Trapezius workout: trap and shoulders vs trap and back?

Trapezius workout: trap and shoulders vs trap and back?

In this article, we will find out which trapezium muscle training is more effective for muscle growth: with the shoulders or with the back.

Trap And Shoulders Vs Trap And Back

The topic of this article is relevant and constantly discussed by professional athletes and trainers. It is discussed in any gym.

When it comes to training the muscles of the trapezoid, some people prefer to train them with shoulders, and others with back. Which method is more effective? There is no objective answer yet, but it’s still worth sorting out the problem.


The trapezius muscles are the superficial muscles of the upper back. They are attached to the spine, start from the occipital bone, reach the lower vertebrae and go to the side, to the shoulder blades. The main function of the trapezoid is to support the hands and provide movement of the shoulder blades.

The name trapezius muscles got due to its shape, which is very similar to trapezoid.


With a closer look at the trapezoid, they can be divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower. The upper part of the trapezoid, going from the neck to the side, to the clavicle, raises the shoulders.

The middle part, or transverse, of the trapezoid is involved in bringing the blades together. I bet you never thought that you were training a trapezoid while driving your shoulder blades while lying on a bench? The middle part of the trapezoid is located in the middle of the back and extends to the side, from the base of the neck to the edge of the scapular bone.

As for the bottom of the trapezoid, it is located between 4 and 12 processes of the spine, between the shoulder blades and under them, to the end of the spine. It becomes visible if you lower the shoulder blades down, keeping your arms straight.

Most believe that you need to develop only the top of the trapezoid, which is located at the top of the back. But trainers and doctors will say that the trapezius muscles must be fully and evenly developed, otherwise an imbalance that negatively affects posture may develop, which can later cause problems with the shoulder girdle.


Several exercises are aimed specifically at the development of the trapezoid region. The most popular of them is performed very simply: raising and lowering the shoulders, or shrugs with the shoulders.

Standing, arms extended along the body, in the hands of a burden, raise your shoulders up. Tighten your muscles and slowly lower your shoulders until you feel the trapezium stretch. Pretty simple, right? The most popular types of shrugs:

  • shrugs standing with a barbell in front of you,
  • shrugs standing with a barbell behind your back,
  • shrugs with dumbbells,
  • shrugs in Smith machine.


These exercises are not related to trapezoid training with shoulders or back, but will add variety to your training, as they are aimed at the development of trapeze. This is a “farmer’s walk”, craving for the face, horizontal pull-ups.

Farmer’s Walk: Take a burden that will be sensitive to your shoulders. The legs are slightly bent, the shoulder blades are flattened. Take short steps. During the steps you will feel the trapezium stretch. By the way, if you want to work out trapezes during cardio, then this exercise is great.

Upright cable row: put a rope tip on the horizontal cable machine. Stand right in front of the machine, grasp the edges of the rope with your hands. Move away from the simulator, holding the rope, to the distance of outstretched arms. Pull the rope to the chin, keeping your elbows as high as possible. Squeeze the trapezoid and rear deltas before releasing the rope. This exercise will also work great on your back deltas.

Horizontal pull-ups: set the bodybar or bar at a height at the waist level. Take a wide grip under the bodybar as if you are holding on to the horizontal bar. Keep your legs straight and lean on your heels. Stretch as high as possible, until your chest touches the bodybar, bringing the shoulder blades. Lower to the starting position and repeat. It trains the latissimus dorsi, rhomboid and posterior deltas.


The argument for training the trapezius with the back muscles is the fact that the trapezius muscles themselves are the large back muscles involved in supporting the spine.

Trapezium is involved in basic back exercises, such as deadlift rod on a hex bar, pull in a frame, pull rod in a slope.

Since the trapeziums work during these basic exercises, it makes sense to train them with your back.

Back workout pattern

Exercises Sets Repetitions
1. Deadlift 5 5
2. Incline rod pull 3 10-12
3. One hand dumbell lifts 3 10-12
4. Close grip lat pulldown 3 10-12
5. Draft of the lower block with straight arms 3 10-12
6. Shrugs  with a barbell 3 15



There are two arguments for training trap with shoulders. Professional weightlifters and trainers will tell you that the trap is so connected to the shoulder blades and involved in supporting their movement that they need to be trained together with the deltoid muscles.

In addition, the visible part of the trapezoid is located next to the shoulders. Nothing is more inspiring than a pair of broad rounded shoulders and embossed trapeziums resting on them from above.

Popular exercises for the shoulder girdle that load the muscles of the trapezium: pulling the bar to the chin with a wide grip, taking the bar to the chest from the hang, jerking and any other movements that require raising your arms above your shoulders. This training example shows how you can train your shoulders with an emphasis on trapeze.

Shoulder Workout Sample

Exercises Sets Repetitions
1. Barbell push 3 6, 4, 2
2. Barbell Front Raise 3 8-10
3. Side dumbbell lifts 3 10
4. Incline dumbbell front raise 3 10
5. Wide grip lat pulldown 3 15
6. Shrugs  with dumbbells 3 15
Plyometric exercises – explosive force and speed

Plyometric exercises – explosive force and speed

Plyometric exercises will help you develop explosive strength and speed, improve endurance, strengthen joints and ligaments, and diversify your workouts.

Plyometric exercises – explosive force and speed

The muscle mass is of little use if it is needed only for the sake of appearance, and not for functionality. Many athletes have been doing the same exercises over the years with barbells, dumbbells, and fitness equipment. This leads to results, and it’s wonderful. But let’s consider this issue from a psychological point of view: a person who has begun to seriously engage in regular exercise, eat properly and work on his physical form (gain muscle mass), probably thinks that he immediately became much better physically prepared than he was before. However, this is not quite true. And at that moment when he enters a football field or stadium, elementary muscle strain or damage to his ligaments will quickly return him to reality.

Muscles are used to a monotonous load in the gym, because you have not developed other qualities. Therefore, a little plyometric (jumping) exercises will only benefit you.

To complete the jumps you must already have a certain physical base. Proceed to them only when you understand how often you need to train. If you are still a beginner, this article is not for you. Listed below are a few basic plyometric exercises that will improve your functionality and make your muscles work in a new way.

Plyo Box Exercises: Box Jumps

Properly performed jumping on a pedestal is a great way to train your entire body. It loads your legs in an explosive manner, which does not give any other strength exercise, including even squats. There are a few simple rules that should be followed for safety.

  • Use the whole body: all muscle groups participate in the movement. This is the best way to learn to “explode.”
  • Gently land on the box: make sure not to fall on it from top to bottom. If your knees bend more when they land, than when you lift them off the ground, then the cabinet is too tall for you.
  • Take a step back from the box, not jump from it.
  • Imagine that each repetition is a separate set: there is no need to rush anywhere. Only the jump itself should be sharp in this exercise.

Plyometrics For Runners – Plyo Running

Changing the direction of movement when jumping will benefit your muscles. Classical exercises in the gym do not provide such an explosive dynamic load. Performing long jumps involves extension in the hip joint and the work of the muscles of the back of the leg, and also improves coordination and control over the flexion of the knee joints. When performing this exercise, consider the following rules. Try to fully extend the leg with which you push off, and raise the knee of the front leg as high as possible. Do not forget about the work of the hands. The more you wave your arms, the more comfortable the trajectory you are moving. At first, do not try to conquer long distances or jump too high. Focus on sharpness and technique. Touching the earth should occur in a split second. Try not to hold your foot on the ground for a long time so that the “rebound” is instant. Perform a maximum of 16 steps in one set.

