in combination with casein (for better digestibility) and a complex of slow and fast carbohydrates. The composition provides a quick set of muscle mass, and providing the body with a shock dose of energy. This mixture is a godsend for lean and weak ectomorphs, it can be used with caution by mesomorphs and is contraindicated for endomorphs, since it will add fat to the sides on the sides. In one portion 1105 Kcal.

Top gainers: Mass Effect REVOLUTION by SAN
Top gainers: Mass Effect REVOLUTION by SAN


  • huge energy value;
  • very high product quality;
  • the rapid growth of muscle mass;
  • improving the overall condition of the body.


  • contraindicated in people with a tendency to be overweight;
  • no vitamins, not enough minerals;
  • as carbohydrates – ordinary sugar.


As part of a huge content of proteins and relatively few carbohydrates (and those – slow) – if with caution, even endomorphs will do. Plus the highest content of creatine in comparison with analogues. The product is wonderfully suitable for those who want to rapidly build muscle mass, while not overgrow with fat. Moreover, the product contains Omega-unsaturated fats that displace saturated fats. In a portion of 1000 Kcal with 63g protein.

Top gainers: Mass Tech by Muscletech
Top gainers: Mass Tech by Muscletech


  • perfectly balanced composition, omega-fatty acids, slow carbohydrates – all this does not allow the body to
  • accumulate fat;
  • huge energy value per serving of the product;
  • high content of proteins and keratin, which increases the strength of the athlete;
  • even endomorphs will do, if you do not exceed the recommended dose and train intensively.


  • the relatively high cost, however, is fully justified.
9 steps of healthy eating | Healthy lifestyle

9 steps of healthy eating | Healthy lifestyle

If you take them into service, you can not only normalize your weight, but also maintain health and vigor for many years.

The concept of “9 Steps to Healthy Nutrition” proposed by the scientists of the State Research Center for Preventive Medicine, the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Cardiology Center is nothing sensational. However, if we adopt it, the principles laid down in it will help any of us not only to normalize our weight, but also to preserve our health and vigor for many years.

Step one

A healthy balanced diet should be based on a variety of foods, mostly of plant (not animal) origin.

There is not a single product that could provide our body with all the necessary substances. The only exception is female breast milk, which replaces the baby with all other products up to 6 months. Therefore, nutrition, scientists insist, should be as diverse as possible. Compliance with special diets is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating

Step Two

Bread, dishes and food products from cereals and pasta, potatoes, it is advisable to eat several times a day, at each meal. More than half of the daily diet should be covered by these products.

Scientists do not agree with the widespread belief that these products are only a source of energy and carbohydrates. They also contain many other substances necessary for health: dietary fiber, mineral compounds, vitamins of groups B and C.

It is erroneous, according to scientists, and the statement that these products contribute to the deposition of fat. In fact, the energy content in starch is much less than in the same amount of fat or alcohol. Most recommend eating more bread, better than black and wholemeal flour.

Step Three

A variety of fruits and vegetables should be consumed several times a day in an amount of more than 400 grams in addition to potatoes. Consumption of vegetables should exceed the consumption of fruits. Vegetables and fruits – a source of antioxidants, folic acid, iron, vitamins and minerals, which reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Preference should be given to vitamins and other beneficial substances from natural sources, and not from tablets or dietary supplements.

Step Four

Milk and dairy products with low fat and salt (kefir, sour milk, cheese, yogurt) should be consumed daily. Children, adolescents and women especially need dairy products.

If a person does not consume dairy products, he should include in the diet other foods rich in calcium – fish (sardines, salmon), dark green leafy vegetables.

Dairy products
Dairy products

Step Five

Meat and meat products that are high in fat should be replaced by legumes, fish, poultry, or lean meats. Portions of meat, fish or poultry should be small. The number of meat products such as sausage, sausages, pates, should be limited.

Animal fat helps to increase blood cholesterol and increase the risk of coronary heart disease. The WHO expert report on cancer recommended that no more than 80 grams of red meat be eaten per day.

Meat is needed for healthy eating
Meat is needed for healthy eating

Step Six

The consumption of fat, including that contained in products (meat, milk, etc.), should be from 15 to 30% of the daily caloric content of food. It is better to cook food for a couple, boiling, baking or using a microwave. It should reduce the addition of fat in the process of cooking.

Healthy fats
Healthy fats

Particular attention is now paid to fatty acids, which are part of the fat we consume. They are:

  • saturated (NLC) – in butter, solid margarines;
  • polyunsaturated (PUFA) – in vegetable oils, fish and some soft margarines;
  • monounsaturated (MUFA) – in olive, rapeseed and peanut oils.

The most useful MUFA, especially from olive oil. They have antioxidant properties and protect blood cholesterol from oxidation. The recommended consumption of PUFA should be about 7% of the daily diet, MUFA – 10-15%.
Step Seven

Preference should be given to a diet low in sugar – no more than 10% of the daily diet. Foods that contain a lot of sugar are an energy source, but are not a necessary component of a healthy diet. Sugar contributes to the development of caries. Scientists recommend drinking water, not sugary drinks.

Step Seven

The total salt intake, including salt contained in bread, canned foods, etc., should not exceed 6 g (1 tsp) per day. It is recommended to use iodized salt. Excessive salt intake is associated with high blood pressure.

Canned, salted, smoked products are not recommended to eat daily. Food should be salted moderately, and to improve the taste, add herbs and spices. Iodine deficiency is a common pathology, especially among children and women. Iodized salt will provide prevention of diseases caused by iodine deficiency.

Step Eight

The ideal body weight should correspond to the recommended limits (body mass index from 18.5 to 24.9). A moderate level of physical activity should be maintained.

The normal body mass index, or Quetelet index (IR), can be determined by the formula: IR = weight (kg) / height (m) 2. Suppose you have a weight of 80 kg, height – 1.65 m. We put the growth in a square – 1.652, we get 2.7225. Now we divide the weight of 80 kg by 2.7225, the result is 29.38. Index from 25 to 29 – evidence of excess weight – your case. And more than 30 signals obesity. The higher the index, the more overweight.

Excessive accumulation of fat in the abdomen poses a greater risk to health than its excess accumulation in the thighs, as it is associated with increased pressure, diabetes mellitus and the early development of coronary heart disease.

If you want to lose weight, it should be done slowly, changing the diet and increasing physical activity. Safe rate of weight loss – 500-800 grams per week. Do not follow a diet with a sharp restriction of such products as vegetables, fruits, bread and potatoes.

Step Nine

Alcohol consumption should be no more than 2 servings per day (one serving – 10 g of pure alcohol). With daily use of alcohol should refrain from taking it at least one day a week.

Avoid alcohol to stay healthy!
Avoid alcohol to stay healthy!

The side effects caused by alcohol consumption are related to its effect on the brain, liver, heart muscle, intestines, pancreas, and nervous system. Alcohol dependence leads to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Look at this awesome healthy food recipes!

Healthy eating for muscle growth and weight loss. Food pyramid | Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating for muscle growth and weight loss. Food pyramid | Healthy Lifestyle

Proper and healthy eating. Proper nutrition as one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle is every day more and more people are interested. On our site there is even a separate course on proper nutrition. Food is something without which the vital activity of any person is impossible, and health is directly dependent on the diet. Poor quality or harmful food can damage the body, so it is very important to be able to make the right nutritional program for each day. Healthy food is not always the standard of taste, but from a position of use it has no analogues.

Proper and healthy nutrition today is no longer an indicator of aristocracy, but an answer to the pace and living conditions. More and more people today are involved in sports, which is inseparable from a healthy diet. Choosing a diet and drawing up a menu for the day, week, month becomes an urgent task for anyone who asks questions of weight loss, weight loss or muscle growth, improving overall well-being. In this lesson we will talk about the basic principles of proper nutrition.

Please treat these tips critically, as there are no strict laws in proper nutrition, but there are recommendations that can be supported by some experts and criticized by others.

What is proper nutrition?

The sources rarely find a clear and specific definition of the concept of healthy and proper nutrition. The most complete formulation of this term is as follows:

Proper nutrition (or healthy nutrition) is a balanced diet of natural and high-quality products that meet all the needs of the body, in addition, they are to his advantage.

One of the famous authors of books on nutrition is an American naturopath, an alternative medicine advocate, Herbert Shelton (1895-1985). His idea of ​​the benefits of natural food became progressive: Shelton believed that nature took care of the human needs for food to the full, which means that our body needs only natural products.

Shelton also developed the nutritional concept of nutrition in the book The Right Mix of Foods. The idea of ​​this diet in the incompatibility of certain foods with their simultaneous use. For example, the author argued that it is impossible to combine foods rich in proteins with carbohydrate-containing foods, combine milk with other foods, and fats with proteins. Separate nutrition interested not only those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also experts in the field of nutrition and physiology. Clinical studies were carried out, which resulted in the establishment that it is not so much separate food that is beneficial as eating healthy food, since the principle of weight loss and a good state of the body are not affected by the principle of food separation, but by a general decrease in its caloric content.