Polymetrics: Side To Side Jumping

Side To Side Jumping

If, in addition to the gym, you are also interested in playing sports, jumping from foot to foot in the side is the skill that will come in handy. Few strength exercises use the same load vector, with which the knee ligaments are perfectly strengthened. Follow these guidelines. Before focusing on the jump distance, think about how you will land. Land softly, extinguish all inertia, keep an eye on balance. It is very good if you can land on one leg and you do not need to put the second on the floor for support. Help yourself with your hands, as when running. When you land on your right foot, your left hand should be raised. When tearing yourself off the ground, opposite your pushing leg with your hand, help yourself maintain balance. Use different combinations. You can do side-jumping sets in only one direction, or alternate left and right jumps. You can stand still or gradually move forward.

Plyo Push Up: Benefits, How-To

This exercise is a great completion for training your chest to make your torso muscles work in an explosive manner. Often with this there is a lot more difficulty than with similar exercises on the legs. Chest and triceps are small muscle groups relative to the quadriceps, gluteus muscles and hip biceps, they get tired much faster. You will not be able to “explode” as much as possible in each repetition, so you need to especially focus on the technique. And one more thing: no need to clap in a jump. One incorrectly executed repetition, and you, not returning to the desired position with the necessary speed, risk breaking a finger or stretching the ligaments of the wrist. It’s not worth it. Let your hands come off the ground and return to the same point.


Remember that these exercises are not for beginners. If you are really massive physique, be sure to include these exercises in your arsenal. A large deadweight creates constant stress on the joints, no matter what you do, even during normal walking. No matter how much you lift in the gym, you always run the risk of injury if you do the exercises without observing the correct technique. And one more thing: never forget that you want to become more athletic, and not a professional athlete. The difference is huge, so doing extra efforts here is completely useless.

Bodybuilding diets

Bodybuilding diets

In bodybuilding, people believe that 70% of success depends on nutrition and 30% on training. However, it is wrong to say so. After all, a person should be 100% given to training. However, following the rules of the diet, you can speed up the process of burning extra pounds.


So, all the food we consume is made up of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

For bodybuilders, of course, the most important of these three components is protein, because it is it that performs the building function in the body. And if your diet does not have protein, then there will be no muscles.

In turn, protein molecules consist of a kind of “building blocks” – amino acids. You must ensure that your diet contains a decent amount of animal protein, and if your goal is to lose weight, then this protein must contain a minimum of fat. The following products meet this requirement: eggs, lean beef, fish (pollock, cod, haddock, flounder, pike perch, hake, pink salmon, salmon), skim milk, low-fat cottage cheese, chicken, especially chicken breasts, turkey (breasts are also preferred). It is believed that while exercising with weights, it is necessary to consume about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, but advanced athletes, especially in the stage of recruiting relief, eat even more protein: 3-5 grams per kilogram of weight.


bodybuilding diets


  • Carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are our main energy storehouse, the fuel through which the muscles, heart, brain, digestive system, etc. work. The body is able to store carbohydrates in reserve in the form of a special substance – glycogen, which accumulates in the muscles and liver.

  • Fats.

Fats are also a kind of human energy battery, but fats are completely different from carbohydrates. First of all, fats are much more energy-intensive than carbohydrates. Fatty foods are much more nutritious. If splitting 1 gram of carbohydrates or proteins produces 4 calories, then splitting 1 gram of fats results in 9 calories. Fats are much slower absorbed by the body than even complex carbohydrates.Fats are not consumed during strenuous power work in the gym, but are used by the body during an aerobic activity associated with significant oxygen consumption: running, swimming, cycling, etc. Fats are deposited in the body in fat cells, the number of which is constantly and cannot decrease or increase (in the process of losing weight, fat cells seem to “shrink” or “shrink”). If we talk about the functioning of the human body, the fat is responsible for maintaining the hair, nails, for the production of testosterone and a number of other functions in a normal state.

  • Calories.

Even if you have never practiced bodybuilding, you have repeatedly heard the words “calories” and “calorie.” By and large, the calorie content of food means the amount of energy that is released during its splitting. Generally, if you follow the laws of classical physics, this thermal energy is denoted in kilojoules, but kilocalories have been established for ease of understanding. You just have to open any handbook on nutrition to find out how many calories there are in a particular product. On the other hand, any kind of physical activity has an expression in calories. Even at rest, you spend a certain amount of calories that go to maintain the functions of your body. The amount of energy that you consume, while at rest, is called the basic or basic metabolism.So a 100-pound athlete, even doing nothing, will spend a lot more calories per unit of time than the average man in the street weighing 70 kilos.

Earlier articles dealt with bodybuilding exercises and metabolism.


bodybuilding bulking diets


The most effective diet for bodybuilding

You need to try to distribute your food evenly throughout the day , so that the meals are about every three hours. Get five – six meals a day . Even a eaten loaf with a glass of protein or one baked potato is considered a meal. You need to distribute the total number of calories evenly over meals. It is not necessary to try to consume exactly the same amount of calories for each meal, but there should not be sharp jumps and dips during the day.

The priority meal should be breakfast, since before it you had eaten nothing for several hours. So at the first meal you need to load in a little more calories than the next times.

The same applies to the period after training , at this time the body needs more nutrients than usual. Thus, the first and fifth meals have some priority over the others, but the latter also needs to be given enough attention. Remember, food is a whole system, and every meal counts. 
Each meal should include a sufficient amount of top-quality protein – something that contains important amino acids, such as eggs, chicken, beef, protein shakes, dairy products. Do not forget to count every meal so that the protein intake during the day is constant.
You will also need carbohydrates.It seems to me that protein and carbohydrates are synergistic. To move amino acids from protein to muscle, you need insulin, which is released in response to carbohydrate intake.
If you are prone to fat consumption, use a small amount of unsaturated fat , such as a teaspoon of olive oil per day. In addition, I would recommend taking fish oil, it helps control cholesterol levels and improves the response to insulin.


bodybuilding diets for beginners

I eat some fruit, but I try to limit myself, because the fruit is rich in simple sugars that stimulate the deposition of fatty layers. Therefore, I eat fruit only once or twice a day. It is also important to eat a couple of servings of vegetables a day, which consist mainly of carbohydrates. I prefer fiber-rich vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and spinach.
We should not forget about vitamin and mineral preparations. If you are working with large weights, your body is subjected to significant stress, so you need to use multivitamin complexes. Above the normal rate, I would advise you to add a couple grams of vitamin C, it is good for strengthening the immune system and the formation of collagen to restore muscle tissue and ligaments. Studies show that vitamin C lowers cortisol and is thus anti-catabolic. These trace elements need to be consumed constantly. You can also try taking creatine or glutamine for several weeks, and see how these drugs affect you. Do not try to boot to failure at once. Experiment with each of the elements separately and see how it affects you.


  • Do not make a habit out of relaxation. If you want to eat pizza or hamburger, allow yourself. If you control yourself too much, the diet becomes torture.
  • This diet is likely to help you gain extra muscle mass and lose fat. If you have not paid attention to protein before, now you will begin to get all the best results in training. Muscle tissue is metabolically active, so that by gaining extra muscle mass, you will begin to burn extra calories. And over time, pumping up muscles, you begin to lose fat.
  • You should be serious about all aspects of bodybuilding , nutrition is only one of the three. The most important thing is to understand what you want to achieve, develop a serious real work plan and then steadily stick to it. Many people are always looking for some kind of magic formulas and numbers, can’t bring themselves to calm down, they constantly change everything. It seems to me, it is not constructive. The main thing is to develop a work plan and comply with it.
What Is Anavar?

What Is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is actively used among bodybuilders to improve muscle quality, improve strength performance and achieve other important characteristics. Buy this steroids from the manufacturer and be sure of the originality of the drug you can in the online store.

What Are The Benefits Of Anavar?

anavar what is itInitially, Anavar was invented for HIV-infected women and children, to maintain their immune system, as well as for the treatment of osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and other pathologies. Paying attention to the high efficiency and anabolic effect, the drug became popular in sports, after which it was entered in the list of controlled substances. Anavar is synonymous with the harmless use of steroids.

Among the main indicators, Anavar should be noted the following:

  • powerful anabolic action, its activity is 400% of testosterone;
  • androgenic activity of the drug 25% of testosterone;
  • has no aromatization;
  • does not retain water in the body and does not increase blood pressure;
  • has a moderately weak hepatoxicity, i.e. the effect on the liver;
  • the active period of action after taking is 8-12 hours.

Positive effects of Anavar:

  • improves the relief of muscle mass;
  • increases power performance;
  • promotes fat burning;
  • increases growth hormone levels.

Pay attention! Anavar is suitable for athletes to achieve relief and elasticity of muscle mass, but the drug does not promote weight gain.

How To Use Anavar?

The cycle of Anavar in the solo version is 6-8 weeks. Regarding dosages, the first week “input”, we recommend starting with a dose of 20 mg per day 1-2 days, divide it into two doses: in the morning and in the afternoon. Starting from the 3rd day if you do not feel pronounced side effects, you can increase the dosage to 40 -60 mg. (maximum 80 mg), divided into three doses per day.

what is anavar steroidFor those who want not only to burn extra subcutaneous fat and gain muscle relief, but also to gain muscle mass, experts recommend the combined cycles of Anavar. The steroid is permissible to combine with:

  • Testosterone;
  • Primobolan;
  • Sustanon.

Pay attention! With a combined cycle, the dosage of Anavar should be at the level of 40 mg per day.

Post Cycle Therapy

To avoid side effects after the cycle of the steroid Anavar dosage is necessary to pass Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Two days after completion of the cycle with the substance, clomid or Nolvadex should be taken within 4-5 weeks. This tool will help to restore the body’s own production of testosterone.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Anavar?

Anavar refers to a relatively harmless steroid. Despite the fact that the substance is produced in tablets, special toxicity to the liver does not have. Such side effects as gynecomastia or swelling, the tool does not have, as it is not converted into estrogens. Even the inhibition of testosterone occurs at a much lower level than when taking other steroids. There may be temporary side effects, among them:

  • nausea;
  • abdominal pain;
  • differential pressure;
  • dizziness.

As a rule, even they are extremely rare.


According to surveys, one of the publications, 88% of athletes noted the severity of the effect of receiving Anavar. With side effects faced no more than 15% of athletes, 87% – noted the excellent tolerability of the substance.

Order Anavar at the best price and at the same time be sure of the originality of the product you can in the online store. Experienced consultants will help you deal with the proposed positions, as well as arrange delivery to the desired region. Buying online, you can be sure of the quality and originality of steroids.

How To Cycle Anavar and Anavar cycle dosage?

How To Cycle Anavar and Anavar cycle dosage?

Anavar was invented in the United States at the dawn of the Golden era of bodybuilding, however, it was used purely for medical purposes. His profile is extensive. An interesting fact is that the drug doses of the hormonal agent were high in comparison with other steroid drugs. For example, the daily dose of Methandienone specified in the instructions does not exceed 5 mg. Per day, the maximum daily dose of Anavar is equal to a whole 20 mg. In the world of sports, the daily peak dosage of the steroid is 40 mg. And the dosage of Methandienone can reach 60 mg.

Anavar Solo Cycle

anavar only cycleSolo cycle of Anavar should not exceed six weeks. The peak, maximum and optimal daily dose is 40 mg. When building a steroid cycle, steps should be made, five days long. First stage – 10 mg. Second stage – 20 mg. And so on to the fourth stage, which is 12 days, when the athlete receives the maximum dose of 40 mg. After this stage the cycle begins the final stage, a decrease in the dosage symmetrically to the first three steps.

The daily dose of Anavar should be divided into two or three doses. Start cycle need with morning reception, on the second stage adding another reception with interval in six hours, and so on. The dose can be divided into four doses, however, the last reception per day should not be later than eight in the evening. Since the drug works for a long time – up to 12 hours, the best option is to use the steroid in the morning and at lunch. Each dose is best consumed 10 minutes before meals.

When using the normal anabolic, athlete’s diet should be balanced and consist of at least two grams of protein per 1 kg of weight. Despite the fact that Anavar is not designed for weight gain, with the right diet and well-built training, the athlete is able to get up to four kilograms of dry, relief muscles. The drug is perfect for athletes who have a Constitution for the type of mesomorph, as it has a strong fat-burning effect, which does not expel water, does not harm the joints and ligaments, as Stanozolol or Turinabol.

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Combined Cycle Of Anavar For Men

anavar cycle for menWhen using Anavar in a cycle with other remedies, steroids should be chosen to create a dry and quality musculature.

Combined courses of the drug with other means will help not only reduce the risk of negative manifestations, but also increase effectiveness. For joint use, Sustanon is most suitable (250-500 mg per week).

Anavar and Masteron Cycle

One of the easy and effective cycles will be Anavar and injectable Masteron. This option will create a quality form with minimal risk of side effects and harm to the body. Both drugs in this bundle complement each other well, and at minimum doses will give a powerful synergistic effect. On such a cycle, 40 days long, the athlete can get 6 kg of flawless muscles. Cycles with drugs that have high androgenic effects, aimed at increasing the mass in combination with Anavar will not give a good result.

First, Anavar is not able to give weight gain, as other drugs, such as Methandienone or Stanozolol, if you need to gain more, but high-quality mass. Secondly, the price of Anavar is several times higher than that of Stanozolol.

Anavar and Test Cycle

A cycle of Sustanon or other long testosterone esters with Anavar will not give the desired result. But Anavar and Testosterone Propionate will be an excellent option for a set of dry relief muscles or keeping it in the interval between full steroid cycles of four or six drugs. This cycle is composed of the principle of the pyramid described above. Testosterone Propionate should be put on 1 mg every other day in the morning.

How to take Anavar cycle dosage

Before you start the course, you need to consult a sports doctor and undergo a complete medical examination. The duration of the cycle and dosage are selected individually depending on the purpose of the intake, the characteristics of the body and other influencing factors. Basically, the recommended course can last from one and a half to two months, during which doping is used daily with a dosage varying from 20 to 80 milligrams. The start of administration should begin with a minimum dose (20 mg), gradually increasing to a maximum. The daily dose is best divided into several doses, which will help to avoid changes in the hormonal background and the occurrence of adverse events.

After 2 days after the completion of the use of anabolic steroids, it is necessary to conduct after the course therapy with Clomid (Tamoxifen is less preferred) for 14 days.


How Should Women Cycle Anavar?

Anavar is taken three times a day according to the pyramid scheme, however, each step increases the dose from 2.5 to 5 mg. the Maximum daily dosage is 20 mg. Professional athletes participating in bodybuilding competitions use a complex of Anavar and Masteron in medium doses of 10 mg per day. Any, combined or solo steroid cycle should not exceed 4 weeks. After a four-week break with the PCT, the cycle can be repeated.

How To Take Anavar?

How To Take Anavar?

what is anavar used forThis article will be useful for those who still decided to take Anavar for their own purposes. Our blog does not sell or encourage the use of anabolic steroids or other potent substances.

Anavar is the safest in terms of side effects of all anabolic steroids. After all, it was created primarily for children and women. And even if it is not as effective as other steroids, but has some valuable properties that make it sometimes indispensable.

What Is Anavar Used For?

  1. Anavar is widely used in medicine for children and women. In children, it perfectly restores the skin (after burns). In addition, it can be safely given to young athletes to increase their strength performance. This drug will not interfere with the hormonal system of the body. And will not cause any complications in the future.
  2. In power sports, Anavar is often used between major steroid cycles. As I said above, it is a good anti-catabolic and does not inhibit the production of its own testosterone. All this allows you to save the muscle mass gained on the main cycle and at the same time restore your own hormonal background. That is, it allows the body to rest from the side effects of other steroids, and the muscles in the meantime to save.
  3. Anavar is used in conjunction with Winstrol to increase muscle strength without increasing body weight. This is especially true for those who do not want to go beyond their weight category before the competition.
  4. Its property is not to increase body weight and protect muscles from decay is very useful when drying. Therefore, it is often used when it is necessary to make the body as relief, but keep the muscles.
  5. Oxandrolone is also suitable for those who want to try steroids for the first time. If your body is still “not used” to anabolics, even from small doses of Anavar you will feel an increase in strength.