Also relevant for proper nutrition are the postulates set forth in one of the most popular modern books on healthy food “Chinese research”. This work is written by renowned specialist Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus, Department of Food Biochemistry, Cornell University, winner of the National Institutes of Health of the USA. Here are some conclusions from this book:

  • food vitamin supplements will never replace natural products that contain the same set of vitamins;
  • virtually all nutrients are better absorbed from plant foods than from foods of animal origin;
  • proper nutrition helps to control the influence of negative external factors on the body;
  • a properly formulated diet will never harm the body.
This Is What a Healthy Diet Will Look Like in 2019
This Is What a Healthy Diet Will Look Like in 2019

Summarizing the information from these works, we can highlight several recommendations about what you need to know about proper nutrition and healthy eating:

  • Rule 1. Food is primarily a basis for life, a “fuel” for an organism from which energy is produced, and only then is ritual and pleasure.
  • Rule 2. A healthy diet will save your body from premature aging, help to avoid many diseases of the cardiovascular system, certain types of cancer, diseases of the digestive tract, diabetes, hypertension. In addition, there is a certain list of products that contribute to the improvement of mental activity, read about them in this article.
  • Rule 3. There is no place for compromise in healthy eating. Soda, chips, mayonnaise and other harmful products should be discarded. It is possible and even necessary to eat sweet, but not all the time and not all.
  • Rule 4. Baked, stewed and boiled food is healthier than fried and smoked.
  • Rule 5. Trust, but verify. With the development of the Internet, a huge number of various blogs and websites containing information about healthy eating and giving recommendations for improving the figure have appeared. But do not forget that the authors of blogs are not always professionals who really know their business.

That is why before you start applying one or another method on yourself, you should get acquainted with the feedback of other users as much as possible, read additional information about the author of the theory and analyze the results achieved by him. This simple advice will help you weed out unverified theories and thus avoid the risk of irreparable harm to your health, relying on non-professionals.

Food pyramid

So, the basis of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition, which depends on the food we consume. According to the content of various nutrients and vitamins, all products can be divided into groups, which will allow you to make the best diet during the day.

Based on the principles of proper nutrition, experts at the Harvard School of Public Health, under the leadership of the American nutritionist Walter Villett, developed a universal nutritional pattern for a person during the day food pyramid. Products located in the lower part of the pyramid, it is recommended to eat as often as possible, and products from the upper part should be consumed in limited quantities or completely excluded from your diet. In addition, it is worth noting that at the base of this pyramid are also physical activity and sufficient fluid intake, preferably mineral water.

Food pyramid
Food pyramid


Whole Grain Bread, Oatmeal, Rice, and Pasta

Foods high in carbohydrate
Foods high in carbohydrate, isolated on white

This is the basis of a healthy diet. These products provide the body with complex carbohydrates, an important source of energy. Whole grain food is rich in B vitamins, minerals and fiber, essential for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, these products do not lead to weight gain if you do not add butter, cheese or sauces to them.


Vegetables provide us with vitamins, are an excellent source of protein, in addition, they are not rich in fats. The maximum amount of nutrients found in vegetables rich in green, yellow and orange, as well as in starchy vegetables – potatoes and yams. Vegetable juices are also very beneficial for the body.

10 fruits and vegetables
10 fruits and vegetables


Fruits – a rich source of vitamins, primarily vitamin C. These are low-calorie foods that contain almost no fat. Fruits are useful in any form: fresh, frozen, canned, dried, as well as in the form of juice, with the exception of highly sweetened nectars and fruit-based syrups.

Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, and Nuts

Meat, Poultry, Fish flashcards
Meat, Poultry, Fish flashcards

Animal products are an excellent source of protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, as well as beans, nuts, and seeds. Tofu (bean curd), as well as white beans are rich in the necessary calcium for the body. Almonds are a good source of vitamin E.

Milk, cheese, yogurt

Milk, cheese and yogurt
Milk, cheese and yogurt

Dairy products are an indispensable source of calcium. They also provide the body with proteins and vitamin B12. For eating should choose low-fat varieties of dairy products, because they contain a minimum of cholesterol, saturated fat and, of course, calories.

Fats, oils and sweets

These foods are high in calories and very nutritious. They should not be abused, but you should not completely refuse. In the diet must be present vegetable oils, which are a rich source of vitamin E (the body needs 1 tablespoon per day). Products containing molasses may be useful as a source of iron.

Healthy fats and oils
Healthy fats and oils

Options for the daily diet in accordance with the food pyramid

Of these groups of products you can cook a lot of different dishes. An approximate daily menu of an average person might look like this:

Option 1

  • Breakfast: a small piece of meat, a portion of rice and 200 g of salad, a cup of tea with lemon, a small fruit.
  • Snack: unsweetened fruit.
  • Lunch: two bread toasts with lean fish, green salad without dressing, mineral water with lemon.
  • Snack: kefir or yogurt.
  • Dinner: steamed vegetables with toast, a glass of water with lemon.

Option 2

  • Breakfast: chicken breast, sprinkled with parmesan, boiled potatoes with green beans, a cup of tea with lemon, a small fruit.
  • Snack: a handful of nuts.
  • Lunch: a portion of brown rice with steamed vegetables, a glass of mint tea, a small fruit.
  • Snack: kefir or yogurt.
  • Dinner: 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, a small fruit, a glass of water.

It is worth noting that such a diet provides the needs of the average person in food. For those who want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, the menu should be adjusted in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body and the goal.

Healthy nutrition and weight loss

The desire to lose weight makes many people turn to nutrition, because the main cause of obesity is the use of unhealthy food, fast food and large amounts of sweets. The path to a beautiful healthy body is through building a proper diet and diet.

In search of an optimal weight loss program for yourself, you should not immediately go to the Internet and study “revolutionary techniques” that allow you to lose weight without any effort or food restrictions. It is necessary to treat with caution all methods offered in the network, since quite often they are compiled by people who do not have professional education in the field of dietetics and cannot guarantee a positive result. If you have the opportunity, be sure to make an appointment with a dietitian who will conduct an individual study of the characteristics of your body, and according to its results will suggest the most appropriate nutrition program for you in accordance with your goals. If the advice of a professional nutritionist for any reason is not available to you, you can use the advice of experts leading websites, forums and blogs on weight loss, read books on this subject, not forgetting to check the information offered to you, get acquainted with the reviews and recommendations of people experienced this technique on their own experience.

Any nutritionist with confidence will tell you that you can lose weight by reducing the number of calories consumed by a person per day. 1200 kcal is considered to be the minimum number of units of energy needed by an adult’s body daily. Calculate the number of calories needed to maintain weight at the current level by determining your total daily energy expenditure or, as it is called, TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). It is calculated from the indicator of the level of basal metabolism – the number of calories needed to keep a person at rest (BMR) multiplied by the activity factor.

The formula for calculating basal metabolism, based on weight, height and age of a person, is derived as follows:

  • Males: 66 + (13.7 X body weight) + (5 X height in cm) (6.8 X age in years) level of the main metabolism.
  • Females: 655 + (9.6 X body weight) + (1.8 X height in cm) (4.7 X age in years) level of the main metabolism.

The result must be multiplied by the activity factor, which is equal to:

  • 1.2 sedentary lifestyle;
  • 1,375 average activity (light exercises 1-3 per week);
  • 1.55 high activity (intensive classes 3-5 times a week);
  • 1,725 ​​very high activity (heavy exercise 6-7 times a week);
  • 1.9 extreme activity (very hard physical work, or intensive training 2 times a day).

After you determine how many calories you need per day to maintain your current weight, you can easily calculate how many calories you need to lose weight. Without harm to the body, you can reduce daily calorie intake by 10-15% of the required to compensate for energy consumption.

Eat clean to lose weight
Eat clean to lose weight

What you need to know, going to lose weight?

  1. It is important to understand that a diet for weight loss without sports will not bring quick results. To speed up the process, having previously derived the formula for the number of calories taking into account physical exertion, of course, and, having calculated the daily ration from it, it is possible only by doing special exercises. You will learn about them in the next lesson.
  2. When choosing a diet, it is best to consult with a specialist doctor, or at least opt ​​for a well-known program, the effectiveness of which has already been tested by other people.
  3. If you start to sleep badly or feel constant fatigue and irritability, your overall health deteriorated – these are sure signs that the diet is bad or the amount of food consumed is not enough, which can damage your health and, therefore, the program needs to be revised or changed.
  4. Most low-carb diets need to be balanced. Carbohydrates – the basis that nourishes our body with energy. It is necessary to distinguish between fast and slow carbohydrates, while you can not completely abandon one and replace them with others. See here for more details. Weighted should be treated and express diets that allow you to lose weight in a short period of time. It should be remembered that losing weight with the help of a cucumber or buckwheat diet, you will soon gain weight again when you return to the usual diet.
  5. The number of meals – 4-5 per day. Portions are better to make small. It is advisable not to skip breakfast.
  6. Useful products for losing weight, allowing the body to maintain a balance of vitamins and minerals: apples, broccoli, wild berries, pomegranate juice, beans, garlic, nuts.
  7. The main thing is a positive attitude, willpower and determination. The rest is sure to work out.

Finally, an example of the menu for the day for women:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal on the water, 1 apple, coffee with milk.
  • The second breakfast: a glass of kefir, 2 peaches.
  • Lunch: 1 baked potato, a piece of fish, vegetable salad with a tablespoon of oil.
  • Snack: grated carrots with olives.
  • Dinner: boiled broccoli, stewed chicken breast.

Proper nutrition for muscle growth

Proper nutrition for muscle growth. A healthy diet is just as important for gaining muscle mass as physical training. Food serves as a building material from which the body takes everything that it needs for the muscles.

In the case of a set of muscle mass, the same principle works as with losing weight, only in the reverse order. If you want to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than your body spends per day. At the same time, large amounts of fast carbohydrates and fats should be avoided, which, unlike protein, do not directly participate in the process of creating muscle tissue and can accumulate in the body, creating an extra fat layer. However, it is the fats and carbohydrates that are the main source of energy for training and therefore it is impossible to completely abandon them: you must eat at the right time and in the right amount (in accordance with TDEE).

If you are actively involved in sports, then for breakfast and lunch it is important to get enough carbohydrates, because they provide us with the energy that is needed for intensive workouts. But the main role in muscle growth is assigned to proteins. The well-known common truth is that in order for muscles to grow, you need to consume 2 g of protein per kilogram of body weight. In general, the nutrition process should be organized as follows: meals – 5-6 times a day every 3 hours, portions are average.

Healthy foods for muscle growth
Healthy foods for muscle growth

What you need to know about proper nutrition for muscle growth?

  1. Muscles grow when the amount of incoming energy in the form of food exceeds the amount of energy consumed per day. Calculate the daily need for calories using the formula described in the block on weight loss and increase it by 15-20% (on average + 300-500 kcal daily).
  2. If you follow the rules and do everything right, but your muscles do not grow, increase your carbohydrate intake at breakfast and after exercise by 40-50 g.
  3. Do not panic while you stop muscle growth. Muscles grow abruptly. After several weeks of progress, stagnation may occur, and after a week or two, growth will begin again.
  4. Smoking and alcohol abuse are unacceptable, not only if you play sports, but do not correlate with a healthy lifestyle in general.
  5. Top 10 products for gaining muscle mass: cottage cheese, oatmeal, buckwheat, chicken breast, turkey fillet, salmon, tuna, beef, eggs, fish oil. Read more about these products in our blog article.
  6. You should drink enough water. About this below.

To achieve muscle growth you need to follow this daily ratio of consumed macronutrients: protein (proteins) 25-30%, carbohydrates 55-65%, fats -10-15%.

  • Protein. One gram of protein contains 4 kcal. The main sources of protein are chicken, turkey, meat (beef), fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, protein powder, nuts, beans, peas, and soy. Proteins of animal origin (meat, poultry, milk, fish) are more nutritious than plant proteins (nuts, beans, peas, soybeans).
  • Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates contain 4 kcal per gram. The main sources of carbohydrates are oats, potatoes, yams, rice, pasta, sugar, fruits, vegetables, bread, fruit juices, milk, biscuits, chocolate, corn, cereals.
  • Fat. Fats contain 9 kcal per gram. The main sources of fat: butter, fatty meat, fatty fish, egg yolks, sauces, milk fat, cheese, biscuits, potatoes, nuts, olives, chocolate. Animal fats are more harmful for the body, primarily for the cardiovascular system than vegetable fats.

An approximate daily diet for muscle growth in men weighing 75-80 kg is as follows:

  • First breakfast: 2 whole eggs, 7 egg whites, 1 bun, 3 tsp of jam, a large banana.
  • Second breakfast: 150 g of chopped boiled breast without skin, 1 slice of low-fat cheese, 4 tbsp. spoons of fat-free mayonnaise, 1/2 onion, 3-4 tomatoes, 2 unleavened cakes.
  • First lunch: 250 g of beef on the grill, 100 g of pasta, 3/4 cup of tomato sauce.
  • Second lunch: 150 g grilled chicken breasts, 240 g boiled potatoes, 2 tbsp. spoons of fat-free mayonnaise, 1 cup of vegetable salad.
  • First dinner: 500 g of skimmed milk, 2 scoops of whey protein, 3 tbsp. spoons of honey.
  • Second dinner: 240 g of boiled fish, 240 g of boiled beans, 1 cup of boiled carrots.

Drinking regimen

Stay Safe, Be Sure to Drink Enough Water
Stay Safe, Be Sure to Drink Enough Water

Drinking regimen is an important element of a healthy lifestyle. Water is the basis of any living organism, including the human. Water regulates the water-salt balance in the body, body temperature, serves as the basis for the structure of new blood cells, normal functioning of the ligaments and joints, kidneys. Drinking enough water allows you to control your appetite.

What is the correct drinking regime? There are recommendations for diets, according to which you need to drink no more than 1 liter of water per day. In no case follow such diets can not. You will get the desired –5 kg per week, but your body will be dehydrated, which will affect your well-being and functionality. It is necessary to start drinking again when you want, and the weight will return. Remember, the rate of water for an adult per day is 2-2.5 liters, divided into equal doses over the same amount of time. Scientists derive this figure from the calculation of 30 ml of water per day per 1 kg of weight.

It is important to drink the right amount of water for those involved in sports. If the body is dehydrated, energy is absorbed by 10-30% worse, which directly affects the intensity of exercise and fatigue. It is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon immediately after waking up – this speeds up the metabolism and favorably affects the digestive system.


What is a clear liquid diet | Clear liquid diet recipes and ideas

What is a clear liquid diet | Clear liquid diet recipes and ideas

Clear liquid diet gained popularity at the beginning of this millennium and immediately made a splash. Even today, it remains the secret of many expensive SPA centers, in which world stars clean up their figure. This technique can be based on a variety of products, but only on those that should not eat, but drink.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to clear liquid diet, it have several important advantages over other diets:

  • Migrated very easily, without the debilitating feeling of hunger.
  • Safe for health, do not create metabolic stress.
  • Completely remove toxins, slags, decomposition products.
  • Allow you to maintain physical performance, mental alertness, good mood.
  • Sated with necessary useful substances.
  • Based on a varied menu that does not require cooking special dishes and scrupulous counting of calories.

This technique is not recommended for a long time (more than 14 days) due to the following disadvantages:

  • Expressed diuretic effect, which can lead to micronutrient deficiencies.
  • The adverse effects of the absence of solid food on the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Imbalance of diet.

Due to the diuretic effect and the excretion of a significant amount of liquid, constipation can become one of the unpleasant effects of liquid nutrition. To eliminate this problem, it is recommended to use senna or herbal remedies. In addition, Senna itself is beneficial for losing weight, as it allows you to clear the intestines and prevent the absorption of fats by the intestinal walls.


Clear liquid diet ideas
Clear liquid diet ideas

Looking for an easy and simple way to regain grace and slimness? What about slow carb diet?

Products that are completely banned during the clear liquid diet:

  • Mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream, cream.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Sweet and carbonated drinks.
  • Ice cream.
  • Semolina.
  • Honey, jelly, kissel with a high sugar content.

Classic clear liquid diet ideas

Liquid methods of weight loss can be very diverse – from fairly non-hungry to the toughest. The most acceptable and most common is the classic version of the diet. It is, if not absolutely harmless, then, in any case, not as “evil” as other species.

Every day it is necessary to eat strictly in time, using only the liquids indicated in the menu. Skipping meals is highly undesirable. A single serving of drink is 250 ml.


Vegetable soup on the clear liquid diet
Vegetable soup on the clear liquid diet


Clear liquid diet foods and schedule:

  1. 8:00 – decoction of oats;
  2. 9:00 – broth from vegetables;
  3. 10:00 – clean boiling water;
  4. 11:00 – fruit or vegetable fresh juice, diluted with water in a ratio of 3: 1 (preferably apple, orange, pear, carrot,
  5. tomato, celery);
  6. 12:00 – low-fat milk;
  7. 13:00 – clean boiling water;
  8. 14:00 – fruit, fruit or dried fruit compote;
  9. 15:00 – meat broth;
  10. 16:00 – clean boiling water;
  11. 17:00 – clean boiling water;
  12. 18:00 – fruit juice, diluted with water in a ratio of 3: 1 (preferably apple, orange, pear or grape);
  13. 19:00 – vegetable broth;
  14. 20:00 – clean boiling water;
  15. 21:00 – yogurt.

Clear liquid diet recipes:

  • oat – ½ cup of oats in 1 liter of water, cook for 30 minutes, strain;
  • meat – 200 g of finely chopped lean veal in 1 liter of water, cook for 60 minutes, drain;
  • vegetable, fruit, berry – 300 g of raw materials or 100 g of dry per 1 l of water, cook for 10 minutes, strain.

The diet seems tough enough, but it will be as such for the first 2 days. Then the body quickly gets used to it, so on the third day the diet becomes quite familiar, and on the fifth it is felt after every dose of any drink, even after boiling water. If this does not happen, and dieting causes severe hunger, it is recommended to consider other options for drinking or a regular menu.

What is the slow carb diet? | Slow carb diet food list and 5 main rules

What is the slow carb diet? | Slow carb diet food list and 5 main rules

Looking for an easy and simple way to regain grace and slimness? Try a slow carb diet!

Did you know that losing 3 kilograms in just 1 month is incredibly easy? And this is really possible, even if you do not resort to physical exercises of medium and high intensity, but by “planting” yourself on a properly chosen diet. And three kilograms correspond to two sizes of a dress or trousers, depending on what you wear.



Why slow carbs are beneficial

Slow carb diet rules
Slow carb diet rules. Source: Positive healthwellness

For a start, it is useful to know how our body processes nutrients – nutrients. The key to understanding the problem is knowing the chemical characteristics of our metabolism. The truth is that fats are deposited from excess sugar in the blood. The mechanism itself is as follows.

The body consumes nutrients evenly and can not absorb more than some limit amount per hour, and excess sugar diligently processed into fat. For example, you felt hungry, chose a sweet dessert for a snack and got a few hundred calories.

Within half an hour, the “sugar attack” begins in the blood, which our body neutralizes, turning nutrients into energy and excess sugar into fat, simultaneously releasing a good dose of insulin, on the one hand, very necessary for digesting food, and on the other hand – secondary hunger soon.