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How Much Anavar Should I Take?

how much anavar should i takeOptimal effective dosage of Anavar: 50–100 mg per day for men, and 20–50 mg per day for women and children. And ideally it is necessary to divide this portion into 3 receptions. This is due to the fact that the half-life of Oxandrolone 8–10 hours anavar cycle dosage. And if you divide his reception by three times and take at regular intervals, then just get 8 hours.

The fact that this method will keep the level of Anavar in the body at the same level. And this will slightly increase its effectiveness than if you took it once every 24 hours. In this case, you can not avoid hormonal fluctuations, as a day in your body from the last reception is almost nothing left. Not that it’s bad, but if you can squeeze the most out of this drug, it’s better to do so. By the way, the frequency of taking any steroid should be based on the duration of its half-life.

As a rule, the dosage of more than 100 mg per day is impractical. Since the efficiency is almost not growing. And these dosages will be great to beat your wallet.

Duration of administration of Anavar – 1-2 months. Although I’m sure it can last longer without any consequences. That is, for one full cycle will need about 200-300 tablets of 10 mg.


  • Anavar has only two distinct properties: increasing muscle strength and preventing muscle breakdown (anti-catabolic effect). Some studies also suggest a slight burning of fat. To use this drug for weight gain is impractical.
  • Proper use of adequate dosages does not cause absolutely no side effects. Neither during its application, nor after.
  • The absence of suppression of own testosterone and the absence of aromatization allow without fear to accept this drug people any age and gender.
  • If you’re just going to try anabolic steroids, or you want to increase muscle strength without increasing mass, or want to keep your muscles after another cycle of steroids, Anavar will come in handy.
10 main sport supplements for the diet of the athlete | Top Supplements

10 main sport supplements for the diet of the athlete | Top Supplements

Using my 12 years of coaching experience (and 25 years of independent workout experience), I will make you an expert in sports supplements. Lesson one – never use the phrase “sports nutrition.” These are supplements, “additives”, and this word more closely matches the main objective of such products – to close holes in your diet, lack of certain vitamins, microelements, amino acids and others (believe me, everyone has such lacunae). I would conditionally divide consumers of sports supplements into two groups:

  1. You train long and hard (3-4 times a week without passes) for a specific result – for example, you dream to shake a barbell weighing 150 kg or run a marathon 42 km 195 m. You can and should do a lot of what is going on below. I will offer specific sets of sports supplements for solving each problem (see “Recipes”).
  2. Beginners, even if they train hard, for the first six months you should get along with both types of proteins: “fast” before breakfast, “long” for the night. They compensate for the lack of protein that any Russian man has. I would recommend the same diet to those people who go to the gym once a week, “for themselves” (but if you are overweight, first consult with a dietician).

Well, I recommend both categories to take (after consulting with your doctor) cardio and chondroprotectors, regardless of the training program. We now turn to powders and bars. If any product known to you in this material is missing, it means that I consider it unnecessary.

1. Protein

Protein powder
Protein powder

For what: Protein is often drunk right after a workout, saying: “Muscle mass, muscle mass!” But without carbohydrates, which everyone has forgotten, powdered protein is practically useless in the matter of instant muscle building. Use it, just to compensate for the total lack of protein. The body will find where to attach it, for example, make testosterone out of it. Proteins are “fast” and “long.” The first bioavailable and instantly provide your body with energy and building material. The second give the protein gradually, over several hours. It is easy to distinguish them: any whey (whey) is “fast.” Any combination containing casein protein (casein) is “long.”

How to take: “Fast” protein is consumed in the morning (1 portion of minutes for 20 before breakfast) and immediately after training for fat burning. In general, I am a staunch supporter of a predominantly protein breakfast, this allows you to gently raise the level of sugar in the blood after a night’s sleep and further promote metabolism. “Long” drink 30-90 minutes after the last meal, at night, so that the body has proteins at hand, even in sleep.

2. Amino acids

Complex amino acids
Complex amino acids

Why: Strongly doubt that in products with such names there are a lot of amino acids. Rather, it is the usual “fast” protein, only in a convenient packaging slow carb food list. On the road or after a long night in ambush under the nose of the enemy, where you can not get a shaker, this is a good substitute for a protein cocktail.

How to take: In any training mode, except for hypertrophic, – 2-3 tablets 2-3 times a day, as a replacement for protein powders. And in the midst of a long hypertrophic program – 3 tablets twice a day, with food or a gainer, and you will drink protein too.

3. Gainer

Mass gainer
Mass gainer

For what: My favorite product! The combination of easily digestible proteins and carbohydrates contributes not only to a quick weight gain, but also provides energy for a hurricane before a workout, and also significantly speeds up recovery after.

How to take: On training days, 30-45 minutes before training and immediately after. On rest days, 1 serving in the afternoon. In the training mode, endurance can be done three times a day: before and after training, and also at night. And never eat a gainer for breakfast! The mass in this case, you will grow exclusively on the sides.

Worth remembering

No creatine with protein will never correct technical errors and will not help with lack of sleep. In addition, be aware that no supplements can replace a full, regular and healthy diet. And do not forget that even harmless and certified products, if you apply them thoughtlessly and beyond measure, can cause irreparable damage to health. If you suffer from food allergies, metabolic disorders, diabetes, chronic heart disease, kidney, liver or gastrointestinal tract, then before taking any sports nutrition, you should always consult an adequate, qualified doctor.


BCAA Supplements
BCAA Supplements

For what: VSAA are also amino acids, but only three: isoleucine, leucine and valine. According to a number of studies, they are the most in skeletal muscles. I use BCAAs (and I advise you to do the same) in order to lose much less muscle in a “fat burning” period or a period aimed at developing endurance.

How to take: When you train – 5 capsules before and immediately after exercise. On rest days, take 2 capsules along with regular meals.

5. L-carnitine


What for: Carnitine makes it easier for your body to access fat reserves. Not ready to argue that L-carnitine helps to lose weight, but it really increases stamina and has a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system.

How to take: 1 tablet 2 times a day with food, when you train endurance or strength. And for any type of training, if you feel that your heart is under heavy loads (for example, on a hot summer day).

6. Creatine

Creatine powder
Creatine powder

What for: Creatine is a precursor of creatine phosphate (CF) – one of the main sources of energy for muscle work. KF provides exclusively short-term power character of work (the first 3-5 repetitions in the bench press, for example). It is considered that taking creatine supplements allows you to increase strength. For some, this is true, but this additive has no effect on the organisms of others. Try it – suddenly this food is in you.

How to take: 2-3 g once a day, you can, together with a gainer. Just be sure to drink at least three glasses of plain water. Creatine has an unpleasant ability to absorb fluid, which can lead to spasms, bloating of the intestines and even injuries to the connective tissue, for which normal water saturation is extremely important.

7. Glutamine

Glutamine powder
Glutamine powder

What for: With high physical exertion, the reserves of glutamine in the body are depleted, and this negatively affects the immune system and reduces the regenerative ability. Therefore, if you have more than 5 training hours per week, you should use this supplement.

How to take: According to the dose 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening 15 minutes before a meal – and you will recover normally, it is easier to endure the load and get less pain.

8. Sports drinks

Sports drinks
Sports drinks

What for: Another my favorite product! High-quality energetic simultaneously whips up your mood, sports enthusiasm and healthy aggression. During strength training, such a product is of paramount importance. Just keep in mind – this is a special sports energy, which are sold in special shops of sports nutrition! They have almost no sugar, but there are substances that support the health of the cardiovascular system. They have little in common with energy drinks from the supermarket.