After another hour, when you again want to eat, fats cannot turn back into sugar, as they are already deposited in the fat depots, and come out only when the body goes into emergency mode – ketosis, which is not only difficult but also dangerous to achieve.

Therefore, there is only one way out – to control the quality of nutrients, correctly combining proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And it will be right to avoid the surge of blood sugar, which cannot be completely neutralized.

Slow carbohydrates are not chemically ready for digestion, they need splitting and do not immediately “go into the business” – they require an average of 2.5 hours to free up all calories and sugar.

Slow carb diet is good for losing weight, which break down for several hours, do not cause a jump in sugar and are completely converted into energy for the cells, even if you didn’t train on that day – calories are spent on daily physical activity, digestion, breathing, mental work and even such activities, like communication and sleep.


Slow carb chicken and vegetables
Slow carb chicken and vegetables


Why is the liquid diet so popular? Read the article: What is a clear liquid diet?

Slow carb diet rules

That it is one of the easiest and easiest ways to lose weight. But only in order for it to be really effective, you should remember 5 simple, but meanwhile incredibly important rules.

  1. Avoid “white” carbs. These include: all types of bread, rice, cereals, potatoes, pasta, muffins, and, of course, any fried foods. Even this single step will help you lose weight!
  2. Build your diet on foods whose consumption does not lead to a set of unnecessary weight. And these are: – eggs, chicken, lean pork, fish; – black beans, lentils, red beans, soybeans; – Spinach, cabbage, asparagus, peas, broccoli, asparagus and carrots. Combine the above products, while making the minimum amount of salt and fat when preparing them. And if you wish, you can make your menu incredibly diverse, and therefore avoid the main mistake of all those who stop dieting, because he has to eat the same thing again and again.
  3. Discard liquid calories. And many people cannot lose weight precisely because they forget how high-calorie sweet coffee or sweet tea can be. Or the same fat milk. Teach yourself to drink plenty of pure water. And if, suppose you cannot imagine your day without coffee, use sweetener instead of sugar. And remember, if you do not abuse them, it will be perfectly safe, because Many of the “horror stories” told about him are the most common fabrications. Also, do not be fooled into believing that soy milk, carbonated drinks and fruit juices help you lose weight. All of these drinks contain aspartame, which, as scientifically proven, stimulates weight gain. Alcohol is also prohibited for you. Although half a glass for a holiday you still do not hurt.
  4. Eat less fruits, vegetables and berries. And do it because our ancient ancestors (and many people forget about it) did not eat fruit all year round. Knowing the ripening period of most fruits, we can safely say that our evolution did not accustom us to the daily consumption of fruits and berries. And because the formula “orange” or “a handful of grapes every day” is absolutely fake. But there are two exceptions to this rule. And these are tomatoes and avocados. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C and lycopene, and avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Slowly carbohydrates allows you to eat fruit once a week, so enjoy this day.
  5. For one day once a week, forget about the diet and let yourself relax. Eat everything that you really want, but at the same time observe the measure. And relax, because it has been proven that increasing calorie intake once a week helps fat loss, because it boosts the metabolism in working condition, forcing it to work to the maximum.

So, as you can see, the slow carb diet is very simple. Yes, the choice of products is limited, but you can mix and match the allowed products in any combination, and there are just enough of them to avoid hunger. Another advantage of this diet is that you should not count carbohydrates that you eat. Which allows us to think that a simpler diet will be hard to find.


Slow carb diet rules
Slow carb diet rules


Slow carb diet food list for weight loss:

  1. Buckwheat;
  2. Oatmeal;
  3. Beans;
  4. Cabbage;
  5. Squashes;
  6. Turnip;
  7. Sour apples;
  8. A pineapple;
  9. Spicy greens;
  10. Nuts.

10 “prohibited” products:

  1. Sugar;
  2. Pasta;
  3. Semolina, rice, wheat;
  4. Beet;
  5. Corn;
  6. Bananas;
  7. Jam;
  8. Buns;
  9. Sweet soda;
  10. Alcohol.

Physical activity

As for exercises, although they change the shape of your body and burn fat, they do not make you smaller and thinner. After all, fat is being replaced by muscles. And it is known that the same exercises for the running-in of the press and the buttocks instead of the desired reduction in volume can lead to the fact that, even dropping fat, you will become 1–2 sizes larger. And it will happen at the expense of building muscle mass.

What sports to do to lose weight

What sports to do to lose weight

Today’s world is ruled by the cult of the sports body. How to find the forms of your dreams? Many hopes are placed on sport. That’s just the abundance of different techniques in combination with poorly trained instructors leads not to finding the ideal proportions, but to physical exhaustion, trauma and dislike for the sport for the rest of your life. Today we will help you figure out how to correctly introduce training and proper nutrition in your life, and what sport for weight loss gives the best results.

Why did not you manage to lose weight?

Everyone who has not managed to lose weight due to training, make the same mistakes:

  1. Preservation of previous eating habits. Even the most effective training program will not give the desired result, if not to deny yourself food. This is not an appeal to sit down on a hard diet, but you will still have to adjust your diet.An obligatory condition for weight loss is a caloric deficit, that is, their costs should exceed consumption. To create a deficit it is often enough to replace simple carbohydrates (refined sweets, baked goods) with complex ones (cereals, vegetables, fruits, whole grains). To go to the other extreme and there is very little and rarely too it is impossible. The body perceives this as a signal of hungry times and begins sports to do to lose weight to slow down the metabolism to create fat reserves for the future. The problem is solved often (up to 6 times a day), but small in volume meals. This provides a run on the treadmill correctly deficit of calories and only contributes to the acceleration of metabolism.
  2. Absence of a system. The result can only be obtained from regular training. Better 3-4 short sessions per week than one exhausting workout at the weekend, from which you will only get physical exhaustion.
  3. Fanaticism. This concerns enthusiastic newcomers who have a habit of dramatically changing their lives from Monday. They at once refuse all harmful products and visit the gym 5-6 times a week. But enthusiasm has a property with time to fade, and the rule “the more, the better” in the sport does not work. As a result, an ardent fan of HLS is very quickly disappointed, and then tells everyone about the inefficiency of training.

The key to success in losing weight is a gradual change in habits in a comfortable pace for yourself. The training and nutrition regime for each type of physical activity is built up. We will consider the most effective of them in terms of losing weight.

lose weight

Cardio Workout

Cardio is the classic for losing weight. Running, walking, bicycling, aerobics and other types of active, accelerating the heartbeat of the load will allow you to spend a maximum of calories with minimal time costs. Other advantages of cardio training include:

  • healing effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • Fresh air, the location on which involves a large part of cardio-loads;
  • Availability, as you can do it yourself and without additional equipment.

But if your goal is to lose weight, and not just to train your heart and tighten your muscles a little, you need to deal with cardio in consideration of many nuances.

  1. The optimal duration of training is 40-50 minutes. During an aerobic exercise, the body draws energy from fat stores, but it does not happen from the first minute of training. To make the fat “go to use”, glycogen reserves from the muscles and liver must be used for a start, and this takes about 20 minutes. If you were engaged only 20 minutes, then  on the amount of fat tissue such training will not affect. But even more than 60 minutes of training, too, is not worth it, because after this time the body begins to use muscle tissue instead of fat.
  2. Correct alternation of loads and rest. Cardiovascular better to spend as often as possible, and if the body manages to recover, then even daily. Unlike the power loads, rest after which continues to stimulate the metabolism, aerobic exercise burns fat and speeds up metabolism only directly during the session.
  3. Heart rate control. For effective fat burning, high loads are not needed. If you run fast, then actively train your heart and stamina. But the occupation at the limit of its capabilities can not last long, and, perhaps, you will not even reach the phase of fat burning. A good pace for losing weight can be calculated by the pulse. It should be 60-70% of the maximum mark, for the calculation of which you need from 220 to take away the number of your full years.
  4. Food. Forget about classes on an empty stomach. If you want not just to quickly get rid of excess fat, but also to find a sports body, then for 30-60 minutes before training you need to eat something light, combining complex carbohydrates and proteins. The first will provide you with energy for a long training, and the second will not allow the muscles to break up together with the fat tissue. After loads for about 45 minutes, it’s better not to eat anything. Then, if it’s a day, you can eat something from carbohydrates to replenish energy, and in the evening it is necessary to confine yourself to protein foods in combination with vegetables.

cardio workout

Now let’s talk directly about the varieties of cardio loads.

Running or walking

With the help of running, you can quickly get in shape, as in one 40-minute workout at an average rate of about 500-600 calories, which for a slimming person is almost a third of the daily diet.

But if the weight is too large, start better with  walking at a fast pace. This will exclude an excessive load on the heart and joints, besides the beginning runner, it will be difficult to continue training recommended 40-50 minutes. The expenditure of calories during fast walking is approximately 200 kcal per hour. But this figure can be increased by 45% using the technique of Nordic walking using ski or specialized sticks.

Intensive group sessions

Fitness in groups is divided into many kinds – aerobics, shaping, tai-bo, bodyflex, etc. Combines them that all exercises are done with own weight or light dumbbells (up to 3 kg). Classes in the group under the supervision of the instructor will not allow you to feel sorry for yourself and relax before the time, so with regularity and parallel adjustment of nutrition, you get a guaranteed result in losing weight. However, such training carries a great shock load on the joints, so not everyone is useful.

sports to do to lose weight


Yoga and Pilates

Static stretching exercises will increase your flexibility, develop a little strength, teach you to relax, but this is not the best way to lose weight. The expenditure of   calories in such occupations is minimal, and they have no stimulating effect on metabolism.


Dance is the most fascinating version of cardio loads. You can choose any genre to your taste, but the most contributing to weight loss are:

  • Flamenco. Passionate Spanish dance, involving all muscle groups.
  • Belly dance. Perfectly pumps the press and helps remove fat from the thighs.
  • Irish step. By energy efficiency is not inferior to jumping rope or step aerobics.

Another plus – you can go to a couple of dances with your spouse, combining the sport with family pastime.

Power training

In the gym, you can not only build muscle mass, but also get rid of fat. It’s all about the training scheme. For fat burning, each exercise should be done 3-4 times with the maximum number of repetitions in each (20-25). Accordingly, the weight of the inventory must be chosen so that you can lift it at least 20 times.

power training

Another important condition is a minimum rest between approaches, not more than 1 minute. With such a training scheme, a girl can not be afraid to build muscles, since this approach is aimed solely at fat burning and drawing the relief of the musculature.

Classes at home

With a lack of time or money, you can go in for weight loss at home. In addition, it is almost the only real opportunity to come to form a woman in a decree. You can do absolutely free of charge, guided by video lessons from the Internet. And you can spend a little and buy small dumbbells (2-3 kg) or weighting agents, which will make home workouts more intense and diverse.

You need to train at least 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. Each lesson should include both cardio and strength. In the absence of simulators, a cardio load can be provided at the expense of a rope or jog in place, and if the house is multi-storey, burn the calories will help to  run along the stairs. Strength exercises should be as diverse as possible, directed at different muscle groups.

Do not need to swing the press for hours or make slopes to get rid of the stomach and sides. Local fat burning does not exist, this process occurs evenly on all parts of the body.

Whichever sport you choose for weight loss, the main thing is to enjoy the process itself, because on one willpower you will not last long. A guaranteed and long-term result can be obtained with moderate, but regular training, and only under the condition of changing eating habits.

Secrets of a healthy nutrition

Secrets of a healthy nutrition

Health and nutrition, is an integral part of the system HLS man, and of course, there are some secrets that will allow to raise the status of the body to a higher, productive, a new level of quality of life.

The correct diet and awareness of all the useful elements contained in the products will be incredibly useful for each of us. We can prevent diseases and diseases by using the most powerful medicine – food.

Competently chosen diet, the right approach to nutrition, is the key to losing excess weight, a set of muscle mass or at all can act as a prophylaxis / treatment for many diseases associated with suppression of normal gastric microflora (gastritis, ulcer, dysbiosis).

Secrets of proper nutrition

Read below, with our 8- secrets of proper nutrition, which will help you improve your health, lose weight, get rid of diseases and extend your life.

Increase the intake of quality proteins

Proteins are an integral part of any diet, these nutrients are mainly found in animal and vegetable products and play an important role in the functioning of our body. Here are just some of their functions:

  • help build new muscle cells that make up the musculature
  • proteins enter the structure of nails, hair, connective tissue
  • are enzymes of many biochemical reactions in the body
  • impart strength to bone and cartilaginous tissue
  • responsible for clotting of blood, forming a clot, if damaged

For example, albumen proteins, detoxify toxins, poisonous substances that have entered the human body.

Red fish, meat, eggs, chicken breast, walnut, kidney beans, chickpeas, cheese, milk
Red fish, meat, eggs, chicken breast, walnut, kidney beans, chickpeas, cheese, milk

However, not all proteins of lonely are valuable to the body. A person should try to consume foods that contain proteins of high biological value (BC), because they are rich in essential amino acids, which are easily digested and absorbed by the body, above all:

  • Seafood
  • Chicken Eggs
  • A fish
  • Milk whey, kefir, yogurt, casein
  • Chicken breast

Unfortunately, vegetable proteins have a low biological value, but among them, beans, peas and buckwheat are the leaders, whose BC is about 65%, digestibility is 80%, protein is 20%.

For example, dietary (low-calorie) protein high BC is used to build muscle mass, maintain the body in tone, especially popular among athletes are protein, low-calorie cocktails.

Though disputes among scientists still do not abate, but approximate figures of the daily norm of whey protein per kg of body weight can be announced:

  • For people with sedentary lifestyles – 1.5 g / kg
  • For sportsmen of active sports – 2 g / kg
  • For athletes of power sports – 2-2.5 gr / kg

If you just started exercising, your body will start to digest proteins faster, and therefore 1.5 grams of protein will not be enough. But if you dramatically change the diet and increase the amount of protein in food, for example, up to 6 grams per kilogram of body weight, then the body will start to convert excess protein into sugar (gluconeogenesis), and this process can cause you obesity (especially if you are endomorph) as well as there will be a need to additionally display an increased amount of nitrogen waste, which naturally will not affect the better for the kidneys. Therefore, adhere to the always reasonable limits of protein intake per kg of body weight.

Therefore, when moving to a sporting lifestyle, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of digestible proteins, and then for a while back to 1.5 grams per kilogram of weight. As a result, the body will begin to more effectively absorb protein, amino acids.

Mussels, shrimps, crab and greens
Mussels, shrimps, crab and greens

Provide the body with complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are responsible for the taste of food, as well as for energy in the body, besides they help maintain immunity. They are found in cereals, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Every day it is recommended to eat 8-24 gr. per kilogram of weight. Studies conducted in the last 30 years related to the diet and the body’s response to glucose have completely changed the carbohydrate classification system.

In the course of these studies, a glycemic index (GI) was developed that shows the level of influence of products with carbohydrate content on blood glucose level. With it, you can measure the rate of digestion of carbohydrates – and the higher the GI of a product, the faster the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood will rise after it is consumed. Therefore, those people who want to lose weight should strive to consume foods with a low glycemic index, this approach to nutrition will allow you to spend the maximum amount of calories, due to the fact that carbohydrates will saturate blood gradually, rather than quickly, as in the case of fast carbohydrates.

Potatoes, macaroni, cereals, legumes
Potatoes, macaroni, cereals, legumes

Include in the diet superfoods

In the food industry, they are called ” functional products”. It’s about products that not only contain important nutrients, but also have additional functions (like health promotion or disease prevention). They are often referred to in the media as products that can fight various diseases. Examples of such superfoods:

  • A tomato
  • Blueberries
  • Beans
  • Walnut
  • Pumpkin
  • Salmon
  • Oatmeal
  • Broccoli
  • Orange
  • Spinach
  • Soybean
  • Tea
  • Yogurt
  • Honey

All of them rightfully deserve to be called superfoods, each of them has a beneficial effect on the body:

  • Strengthen immunity
  • Deduce toxins from the body
  • Gives high biological value
  • Allocate the body, useful (good) calories

In the US, it is forbidden to label the food with a superfood if it has not passed the relevant studies, and has not proved useful.

Do not see! Superfoods are not only products made in conditions of ideal ecology, far from highways and plants, they are also just useful products that have a healing effect on the human body.

Legumes, cashews, pumpkin seeds, berries
Legumes, cashews, pumpkin seeds, berries

Increase the intake of vitamins and minerals

As a rule, in any balanced diet contains the right amount of vitamins and minerals consumed. Nevertheless, in some cases, particular attention should be given to a particular vitamin or group of minerals.

We offer you to get acquainted with our table of vitamins, in order to know your daily requirement, dosage, and what can be a deficit in the body of a vitamin.

Try to consume vitamins from natural products (fruits, vegetables, greens, fish, milk, beekeeping products), if for any reason, it is difficult to buy on a regular basis, use multivitamin complexes that are already balanced in terms of quantity.

The average person, quite enough vitamins and minerals from ordinary, natural products, but if you are actively involved in sports, or you have very hard / harmful work, then you will be advisable to buy additional vitamins in the pharmacy / online store.

The main task of vitamins and minerals is to maintain a complex healthy state of the body. Any deviations in health, colds, joint pains, breaches of the integrity of the skin, an occasion to review your diet, in favor of increasing the consumption of micro and macro elements.

Fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, orange, kiwi, corn, carrots, pears, strawberries)
Fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, orange, kiwi, corn, carrots, pears, strawberries)

Brew medicinal herbs

Recently, among those who maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially popular are herbs such as echinacea, ginkgo and St. John’s Wort. They help prolong life, protecting against colds and stress, and also significantly increase the concentration of attention.

Any herbs that a person uses, have less or more biological activity. In addition to the aforementioned herbs, they also showed themselves well:

  • Mint (used to treat the liver and gallbladder, improves the digestive system, increases appetite, has a diuretic effect, relieves itching and redness of the skin)
  • Sage (treats digestive diseases, eliminates problems with the liver and kidneys, has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect)
  • Mellis (especially useful to women, treats hormonal disorders, reduces inflammation, fights against toxemia here is the time of pregnancy, relieves the soreness of menstruation)
  • Chamomile (a universal remedy, antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, often used to treat the genitourinary system)
  • Motherwort (helps strengthen the heart, has a light vasodilator and diuretic action, soothes the nervous system, removes toxins from the body, fights skin diseases)
  • Tarhun (normalizes blood pressure, removes inflammatory processes, strengthens immunity, removes worms)
  • Verbena (normalizes metabolism, has antipyretic, restorative and tonic effect, helps fight with ulcer, rash, scabies, acne and other skin diseases, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood)
  • Stevia (sweet taste makes it indispensable in the diet of all diabetics, so it is used for the treatment of diabetes, also successfully used in the fight against digestive disorders, oncological and fungal diseases)
  • Thyme (has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect, is used to treat cough, because of its expectorant capacity, and also to combat bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, mycosis, chlorosis, prostatitis and rheumatism)
  • Ivan-tea (has a soothing, antimicrobial, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect, it helps to overcome migraine, headache, insomnia, heal mucous membranes of the stomach, relieve food poisoning, and also is used in the fight against colds, periodontosis in the first stage and in disorders of sexual function in men)
  • Wormwood (useful properties due to anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic effect, it improves digestion, normalizes the nervous system, treats rheumatism, bronchial asthma, ulcers, eczema, gastritis and burns, effectively fights against fungal diseases)

Beneficial effect of herbs on the human body (baths, lotions, decoctions, tinctures), helps to fight many ailments and diseases, avoiding traditional treatment with pills and injections.