How to take: Only half of a small bottle, drunk 30-45 minutes before a workout – and you are ready to break any records! However, I do not recommend drinking energy before each workout (maximum 1-2 times a week), and in no case drink more than one piece a day.

What do the powders interfere with?

Proteins and gainers can be mixed with ordinary non-mineral and non-carbonated water, freshly squeezed or packaged juice, as well as milk. For a gainer, the best option is water, in combination with juice or milk, the amount of carbohydrates and calories in the mix will go off scale. Protein powder will tolerate any liquid from the above, except that the milk should pick the least fat. By the way, if your gut milk does not tolerate, you can safely interfere with the protein on … kefir. But all the other powders, especially creatine, can be mixed only with water, and they should be drunk immediately – the additives in liquid form are the least chemically stable.

9. Testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters
Testosterone boosters

For what. For additives that increase the level of testosterone, the attitude of doctors and ordinary people, as a rule, is very negative. Obviously, because they are confused with hormone doping. However, boosters do not inflate you with extra hormones, but only gently increase the secretion of internal, own testosterone. From the point of view of physiology, this means “to look younger” for several years, especially if you are over thirty. If you are 17-22 years old and you are healthy, you can safely do without this supplement – hormones in you and so in bulk!

How to take: The most beneficial quality of testosterone boosters is their stimulating effect on glucose metabolism. Therefore, in my opinion, it is most reasonable to use them when you are trying to get rid of excess fat. 2 capsules 2 times a day with meals.

10. Protein Bars

Protein Bar
Protein Bar

Why: Perhaps the most convenient source of protein and? Carbohydrates: do not need to interfere or drink – ripped the packaging and eat for health! Use to suppress hunger between meals.

How to use. A pair of quality bars consistently discourage interest in food for exactly 3 hours, even in such an eternally hungry swallow as I am. But the daily rate, according to my observations, is no more than 2-3 bars. If you exceed the dose, problems with appetite may begin!

There are also a number of sports supplements and near-medical means that can be used in your diet, regardless of the goals that you pursue at a certain point in time.

Cardioprotectors. They should be taken before workouts during the hot season and during periods of endurance training. These include the above-described L-carnitine, as well as drugs containing potassium and magnesium – the substances responsible for the smooth functioning of the heart. For example, asparaginate potassium and magnesium.

Vitamins and minerals. With the opinion that exists among athletes and a number of trainers, I do not agree on the need to take higher doses of vitamins. Therefore, as a trainer, I prefer trivial pharmaceutical multivitamins in the normal dosage. As a rule, it is one portion immediately after breakfast. For taking additional, supposedly beneficial to an athlete / pumping vitamins – C, E and B separately – I? M not pleasing. Multivitamin more than enough!

Chondroprotectors. American coaches have a good saying: “If you don’t play sports, you’ll go to a cardiologist. You will play sports and you will go to an orthopedist! ”So that the last part of this wonderful phrase doesn’t touch you, take chondroprotectors regularly – additives that facilitate the regeneration of cartilage tissue and the restoration of the ligamentous apparatus as a whole. Even if you rarely go to the gym or not at all, chondroprotectors should be drunk to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system. How often? This information should be in the instructions for use.

9 best supplement brands | Top Supplements for Athletes

9 best supplement brands | Top Supplements for Athletes

A company that produces high-quality and highly effective supplements must have an impeccable reputation, international offices in many countries of the world and allocate considerable funds for the development of new formulas for sports nutrition. We have prepared a rating of best supplement brands who have been competitive for many years and supply balanced, safe products with high working properties and reasonable prices for sale.

The best manufacturers of sports nutrition

Universal nutrition

Universal nutrition
Universal nutrition

This brand is one of the first creators of nutrition for athletes. In 2017, the company celebrates the 40th anniversary of its existence and today occupies a leading position in the world rankings. Drugs of this brand have long won the trust of customers and have many positive reviews. In the assortment of products you can find any kind of sports nutrition: proteins, creatine, fat burners, left carnitines, pre-training and post-training complexes, vitamins, minerals and much more. But still, the company focuses on the production of anabolic drugs, which makes a significant contribution to the development of bodybuilding.


  • the company is constantly expanding its range;
  • makes a significant contribution to the development of bodybuilding and other sports;
  • All the declared qualities of the products are verified and confirmed by numerous clinical trials;
  • developed their own unique products.


  • There is a shortage of choice among the main additives: proteins, creatine, gainers. In addition, the drugs of these groups are somewhat losing in quality to their competitors.

Ultimate Nutrition

Ultimate Nutrition
Ultimate Nutrition

The company is younger than its predecessor by several years. Founder Victor Rubeno for a long time could not bring the brand to the top, despite the large range of sports nutrition. By the beginning of the 90s, the company produced unique products – ready-to-eat protein and energy with different flavors in bottles. Drugs quickly found demand among athletes and brought the company to a leading position. The manufacturer has a huge range of products, but the emphasis is on protein and energy preparations. Especially popular is the Prostar Whey Protein Blend, it is distinguished by its high content of essential amino acids and is suitable for aerobic and anaerobic workouts.


  • the brand produces high-quality products at an affordable price;
  • drugs do not cause adverse reactions after taking;
  • improve athletic performance;
  • the company has a wide range of supplements for sports;
  • the brand is constantly improving the production process and product quality.


  • Some drugs can be addictive.

Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition
Optimum Nutrition

Since the existence of this manufacturer, just over 30 years have passed. Thanks to a powerful marketing program and support of distribution networks, the manufacturer has taken a leading position in the sports nutrition industry. The brand has 4 factories with its own laboratories, warehouses, with a total area of ​​more than 154,000 sq.m. It has high requirements for quality and production processes – all suppliers provide quality certificates, random tests, tests and laboratory tests are carried out. To minimize the risk of microbiological contamination, the manufacturer has developed its own NARRS program, which analyzes the risks at critical control points.


  • today the company is recognized as the best manufacturer of sports nutrition for powerlifting, bodybuilding, fitness;
  • manufactured products are suitable for professional athletes and amateurs;
  • The company is world famous due to its high quality, working properties and an acceptable cost of sports supplements of various categories.


  • Over the past few years, the cost of production has increased significantly, while the quality has remained at the same level and the company does not introduce any unique formulas and developments.



Since the appearance of this company, just over 20 years have passed. American brand drew attention to its products thanks to the fantastic and loud names. In the range there are more than 40 product names. There are 5 sports nutrition series on the market: Performance Series (10 products for increasing performance in sports), 100% Ultra-Premium Series (9 high-quality supplements that increase endurance and strength), 100% Premium Series (6 supplements that increase strength and muscle mass), Concentrated Series (powerful premium additives) and Essential Series (17 high-performance complexes).


  • products sold in almost all countries of the world;
  • the company has its own pharmacological laboratory;
  • many world-class athletes recommend supplements from MuscleTech;
  • the drugs are safe and reliable, this confirms the presence of several medical patents.


  • There are fakes on the products of this manufacturer.



The company opened in 2001. Despite the young age, the manufacturer managed to gain the trust of athletes around the world, thanks to the production of unique innovative products with an acceptable cost. In the assortment there are various categories of sports supplements, but the company focuses on the development of proteins, gainers and amino acids. All products comply with international quality standards and have more than 25 prestigious awards.


  • the products of this company are sold in more than 90 countries of the world;
  • innovative developments – the main direction on which the best BSN specialists work;
  • buying sports nutrition of this brand, the athlete will receive all the quality declared by the manufacturer;
  • products help professional athletes and beginners to get the most out of training.


  • The cost of sports nutrition from this brand is often too high.