Dried useful herbs (chamomile, wormwood, St. John's wort, dandelion)
Dried useful herbs (chamomile, wormwood, St. John’s wort, dandelion)

Use food additives

Many people often think about the benefits of modern nutritional supplements, and there are several reasons for this. First of all, some doubt that the products of natural origin contain the necessary amount of nutrients, and therefore they are not sure that even the most balanced diet will give them the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

As you know, manufacturers of food additives spend huge money on advertising, but it is important to understand that not all such additives produce a real effect – there is a high probability of encountering an expensive “pacifier” that will not bring anything but an empty purse and side effects.

Food additives (powders and capsules)
Food additives (powders and capsules)

How to choose food additives?

We advise you to include in the diet only those food supplements, on the packaging of which the number of active ingredients is specified in detail. And remember that “natural” does not mean “safe”, because some of the additives, especially on the basis of herbs (for example, tribulus terrestris, geranium) have rather unpleasant side effects. If you have serious illnesses, then you need to consult a doctor who will help you to make a balanced diet and write biologically active supplements just for you.

We also do not recommend that pregnant and lactating mothers take supplements themselves that have not been approved by their treating physicians.

Among the supplements, the most popular following types of sports nutrition:

  • Protein (supplies the body with high-quality protein, helps to bring muscles into tone)
  • Creatine (supplement recommended by all vegetarian, gives explosive strength and relief to muscles)
  • BCAA amino acids (accelerate the recovery of the body, prevent muscle catabolism)
  • Gainer (a protein-carbohydrate mixture, supplies the body with energy, provides a surplus of calories in the body, is useful to people who are hard to gain weight)
  • Testosterone boosters (increase the production of their own testosterone, recommended to all men who have problems with potency)

A person who does not exercise, has a sedentary lifestyle, or is inactive, these supplements are not needed in principle, all the necessary nutrients can be obtained from regular meals, except for one, if you eat poorly, you do not have time to prepare yourself a healthy food, in this case we recommend you buy protein and if you are prone to leanness yet geyner.

As a bonus, on many jars of sports nutrition, on the label, in addition to the main active substance, very often write the presence of vitamins and minerals, that is, past the main effect, you vitaminize and mineralize your body, which can not but rejoice.

Creatine monohydrate powder
Creatine monohydrate powder

Eat only “good” fats

They will help you improve your well-being and stay in shape. Experts in the field of nutrition agree that fats are extremely necessary for the body. If you want to have a fast metabolismand clean skin, then you can not do without fats. “Good” fats are found in fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel), nuts (almonds, walnuts), flax seeds, avocado fruits, cold pressed oils, chicken eggs.

Try to avoid saturated and trans fats, as this can lead to metabolic disorders, accumulation of toxins and increased levels of harmful cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) in the body and, as a consequence, blockage of blood vessels.

Foods rich in harmful (trance and saturated fats):

  • hydrogenated fat
  • palm oil
  • fried food
  • culinary fat
  • mayonnaise
  • ketchup
  • margarine
  • chips
  • fast food

Many people are aware of the harm of these products and are constantly working on their quality, so pay attention to the labels on the back of the package on which you should write “does not contain preservatives, is made from natural products”, or simply read the composition, usually such useful products slightly higher in value than their “pests” brethren.

The problem of all people, especially the younger generation, which only just begins to live, is that they do not feel the harm of food that must be avoided in their diet, due to the fact that this negative effect on the body is not lightning fast, and not even fast, but slow, gradual in nature (alcohol and nicotine act on the same principle, gradually destroying human health, so people do not understand why they should stop drinking or smoking when they are “healthy”, but they refuse everything because they refuse drugs, because know if you “sit down” in 3-5 yearsyou will lie in the grave, so in society they are not accustomed to unlike nicotine or ethyl alcohol), the vessels become clogged for 20-30 years of malnutrition, cholesterol is deposited on the walls, clogging them, and as a result, a person dying to 50-60 years old dies from heart failure, stroke, heart attack (according to statistics, on average 30% of the world’s population die from cardiovascular disease). Draw conclusions, take care of your health from youth.

Unsaturated fats in food (fish, avocado, chicken eggs, olives, almonds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts)
Unsaturated fats in food (fish, avocado, chicken eggs, olives, almonds, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts)

Diversify your diet

For the prevention of most diseases (including heart disease and cancer), it is recommended to diversify your diet to the maximum, so that the body receives a rich mixture of nutrients and minerals. Try to buy as many different fruits and vegetables as possible.

Try once a month to completely change your diet. Eat one apple each day, because the pectin contained in apples cleanses the digestive system, removing toxins from it, which reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases, and do not forget about bananas, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals (especially potassium 358 mg) that naturally normalize blood pressure, relieve muscle cramps, constipation, arrhythmia, maintain acid-base balance, prevent the appearance of edema.

The main task of any healthy diet is a balance, that is, you must receive all the necessary macro, trace elements, as well as useful fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the amount you need, according to your daily intake.

To diversify your diet means to change the habitual image of a monotonous menu, to a more refined menu. If you already eat, properly, healthy and balanced, and feel that the products are already beginning to “become boring”, just change them to similar ones, for example, from one type of fish to another, squid with shrimps or crab, replace the kiwi with kiwi, orange juice pineapple and so on, all these factors form the basis of a healthy human diet.

These secrets on nutrition, pursue the goal of maximizing the popularization of a healthy lifestyle of the population, which implies a rejection of bad habits, adherence to proper and healthy nutrition and regular exercise of sports loads.

Secrets for a healthy lifestyle:

How to choose a gym?

How to choose a gym?

Someone before, someone later, comes to the idea that it’s time to start practicing yourself, lose weight, pull up the figure, pump up the muscles, and then the main question arises, how to choose a future gym that will allow you to engage in fitness or bodybuilding.

At the first stage, when the idea to go to the gym was ripe, it is necessary to decide on the choice, because there are many fitness centers in almost every city, and among all this diversity you need to choose only one that will meet all your criteria in order for the training to take place comfortable and effective.

Choosing the right gym

Before, finally stopping your choice on a specific gym, we recommend that you get acquainted with our tips and recommendations that will help you spend your financial resources and time more effectively to achieve a beautiful, athletic figure.

The purpose of the gym

Not all fitness centers are equipped with the necessary equipment for carrying out full-fledged strength training, some have mostly treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipsoids (such gyms are “sharpened” for aerobic training, that is, to lose weight, lose weight), others, have a lot of collapsible dumbbells and bars, a platform, various vultures, a lot of pancakes and bars under the bar (that is, the inventory involves explicit increases in strength and muscle growth).

The first option is more suitable if your task is to burn fat, the second option is suitable for those people who want to build muscle, pump up, so based on the equipment available in the gym, you can already make a conclusion whether it is worth visiting it or not.

To find out what kind of equipment is most likely to be in one or another gym, it’s enough at the entrance, ask for a tour around the hall from the administrator or a fitness trainer, or find their group on social networks (instagram, facebook), in which probably there will be a photo of the hall and the inventory, which is there).

A muscular athlete with a bare torso stands in a slant with a dumbbell in the gym
A muscular athlete with a bare torso stands in a slant with a dumbbell in the gym

The cost of the subscription to the gym

In many cities, it has long been practiced to sell, not only a monthly but also an annualsubscription, the cost of which can be completely different, and everything will depend on the status, name, location of the gym, and of course on the presence / absence of this or that training equipment, the area of ​​the premises, various free / paid services (swimming pool, massage, solarium, sauna).

As a rule, people who have a high enough income who are willing to pay a small amount for comfort, go to expensive, premium, VIP fitness centers, all the rest are satisfied with the average and low quality of the hall. But sometimes, it even helps to tune in to the training, immerse in the working atmosphere of the gym, plunge into the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “basement rockers.”

Therefore, if your financial resources do not allow you to visit expensive fitness centers, find economy class rooms, do it simply, thanks for example to the notorious 2gis program, specify your city, and in the search type “gyms”, in the window that appears, which are in your city, indicating the phone, the schedule of work, the cost of the subscription, photos and reviews, it is very convenient and simple.

The leading positions of VIP or premium class are occupied by WorldClass, the cost of a monthly subscription in such a gym is usually $ 100-150, as for the economy class.

Money (dollars) and dumbbell on a dark background
Money (dollars) and dumbbell on a dark background

Schedule (mode) of the work of the gym

One of the most important criteria for choosing a gym is its mode of operation, because sometimes the main work activity ends very late, and the halls that work until 21:00, have to “weed out”. The same applies to gyms that start opening at 9-00, they obviously will not suit people who are used to training in the morning, before the main job.