Olimp labs

Olimp Sport Nutrition
Olimp Sport Nutrition

The company is registered in Poland, but the products are popular in many countries around the world. Currently, the products manufactured by this corporation, has two directions: biologically active complexes for health and beauty and sports supplements for professional athletes. The manufacturer has many serious awards, as well as international quality certificates. Each drug is the result of many years of work of specialists in sports pharmacology and medicine.


  • thorough cleaning of raw materials takes place in several stages, which guarantees high quality, efficiency and
  • safety of the products obtained;
  • additives do not cause undesirable reactions after application;
  • the company has its own laboratory;
  • sports nutrition allows the athlete to get the most from training;
  • Each drug undergoes multiple clinical trials before it goes on sale.


  • The direction of sports nutrition is mainly focused on professional power athletes.



The company began producing sports products in 1957. International status acquired after 30 years of its existence. Today, the brand produces several varieties of products that are suitable for athletes and bodybuilders – the Global Line, and for people who are often engaged in fitness or just lead an active lifestyle – Body Shaper. Products have long won the trust of their customers and are exported to dozens of countries around the world.


  • the best pharmacists and scientists are working on the creation of drugs;
  • products have different forms of production: capsules, powders, cocktails;
  • additives are made from natural ingredients and do not contain doping;
  • drugs from the manufacturer Weider help to achieve high results in bodybuilding and fitness;
  • sports nutrition of this brand has been recognized by world bodybuilders, athletes, and other athletes.


  • many fakes;
  • high price

BioTech USA

BioTech USA
BioTech USA

Products belongs to the premium class and is popular in more than 30 countries around the world. For more than 20 years, the company has been delivering products with high efficacy that meet international standards of quality and safety, and also have many prestigious awards. The company offers athletes an impressive selection of supplements: fat burners, amino acids, weight gainers, left carnitines, and more. Products in black and red underline the company’s style.


  • wide range of products;
  • there is a product line for a female audience;
  • annually, new supplement formulas are created that are designed to meet the needs of athletes of various categories;
  • sports nutrition is safe for health and does not cause undesirable reactions after application.


  • high cost of sports nutrition.

SAN Nutrition

SAN Nutrition
SAN Nutrition

This company’s sports nutrition is a great example of how high-quality supplements can be affordable. The company focuses on quality and regularly allocates huge funds for the development and production of new highly effective food additives. Products undergo numerous clinical tests and laboratory tests before they go on sale. The production of sports nutrition is aimed at an audience of professional athletes.


  • supplements can improve athletic performance, increase muscle mass and endurance of the body, get rid of fat deposits;
  • the company constantly raises the bar for the quality of its products;
  • sports nutrition has a pleasant taste and excellent tolerability;
  • This brand remains competitive due to its high quality, reasonable price and an impressive range of products.


  • There are no growth hormone stimulators, isothenics, glutamines.

Which manufacturer of sports nutrition to choose

  1. Companies that focus on the production of high-quality products for bodybuilders, athletes – MuscleTech, Universal Nutrition and Weider; on release of protein
  2. Companies that focus on the production of high-quality products for bodybuilders, athletes – MuscleTech, Universal Nutrition and Weider; on the release of protein and energy drugs – Ultimate Nutrition.
  3. A manufacturer that pays special attention to the manufacturing process –Optimum Nutrition. No other manufacturer of sports nutrition has such an area of ​​its own factories with laboratories and warehouses; besides, the corporation has developed its own NARRS program, which allows analyzing risk at critical control points.
  4. A corporation that operates on the principle of “More new and less old” – BSN.
  5. Manufacturer, which produces sports nutrition for power athletes – Olimp Labs.
  6. A company that annually pleases with new and high-quality premium sports nutrition products – BioTech USA.
  7. A manufacturer that constantly raises the bar for product quality – SAN Nutrition.
Top 10 best preworkout supplements | Top Supplements for Athletes

Top 10 best preworkout supplements | Top Supplements for Athletes

Place Name and brand Characteristics in the ranking

ТОП-10 best preworkout supplements

1 Jack3d Micro by USP Labs The most popular
2 Nano Vapor by Muscle Tech New from the best brand
3 Xpand 2x by Dymatize The most versatile and balanced
4 Assault by Muscle Pharm Best in price-performance ratio
5 Stimul8 by Finaflex Most ambiguous
6 Black Annis by Gold Star Only for experienced bodybuilders
7 Animal Rage XL by Universal Nutrition Superstrong stimulation
8 Backdraft by Sportline Best of inexpensive
9 Psychotic by Insane Labz Most aggressive
10 Arnold Iron Pump by Muscle Pharm The best complex without creatine

Preworkout supplements are a type of sports nutrition aimed at improving the quality of training and improving athletic performance. With a properly chosen regimen, they contribute to the endurance of an athlete and help them recover faster after active physical exertion. Unlike vitamin-mineral complexes, pretrains have a more complex multicomponent composition. It is based on the use of substances that stimulate the central nervous system, as well as activating the work of the brain and helping to concentrate in the gym.

We present to your attention the rating of the best pre workout supplements according to the assessment of professional experts, famous bodybuilders and ordinary amateur athletes. When choosing a product from our list, it must be remembered that all drugs of this type are contraindicated for use by people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and with certain other pathologies of the body. Therefore, before purchasing a product, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and carefully follow all recommendations for admission.
There are contraindications. Check with your doctor.

Top 10 best pre workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements appeared on the sporting goods market not so long ago, but quickly gained immense popularity. Powerful marketing companies that promise immediate effect and unsurpassed results influenced their ubiquity. As a result, it’s not so easy to choose a good pre workout supplements that really works. We have collected the most famous sports supplements that will help make training more productive not only in words but also in deeds.

Arnold Iron Pump by Muscle Pharm
Arnold Iron Pump by Muscle Pharm

10. Arnold Iron Pump by Muscle Pharm

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 4.6

The Muscle Pharm Arnold Iron Pump complex is aimed specifically at pumping, therefore it is an ideal assistant for working in the hall. Rapid build-up of muscle mass occurs due to the acceleration of blood supply inside the body, which is caused by the action of the active ingredients. The absence of creatine makes it possible for people with poor tolerance to this substance to be used, and the weighted combination of nitric oxide with arginine nitrate gives a stunning effect of pumping skin “breaking”.


  • improves venosity;
  • gives muscles the necessary relief;
  • contains only ingredients tested;
  • suitable for novice athletes.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • includes artificial flavors;
  • too cloying taste.

Judging by the reviews, not all users were delighted with the Arnold Iron Pump, despite the indisputable reputation of the legendary “Mr. Universe”. On the other hand, there were no special complaints about the negative effects caused by the drug. This fact, as well as the original composition of the stimulator, gives us the right to include it in our TOP of the best preworkout supplements .

Psychotic from Insane Labz
Psychotic from Insane Labz

9. Psychotic by Insane Labz

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 4.7

According to the manufacturer, it is Psychotic from Insane Labz that will provide you with the necessary energy, create a positive attitude and help you cope with overloads. A wide range of pleasant tastes makes it easier to take the drug, and the promised result can be achieved after just one serving, taken half an hour before class. This preworkout supplement is capable of pushing to new sports achievements, however, the experts themselves determine its composition as being as aggressive as possible, therefore using Psychotic is possible only under the supervision of a specialist.


  • improves performance;
  • lasts effect for 3 hours;
  • sharpens the sensations;
  • improves mood.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • causes addiction;
  • severe stomach discomfort, increases pressure, depresses CNS.

Psychotic from Insane Labz is intended only for healthy adult males over the age of 21. Also, according to reviews of athletes who have tried this preworkout supplement “on themselves”, after the end of the action of the drug, the state of health deteriorates, there comes a severe headache and apathy.

Backdraft from Sportline
Backdraft by Sportline

8. Backdraft by Sportline

Country: Russia

Rating (2018): 4.7

The only representative of domestic production Backdraft from Sportline attracts attention, first of all, for its affordable price. But these are not all the advantages of this preworkout supplement. The product is designed in accordance with all modern requirements for sports nutrition, enriched with vitamins and amino acids. The stimulating effect is provided by a high content of caffeine in the composition, and the presence of creatine contributes to the activation of energy metabolism in muscles.


  • nourishes tissues with oxygen;
  • improves physical and mental activity;
  • has good taste;
  • affordable cost.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • poorly soluble in water;
  • not suitable for everyone.

The stimulator can be used not only by athletes-athletes. He has also proven himself to optimize playing, speed sports, fitness and so on. It should be taken before and during training, but only by men who have reached the age of 18.

Animal Rage XL by Universal Nutrition
Animal Rage XL by Universal Nutrition

7. Animal Rage XL by Universal Nutrition

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 4.8

Highly effective stimulator from Universal Nutrition is part of the famous line of animal sports supplements, which have long since gained immense popularity all over the world. Properly selected dose and regular use will allow a man to achieve the best results, while practically not feeling tired. The unique 4-step formula provides a soft but effective impact, significantly increasing concentration, endurance and performance.


  • strengthens energy tone;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • promotes the growth of power indicators;
  • quickly absorbed.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • does not contain substances that help recovery after exercise;
  • may cause addiction.

Reviews on Animal Rage XL are full of diametrically opposed ratings – from “one of the best preworkout supplements ” to “the worst complex.” This once again confirms that without the help of a specialist it is almost impossible to find an adequate tool that would show excellent results. And if you exceed the dosage, the health effects can be disastrous.

Black Annis by Gold Star
Black Annis by Gold Star

6. Black Annis by Gold Star

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 4.8

An innovative formula that can mobilize psychoemotional and physical condition during anaerobic exercise is the main quality that provided the Dymatize Xpand Xtreme Pump underground product from our list of the best. This tool eliminates the need for men to choose between focusing and pumping, as it provides both functions in equal measure. Caffeine in its composition stimulates the central nervous system and contributes to the development of adrenaline, Geranaburn (geranium oil extract) increases concentration and attention, and creatine increases muscle cells in volume and increases their energy content.


  • fast acting;
  • helps to recuperate after a workout;
  • provides a focused working state;
  • does not cause feelings of depression.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • negative for health;
  • not suitable for novice athletes.

Because of its popularity, the Black Star preworkout supplement from Gold Star often “suffers” from unscrupulous distributors – it is often falsified, and the risk of running into an ersatz is quite large. Perhaps this is the reason for some critical statements on the Internet that the tool did not fit or the effect of its reception was not very noticeable.

Stimul8 by Finaflex
Stimul8 by Finaflex

5. Stimul8 by Finaflex

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 4.9

About the popular stimulator Stimul8 heard, perhaps, all bodybuilders. This is a proven, powerful and fairly effective drug that still causes a mixed reaction from many professionals and amateur athletes. Someone characterizes Stimul8 as a powerful tool that can make a man spend hours in sports without any fatigue. Others pay attention to the negative psychotropic effect that occurs after the first dose, and which can quickly cause persistent addiction.


  • based on a mix of stimulants and antioxidants;
  • provides the most powerful emission of energy;
  • helps burn body fat;
  • promotes an increase in muscle mass.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • has many contraindications;
  • unsafe for health.

As with all pre-workout complexes without exception, the action of Finaflex Stimul8 directly depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete’s body. Its effect is best manifested in well-rested people who do not have problems with nutritional deficiencies and body weight. The main recommendation is to use with caution and not to exceed the specified dose.

Assault by Muscle Pharm
Assault by Muscle Pharm

4. Assault by Muscle Pharm

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 4.9

An effective product that can be safely attributed to the average price segment. At the heart of Assault from Muscle Pharm is a unique formula that allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of your workout and ensure faster recovery from power loads. Through the use of this preworkout supplement, the athlete gets an extra charge of energy, and can fully expect to improve concentration and increase productivity.


  • activates anabolic processes;
  • increases strength and endurance;
  • Available in 8 flavors;
  • approved by professionals.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • side effects such as nausea, dizziness, or the development of tachycardia;
  • moderately low stimulating activity.

According to reviews, the peak of Assault popularity from Muscle Pharm came in 2012. However, now many athletes consider this type of sports nutrition as one of the best in terms of price and quality.

Xpand 2x by Dymatize
Xpand 2x by Dymatize

3. Xpand 2x by Dymatize

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 5.0

The pre-workout Xpand 2x by Dymatize is the best of all universal ones. It can be used before and after training, thereby increasing work capacity in the classroom and helping the body recover as quickly as possible during the rest period. The supplement has caffeine in its composition, so for men who do not tolerate this component, we can advise a light version of the product – Xpand 2x Caffeine Free.


  • thoroughly studied composition;
    the presence of vitamins and amino acids;
    increased muscle tissue activity;
    less addictive compared to peers.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • banned for admission in pathologies of the cardiovascular system, arterial hypertension, diabetes, and malfunction of the thyroid gland;
    may cause irritability.

The complex was developed using numerous laboratory studies aimed at identifying the optimal concentration of the most advanced ingredients of sports nutrition. Because of this, Xpand 2x from Dymatize can be considered the most balanced stimulant with the safest effect.

Nano Vapor by MuscleTech
Nano Vapor by MuscleTech

2. Nano Vapor by MuscleTech

Country: USA

Rating (2018): 5.0

The novelty from one of the main world brands of sports nutrition Muscle Tech is pleased with its efficiency and ability to hold the results for a long time. Complex additive Nano Vapor was developed specifically for pumping, early fat burning, stimulation and mental concentration. Also, its use causes a powerful release into the blood hormone testosterone.


  • maximum pumping;
  • super efficient energy boosting;
  • increased performance in the hall;
  • brand reputation.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • causes many side effects.

Both professional athletes and ordinary men, who prefer to go to the gym for a lazy pastime at the TV, are especially positive about this preworkout supplement. With the adjusted dosage and correct use, fully complying with the manufacturer’s recommendations, it will become much easier and faster to achieve excellent results from practicing with Nano Vapor.

Jack3d Micro by USP Labs
Jack3d Micro by USP Labs

1. Jack3d Micro by USP Labs

One of the most popular and marketed in the sports world, the Jack3d Micro complexes from USP Labs has a pronounced stimulating effect and provides an excellent result, tangible immediately after the end of the workout. This is an improved version of the legendary Jack3d pre-workout from the same manufacturer, only without a geranium extract which has been banned for some time in the US. The modern composition more sparingly refers to the body, while retaining its ability to influence the pumping and increase endurance athletes.


  • improves nutrition and muscle growth;
  • does not cause unpleasant tingling and burning sensations;
  • has an anabolic effect;
  • prevents the appearance of cramps after exercise.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • may cause sleep disturbance and heart palpitations;
  • addictive.

During the period of use of the supplement it is forbidden to drink caffeinated beverages in order not to exceed the permissible concentration of this component in the body. Feedback on the work of Jack3d Micro from USP Labs is mostly positive. Athletes of both sexes like its mild action, a small number of adverse reactions and good performance. By the combination of characteristics, we can call this stimulator the best of all presented in the rating.

Choose the best creatine monohydrate – Top 10 | Top supplements for athletes

Choose the best creatine monohydrate – Top 10 | Top supplements for athletes

Top Creatine monohydrate is a fuel for muscle contraction. It gives strength and tirelessness, so it is popular with athletes and bodybuilders. Among the assortment on the market, it is not easy to choose a quality supplement, because many of them are fakes and can be harmful to the body.

How to choose creatine

There are many types of creatine. The most effective is monohydrate. There are no special differences between supplements for beginners and athletes. When buying, you should pay attention to the shelf life of the drug and the following points:

  • keratin is odorless;
  • it is almost tasteless;
  • monohydrate is poorly soluble in water;
  • powder packaging must be intact.

It is recommended to buy products of well-known and proven brands that produce effective and safe additives. The most popular of them are represented in the ranking of the best creatine.