Strength training  2-3 times a week, for 30-45 minutes (many are still in this mode of training, because they do not want to change the usual gym with an inconvenient work schedule for them), almost to nothing, except for an empty purse and empty Spending time will not result, due to the fact that you will not have enough time to fully implement all the repetitions with the observance of the rest time between the approaches.

Hurrying to perform the exercises, for a short period of time, until the gym is closed, you can not arbitrarily cause yourself and other  trauma, and it is natural not to talk about the concentration of attention to the technique of performance in such a fast mode of the training process.

Therefore, if you want to successfully combine time work and a gym, try to find 24-hour (in small and medium-sized cities, there are almost none) or a hall that meets your working day requirements, for example, from 7-00 to 23-00.

Time for fitness
Time for fitness

Other points that should be considered when choosing a gym:

  • Is there a fitness instructor in the gym (a competent coach will be able to suggest the technique of performing exercises, give advice and recommendations on healthy nutrition and the plan for training)
  • How often the room is ventilated, whether there are conditioners, is especially actual in the summer (in conditions of heat, lack of oxygen, it is much harder to train, there is shortness of breath)
  • Location from home / work, the closer the room, the easier and faster it is possible to get, and hence fully exercise
  • Does the music play, if it plays what, sometimes it is better to take your mp3 player
  • How good is lighting, in poor lighting, eyesight deteriorates, you can accidentally injure yourself or others
  • The area of ​​the room (in a small and narrow hall, oxygen is less, simulators, dumbbells, barbells are constantly occupied)

As a rule, in expensive halls, absolutely everything is done for comfortable and pleasant workouts, starting with a shower room, in which there are already all soap supplies, ending with free protein-carbohydrate cocktails, which are so necessary for the athlete to recoverfrom training.

Fitness girl drinks from a shaker water in the gym
Fitness girl drinks from a shaker water in the gym

And the last thing I would like to draw your attention to is directly on the trip to the gym, some having read this article, they will not go anywhere, find an excuse, there is no time, I’m too thin or fat, I’m ashamed and so, through all these, the “test” were almost all successful fitness models and bodybuilders, all were once very weak, thin, with a flat booty and thin arms, but they all found the strength to go train, overcome themselves. This question only concerns your motivation, how much you need it all.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in 15 years, it was the usual skinny young man, and how he became thanks to heavy training in the gym and rigid internal discipline, which he was betrayed, and that led him to success in almost all areas, not just in the bodybuilding.

Following our advice, choose a gym for yourself, find yourself a training program, learn the technique of doing exercises, get to know the proper nutrition when playing sports, and follow your ideal athletic figure.

Watch the video: How to choose the right gym?

Safety in the gym

Safety in the gym

To date, the fitness industry is experiencing a peak in its development, now it has become fashionable to go to the gym, but very many people do not even think about safety in it, thereby exposing their health to dangers, and the elementary ridicule of an athlete with “experience”.

Surely you saw in YouTube, funny videos dedicated to fitness rooms, where a certain athlete gets up with something incredible with a barbell, dumbbells or simulators, or maybe you did not even understand this, because you yourself do not know how to behave properly in the gym what is allowed and what not to do, how to exploit a particular trainer, what clothes should be on you when engaging with the weights.

But most importantly, this is your health, which no one except yourself will take care of, therefore, to observe safety techniques, first of all, is necessary in order not to harm your body, joints, ligaments, tendons, and not to injure others.

Safety in the gym

Safety in the gym is needed not only for novices
Safety in the gym is needed not only for novices

And now we will pass to the general moments of safety at finding in an exercise room:

  1. You should not smell badly, take a deodorant, shampoo, towel, slippers for a shower.
  2. A person consists of 70% water, so it’s extremely important to have a bottle of clean water(0.5-1.5 liters), otherwise dehydration will begin, the blood will thicken, the heart will beat more often, the water-salt balance will also be violated, due to this breaks the neuromuscular connection, because of what, you simply will not have the strength to continue to engage in further.
  3. Clothes should be clean, not torn, and comfortable, during exercise, there should be no discomfort, clothes should not restrain movement, do not wear synthetic clothing, the skin should breathe. For classes, it’s best to use shorts that are tight or loose, someone prefers, top up a shirt or t-shirt, but not a warm jacket. Girls, we recommend, specially designed for training in the gym clothes: for the bottom – leggings, breeches, trousers, shorts, for the top – a shirt, T-shirt, sconces, you can buy in any sports shop, for example, in a sportsmaster.
  4. Use, sneakers, sneakers in the gym, but not slippers (slates). Already many athletes have suffered from slippers, they are slippery, the ankle does not fix, as a result, the joint walks, all this leads inevitably to injury. Shoes, as well as clothes, it is better to buy in a sports store, and not in the market, where it is worse in quality.
  5. Do not cling thoughtlessly in the gym for anything, find a fitness instructor, ask him to draw up a training plan, ask him to show the technique of performing the exercises you are interested in.
  6. Do not forget to disassemble the bar correctly, you should not take more than 1-2 pancakes from one side of the neck, otherwise there will be a preponderance, and you or others are injured.
  7. Do not disturb others in the gym, first of all, this is: when a person does the exercise, do not approach and do not ask “how much you still”, as soon as the occupant has finished the approach, ask, in addition, do not “hover” before your eyes, and in the background, while the athletes are approaching, this is very distracting, does not allow you to fully concentrate on doing the exercise.
  8. Before training, always perform a warm-up, if necessary, use warming ointments. Cold muscles and ligaments, very easily injured when loaded. The warm-up in the gym should not only be before the beginnings of all exercises, but also before the beginning of the basic (working) approach in the exercise, that is, if you perform bench press lying on a horizontal bench, 4 sets of 8 times with a weight of 80 kg, then the warm-up will look like this: 1х15 – empty neck, 1х12 – 40 kg, 1х10 – 50 kg, 1х8 – 60 kg, 1х6 – 70 kg, working approaches 4х8 – 80 kg.

Read also: How to choose a gym?

The girl performs a horizontal pull in the block simulator
The girl performs a horizontal pull in the block simulator

Do not forget about the hitch, the stretching of the muscles after training helps to restore them as soon as possible, also increases the muscle strength and growth potential (the more the muscle stretches, the more it contracts, which means that the greater the training effect will be from the exercise).

We draw your attention to the warm-up, the hitching, this is what so many, and beginners and even experienced athletes neglect in the gym, thereby subjecting their musculoskeletal system, muscles to various injuries, ranging from stretching the muscle fibers, ending with a complete detachment of the tendon.

Rules of training in the gym

  1. According to the old good tradition, in the gym, one should not step over the barbell, such a lunge can be perceived as “rolling”, as a gesture of disrespect.
  2. The gym is a public place, respect yourself and others, behave with dignity, do not make noise, do not talk too loudly
  3. Having started independent studies on the simulator, pay attention to the correctness of the technique of execution, you can learn it from the coach, or from a more experienced athlete, and also in our section of the exercise. Otherwise, the likelihood of injury is great, despite the fact that modern fitness equipment of the halls, compared to the “rusty iron” rockers of the 90s is quite safe.
  4. After completing the exercise, you should disassemble the projectile (remove the pancakes hung on the simulator / bar if they were used, put dumbbells / weights in place).
  5. When you visit the gym, you may encounter one quite popular problem for all the people of trainers and free weights can not miss, so you need to ask, busy or not busy or that the simulator, especially racks over the bar. Otherwise, if you wander randomly, without asking permission, to take / disassemble fitness equipment, there will be complete confusion and conflicts.
Girls cute chatting while doing exercise in the gym
Girls cute chatting while doing exercise in the gym

How to start a newbie in the gym?

Strength training of beginners in the gym, full of mistakes and troubles, which can entail injury and zero result. Therefore, you need to properly approach your training process.

Below are some guidelines that will help you understand how to start building your workouts in the gym:

  1. Find yourself a training program with a detailed description, which will clearly describe the recommendations for the choice of working weight on the bar, relaxation between the approaches and the duration of the training, of course, based on its purpose (mass gain, muscle drying, increased strength endurance, strength increase, weight loss, increase in aerobic endurance)
  2. Learn the technique of performing exercises that occur in the chosen training program
  3. Adjust your meal plan, in favor of increasing / decreasing caloric content, and in choosing the right, healthy foods that form the basis of a healthy diet
  4. Purchase a sports bag with which you will go to the gym, it must be clean water, change clothes and shoes, optional soap supplies / sports nutrition / bandages / warming-up ointment.
  5. Any training should start with a warm-up (performing an exercise with a very light weight for you, jogging, mahi and slopes), in order to avoid injury during training.

On this list of basic safety requirements and rules of staying in the gym ends.

Strength training in bodybuilding

Strength training in bodybuilding

In the article an example is considered, an effective strenght training program in bodybuilding, supported by theoretical knowledge. This approach to training, it will be possible to apply for any power sport. In addition, we will also answer questions about how the muscles work, where the energy of muscle contractions comes from, what is the benefit and harm of the strength training that is before and after the trip to the gym.

Under strength training, it is customary to understand training with weights (weights) in the gym, the main purpose of which is to increase the overall strength, strength endurance, explosive power, and of course build muscle.

Strength training will vary for all sports. So, for example, in bodybuilding, where the main goal is to build muscle, the training will focus mainly on strength endurance, for powerlifting, the training will be aimed at increasing the explosive force in one repetition, for arm wrestlers, the workouts will be aimed at increasing static muscle strength, for other species sports, for example swimming, strength training will develop a specific strength (for example, the power of a stroke). Anyway, the goal of any strength training, any kind of sport, is to develop the strength of the muscles.