What is better creatine, protein or gainer?



Creatine endurance development;

muscle growth;

improved muscle relief.

fluid retention;

risk of side effects in the form of digestive disorders.

Protein good digestibility;

immunity strengthening;

saturation of the body with amino acids;

normalization of nitrogen levels

pleasant taste;

kidney overload due to increased protein content;

the risk of side effects;

high price.

Gainer glycogen recovery;

increase the level of performance;

muscle tissue regeneration;

increase the intensity and duration of training.

high calorie;

set of fat at low intensity workout

Top Creatine Supplements



Price ($)
Top Creatine supplements      1 Olimp Creatine Xplode Powder          30
     2 Ultimate Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate          14
     3 Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder          13
     4 Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder          40
     5 BioTech 100% Creatine Monohydrate          18
     6 MuscleTech NaNO Vapor          43
     7 BPI Sports BUILD-HD          43
     8 Weider CREATINE capsules 720          18
     9 OstroVit Creatine Matrix          15
     10 MusclePharm Creatine          16

Olimp Creatine Xplode Powder

Rating: 4.9

Olimp Creatine Xplode Powder
Olimp Creatine Xplode Powder

Food powder from the company “Olimp” demonstrates a stable quality, which is confirmed by large sales volumes. During its production, the experience of many years is taken into account, safe raw materials and innovative technologies are used. Products are tested in the laboratory and are in great demand among athletes and bodybuilders.

The supplement includes taurine and six types of creatine. In its composition there are no fats, carbohydrates and third-party compounds. The substance completely compensates for the need for amino acids and provides improved athletic performance, contributing to the growth of muscle volume. Take Creatine Xplode Powder five grams upon waking up, and also at the end of each workout. A pound of powder is designed for one hundred receptions.


  • maximum result due to the combination of creatine;
  • acceleration of recovery after intensive training;
  • slowing the feeling of tiredness;
  • good digestibility.


  • GI insecurity;
  • water retention.

Ultimate Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

Rating: 4.8

Ultimate Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate
Ultimate Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

The next participant in the ranking is creatine with a powder structure, which allows the substance to be better absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and transported to muscle tissue. The five-gram portion contains monohydrate, which gives an additional charge of energy within fifteen minutes after administration.

Judging by customer feedback, the product significantly improves performance. It is taken four times a day for a week, and then reduced to two doses. Creatine is available in packages of various sizes.


  • promotes healing of microtraumas;
  • choice of packaging depending on the volume;
  • accelerates protein synthesis;
  • accumulates glycogen;
  • affordable cost.


  • not found.

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder

Rating: 4.8

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder
Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder

One of the best-selling nutritional supplements is Micronized Creatine Powder. This creatine monohydrate is produced to increase the power factors. This is a natural product that is sold as a white powder and is taken in one serving daily. Consume thirty minutes after exercise or in the morning.

According to customer reviews, the additive is well absorbed by the body and does not cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Many athletes use the product along with protein and gainer. The price of the product is consistent with the characteristics of the additive.


  • natural composition;
  • ease of use;
  • visible effect in a short time;
  • good digestibility.


  • not.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

Rating: 4.7

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder
Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

The next participant in the rating is known for the best quality-price-effectiveness ratio. Powder monohydrate allows for a positive shift in a short time. It will take several days of admission to see the beginning of external changes. Thanks to him, physical activity increases significantly and the concentration of adenosine triphosphate in tissues increases.

In their responses, buyers note an increase in strength and stamina. They advise not to take powder on an empty stomach, so as not to increase the risk of indigestion. For a more effective result, it is recommended to mix a full teaspoon of the drug in a glass of water or mix with protein shakes. This volume is enough for 1.5-2 months.


  • high efficiency;
  • optimal price;
  • harmless composition.


  • not.

BioTech 100% Creatine Monohydrate

Rating: 4.6

BioTech 100% Creatine Monohydrate
BioTech 100% Creatine Monohydrate

BioTech Creatine increases tissue hydration in muscles and leads to an increase in muscle. A small dosage is sufficient to significantly increase strength and performance. The composition of the drug – pure monohydrate.

The additive is sold in packages of various capacities. This is a fairly profitable option that can be easily purchased on the market of sports nutrition. It is permissible to use it with protein shakes, energy drinks, gainers. Take powder courses for 4-8 weeks, then make the same break.


  • acceptable price;
  • renewal of damaged tissues;
  • accelerated muscle growth;
  • good health after intensive training;
  • improvement of energy metabolism.


  • can trigger acne.

MuscleTech NaNO Vapor

Rating: 4.5

MuscleTech NaNO Vapor
MuscleTech NaNO Vapor

NaNO Vapor is MuscleTech’s real trump card that helps you concentrate on getting a load and provides a powerful effect. The complex contains calcium, sodium, a minimum of carbohydrates. These effects include muscle growth, fat burning, and a powerful testosterone release. The additive increases the conductivity of nerve endings, accelerates the rate of metabolic processes, synthesizes nitrogen oxides.

To achieve the result, 25 grams of powder is added to 300 ml of water. Take the composition on an empty stomach twenty minutes before the start of classes.


  • increase energy and strength;
  • a set of muscle mass;
  • unique composition.


  • side effects in overdose;
  • reception only on an empty stomach;
  • high price.


Rating: 4.5


In addition to creatine, BPI Sports Powder contains D Aspartic Acid, sulfuric acid and antioxidant substances. The composition penetrates the cells, causing them to expand and grow in size. It stimulates the production of male hormones, protects tissues from oxidation, prolongs tirelessness. The result can be seen in just a few applications.

Supplement recommended in all kinds of power sports. The powder itself is pleasant to the taste and is quite expensive. After completing the course, the muscles may decrease slightly.


  • free radical suppression;
  • active development of the muscular system;
  • increase power abilities.


  • high cost;
  • wasteful use;
  • reduction of effect after discontinuation.

Weider CREATINE capsules 720

Rating: 4.5

Weider CREATINE capsules 720
Weider CREATINE capsules 720

The basis of CREATINE capsules 720 contains monohydrate, small doses of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Substances allow you to replenish the expended energy, increase endurance and contribute to the speedy recovery.

Buyers note that after taking the supplement, they began to train more efficiently and in a short time achieved the sporting success they had dreamed of. Creatine from Weider should not be taken during the protein-free diet and during the drying period. The price of the product is consistent with the quality, although some may seem overpriced.


  • improving performance in sports;
  • performance improvement;
  • increase in muscle volume;
  • accelerated recovery after class.


  • water retention in the cells;
  • not suitable for weight loss.

OstroVit Creatine Matrix

Rating: 4.4

OstroVit Creatine Matrix
OstroVit Creatine Matrix

The composition of the anabolic complex from the brand “Ostrovit” contains four types of creatine of the highest quality. Among them are monohydrate and alpha-ketoglutorate. The balanced combination is suitable for receiving athletes of various directions.

The drug perfectly stimulates muscle growth and increases the energy potential by increasing the concentration of creatine phosphate. Take an additive of three grams per 200 ml of water before exercise, after it and in the morning.


  • minimum side effects;
  • many can afford;
  • maximum weight gain;
  • a marked increase in performance in sports.


  • not found.

MusclePharm Creatine

Rating: 4.4

MusclePharm Creatine
MusclePharm Creatine

We can not say about an anabolic complex containing five forms of creatine. They have a different rate of absorption. It provides maximum effect. The mechanism of action of the powder is aimed at optimizing energy exchanges.

Buyers are advised to drink immediately diluted powder and add a spoonful of sugar for better absorption of substances. They note a huge surge of energy and the absence of the usual fatigue after exercise. At the end of intense exercise the muscles do not hurt, as before.


  • improving overall well-being;
  • normalization of the stomach;
  • growth of power indicators.


  • the need to increase fluid intake.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you should consult with a specialist.