In order to understand how strength training works on the athlete’s body, it is necessary to understand what forces muscle strength to grow, how it is given to training. We will not go far into biochemical processes, because this information will not be of practical use for you.

Due to what muscles contract?

From the article, how muscles work, you could know that the main energy supplier for skeletal muscles is ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which when released releases energy. But the reserves in ATP muscles are very small, literally enough for 2-3 seconds of work, therefore, ATF must be constantly, from where you take it. The ways of ATP recovery in the body are different, and they are not the same for different sports. We are interested only in the way of synthesis of ATP, which occurs in power sports. So, for example, with the maximum muscle tension, within 10-20 seconds, energy supply occurs due to the use of creatine phosphate, with a longer load, 1-2 minutes, another source of energy is connected for muscle contraction –anaerobic glycolysis (without oxygen), resulting in the release of energy + lactic acid.

Read the article about safety in the gym.

Strength training
Strength training

Thus, strength training consumes mainly creatine phosphate and glycogen (carbohydrates).

Below we summarize the simplest formulas for better information perception.

ATP cleavage

  • ATP => ADP + F (phosphate) + free energy;

But ATP in the muscles is very small, so you need to constantly restore to supply them with energy:

At maximum loads (10-20 seconds):

  • ATP => ADP + F + free energy
  • Creatine phosphate + ADP => creatine + ATP

Creatine phosphate is a form of creatine storage in the muscles.

That is, creatine phosphate, restoring ATP, due to the transfer of the phosphoric group ADP.

With longer training (1-2 minutes):

Complex carbohydrates, in the form of glucose molecules connected to each other in a chain, come to us in the bloodstream with food, supplying our muscles with energy, as soon as glucose becomes much, the body begins to save excess carbohydrates in muscles and liver in the form of glycogen.

In force training, the anoxic route (anaerobic glycolysis) of the cleavage of glycogen is used.

The process of anaerobic glycolysis can be expressed as follows:

  • glycogen or glucose + F + ADP => lactate (lactic acid) + ATP

Thus, the energy is supplied to the body in strength training.

In aerobic training (running, swimming, bicycling, walking), energy supply of muscles occurs due to aerobic processes:

  • glycogen, glucose, fatty acids + Ф + О2 => СО2 + Н2O + АТФ

Now you need to understand why aerobic workouts help burn fat, and anaerobic workouts (power) help build muscle.


The bodybuilder does the exercise: lifting the bar to the bicep standing
The bodybuilder does the exercise: lifting the bar to the bicep standing

Depending on your level of fitness, the consumption, the supply of glycogen and creatine phosphate is different. For example, professional athletes have not only large reserves of creatine and glycogen in muscles, but also a low consumption of these substances. Therefore, such athletes can more intensively and longer train, showing high power indicators, in contrast to a beginner or an untrained person.

Example of strength training (bodybuilding)

For an example of strength training, we give an example of a training program that is used in bodybuilding, for building muscle mass:


  • Squats with a bar 3х10
  • Bending of legs sitting 4х8
  • Bench press bar 4х8
  • Press of dumbbells lying 3х10
  • Rises on socks sitting 4х12
  • Rises in the legs 4×12


  • Deadlift 3×12
  • Hyperextension (with burdening) 4х12
  • Pressing rod sitting 4х8
  • French bench press 3х12
  • Lifting the bar to the biceps standing 4х8
  • Twisting 2х50


  • Squats with a bar 4×8
  • Leg extension 3х12
  • Bench press bar 3х10
  • Dumbbell cultivation lying 4х8
  • Press to the bottom in the block simulator 3х12
  • The climbing of the knees in the 4×12 horn

The first figure approaches, the second is the repetition. Weight should be commensurable with your real strength. As you train, gradually increase the working weight, while maintaining the number of approaches and repetitions.

This program of training for bodybuilding is universal, suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. For professionals, that is, athletes who have a long workout experience (5 or more years), as well as a high level of training, apply various training programs that involve 5 trainings per week, with the development of each muscle on a separate day ( split training).

Exercise of dumbbell presses on a horizontal bench with an insurer
Exercise of dumbbell presses on a horizontal bench with an insurer

Please note, this program is primarily for building muscle mass, you should not use it to increase strength, if your level of training is significant (in this case, training programs are used to draw strength indicators – for powerlifters ).

When exercising, always pay attention to well-being, listen to your body. If there is no desire to exercise, the workers’ weights fall, there is no appetite, constant pains in the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscle cramps, and so on, this is a sure sign of the athlete’s overtraining, which requires immediate adjustment of your training programs, nutrition, recovery – remember this always!

Benefit and harm of strength training

Strength training (anaerobic), at home, or in the gym, is significantly different from aerobic, starting with the principle of energy supply to the muscles (above mentioned), ending with traumas that can be obtained. But, strength training, can give something that aerobic training can not give, so without strength training an amateur athlete, an experienced athlete can not do. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of such training.

Benefits of strength training

If you do everything in moderation, do not load your body with extreme loads in the gym, engage in “your pleasure”, then such training will have a favorable effect on your well-being, strengthen the immune system, the musculoskeletal apparatus, in addition, becoming stronger, your confidence in itself, in its power will increase, with each training.

The realization that you are doing something that others can not, do not want to be lazy, you will bring pleasant thoughts, thoughts of a strong person.

As for the body, reasonable, power loads will bring you the following advantages:

  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system
  • increased metabolism
  • the growth of muscle mass and strength
  • increase in the production of testosterone, growth hormone, as a result your libido will increase, the body rejuvenates
  • increase the strength of ligaments, tendons, muscular apparatus (you already without fear to tear your back awake to lift everything heavy if necessary)

Immediately dispel the myth, that training in the gym, strength training, makes girls masculine. No girl, can not pump large muscles in the gym, from weight training, because for this it is necessary to prune hormonal drugs, steroids. Maximum girls will be able to support their muscles in a tone, round, elasticize the buttocks, you can read more about women’s training.

Exercise a concentrated lifting dumbbell on the bicep
Exercise a concentrated lifting dumbbell on the bicep

Harm (disadvantages) of strength training

Strength training with improper training, as well as with crazy loads, which are often experienced by advanced and professional athletes, can stimulate the growth of muscle mass and strength, can sometimes bear irreparable harm to health (in extreme cases), in all other cases, any strength training, will bring a person health improvement.

Incorrect technique of performing exercises, not restoring the body after exercise, lack of proper nutrition, the main reasons for getting any injuries on strength training. To fix this, you just need to get acquainted with our site in more detail, consult with a competent coach.

The following disadvantages of strength training, will relate more to professional sports, which implies very large loads on the body, leading it to exhaustion.

  • wear, hypertrophy of the heart muscle
  • torn muscles, ligaments, tendons, various injuries of the spine

On this list ends, of course athletes do everything, so that this does not happen, they use sports nutrition, anabolic steroids, to recover properly.

What to eat after and before weight training

Proper nutrition, when exercising in the gym, is one of the main anabolic factors for the successful growth of muscle mass.

Before training, for 1-2 hours, densely for dinner / breakfast, especially if you are, decided to pump up muscles. In the event that your goal is to dry, lose fat, then according to scientific research, do it better on an empty stomach, that is, try not to eat anything. However, we do not recommend coming to training, with “crazy” appetites, with this approach, along with fat, you can lose precious kilograms of muscles. Therefore, the best option would be if your goal is fat burning – a light breakfast, for example, yogurt with a banana, and tea is not sweet.

Athletes who sit on the mass, tend to gain more muscle, recommended a high-calorie diet, throughout the “massonabor”. In this case, it is advisable to eat a high-calorie, nutritious food for 1 hour, for example, if the trainings take place in the morning, then an omelet with fish / meat and salad with greens, as well as a banana with yoghurt and nuts (walnuts) is quite suitable.

After training, it is necessary to make up the energy costs of the body, it is very simple, it is enough to drink a portion of protein-carbohydrate mixture (gainer), but do not get carried away if you are sloping to a set of excess weight.

Bodybuilder and outdoor refrigerator with food
Bodybuilder and outdoor refrigerator with food

More precisely, you gainer generally will be contraindicated, if you are a typical endomorph. A little bit of sweet water (juice), it will be quite enough after training, and even better quality BCAA amino acid bank (1-2 measuring spoons), which will protect the muscles from the processes of catabolism (destruction).

Try, after training, for 1-2 hours, to consume complex carbohydrates and proteins. For example, one of the best meals after a gym will look like the following products:

  • Brown rice.
  • Chicken breast.
  • Vegetable Salad.
  • Yogurt + nuts.
  • Fruit.
  • Juice.
  • Protein scoop.

The so-called protein-carbohydrate window, which must be “shut down” within 20 minutes after training, is nothing more than a myth (according to all the same modern scientific works), or rather, its importance is greatly exaggerated if you replenish the energy costs after not 20 minutes, and 40, or 120 minutes, nothing terrible will happen, the effectiveness of the training will not be reduced.

However, it should be remembered that after we trained, a powerful mechanism for the synthesis of new muscle cells was launched. So, in order for this “mechanism” to bear fruit, it is necessary to maintain its efficiency by constantly infusing it with “fuel” in the form of the right food products.

About how to properly gain weight, or to dry read in the relevant articles.

Strength training is ideal for people who want to become stronger and healthier. However, in our opinion, combining strength training with cardio training (running, swimming, skiing, walking, biking, etc.) will be better and more natural for the body, so you can develop strength, agility and endurance in various ways.

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