What sports to do to lose weight

What sports to do to lose weight

Today’s world is ruled by the cult of the sports body. How to find the forms of your dreams? Many hopes are placed on sport. That’s just the abundance of different techniques in combination with poorly trained instructors leads not to finding the ideal proportions, but to physical exhaustion, trauma and dislike for the sport for the rest of your life. Today we will help you figure out how to correctly introduce training and proper nutrition in your life, and what sport for weight loss gives the best results.

Why did not you manage to lose weight?

Everyone who has not managed to lose weight due to training, make the same mistakes:

  1. Preservation of previous eating habits. Even the most effective training program will not give the desired result, if not to deny yourself food. This is not an appeal to sit down on a hard diet, but you will still have to adjust your diet.An obligatory condition for weight loss is a caloric deficit, that is, their costs should exceed consumption. To create a deficit it is often enough to replace simple carbohydrates (refined sweets, baked goods) with complex ones (cereals, vegetables, fruits, whole grains). To go to the other extreme and there is very little and rarely too it is impossible. The body perceives this as a signal of hungry times and begins sports to do to lose weight to slow down the metabolism to create fat reserves for the future. The problem is solved often (up to 6 times a day), but small in volume meals. This provides a run on the treadmill correctly deficit of calories and only contributes to the acceleration of metabolism.
  2. Absence of a system. The result can only be obtained from regular training. Better 3-4 short sessions per week than one exhausting workout at the weekend, from which you will only get physical exhaustion.
  3. Fanaticism. This concerns enthusiastic newcomers who have a habit of dramatically changing their lives from Monday. They at once refuse all harmful products and visit the gym 5-6 times a week. But enthusiasm has a property with time to fade, and the rule “the more, the better” in the sport does not work. As a result, an ardent fan of HLS is very quickly disappointed, and then tells everyone about the inefficiency of training.

The key to success in losing weight is a gradual change in habits in a comfortable pace for yourself. The training and nutrition regime for each type of physical activity is built up. We will consider the most effective of them in terms of losing weight.

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Cardio Workout

Cardio is the classic for losing weight. Running, walking, bicycling, aerobics and other types of active, accelerating the heartbeat of the load will allow you to spend a maximum of calories with minimal time costs. Other advantages of cardio training include:

  • healing effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • Fresh air, the location on which involves a large part of cardio-loads;
  • Availability, as you can do it yourself and without additional equipment.

But if your goal is to lose weight, and not just to train your heart and tighten your muscles a little, you need to deal with cardio in consideration of many nuances.

  1. The optimal duration of training is 40-50 minutes. During an aerobic exercise, the body draws energy from fat stores, but it does not happen from the first minute of training. To make the fat “go to use”, glycogen reserves from the muscles and liver must be used for a start, and this takes about 20 minutes. If you were engaged only 20 minutes, then  on the amount of fat tissue such training will not affect. But even more than 60 minutes of training, too, is not worth it, because after this time the body begins to use muscle tissue instead of fat.
  2. Correct alternation of loads and rest. Cardiovascular better to spend as often as possible, and if the body manages to recover, then even daily. Unlike the power loads, rest after which continues to stimulate the metabolism, aerobic exercise burns fat and speeds up metabolism only directly during the session.
  3. Heart rate control. For effective fat burning, high loads are not needed. If you run fast, then actively train your heart and stamina. But the occupation at the limit of its capabilities can not last long, and, perhaps, you will not even reach the phase of fat burning. A good pace for losing weight can be calculated by the pulse. It should be 60-70% of the maximum mark, for the calculation of which you need from 220 to take away the number of your full years.
  4. Food. Forget about classes on an empty stomach. If you want not just to quickly get rid of excess fat, but also to find a sports body, then for 30-60 minutes before training you need to eat something light, combining complex carbohydrates and proteins. The first will provide you with energy for a long training, and the second will not allow the muscles to break up together with the fat tissue. After loads for about 45 minutes, it’s better not to eat anything. Then, if it’s a day, you can eat something from carbohydrates to replenish energy, and in the evening it is necessary to confine yourself to protein foods in combination with vegetables.

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Now let’s talk directly about the varieties of cardio loads.

Running or walking

With the help of running, you can quickly get in shape, as in one 40-minute workout at an average rate of about 500-600 calories, which for a slimming person is almost a third of the daily diet.

But if the weight is too large, start better with  walking at a fast pace. This will exclude an excessive load on the heart and joints, besides the beginning runner, it will be difficult to continue training recommended 40-50 minutes. The expenditure of calories during fast walking is approximately 200 kcal per hour. But this figure can be increased by 45% using the technique of Nordic walking using ski or specialized sticks.

Intensive group sessions

Fitness in groups is divided into many kinds – aerobics, shaping, tai-bo, bodyflex, etc. Combines them that all exercises are done with own weight or light dumbbells (up to 3 kg). Classes in the group under the supervision of the instructor will not allow you to feel sorry for yourself and relax before the time, so with regularity and parallel adjustment of nutrition, you get a guaranteed result in losing weight. However, such training carries a great shock load on the joints, so not everyone is useful.

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Yoga and Pilates

Static stretching exercises will increase your flexibility, develop a little strength, teach you to relax, but this is not the best way to lose weight. The expenditure of   calories in such occupations is minimal, and they have no stimulating effect on metabolism.


Dance is the most fascinating version of cardio loads. You can choose any genre to your taste, but the most contributing to weight loss are:

  • Flamenco. Passionate Spanish dance, involving all muscle groups.
  • Belly dance. Perfectly pumps the press and helps remove fat from the thighs.
  • Irish step. By energy efficiency is not inferior to jumping rope or step aerobics.

Another plus – you can go to a couple of dances with your spouse, combining the sport with family pastime.

Power training

In the gym, you can not only build muscle mass, but also get rid of fat. It’s all about the training scheme. For fat burning, each exercise should be done 3-4 times with the maximum number of repetitions in each (20-25). Accordingly, the weight of the inventory must be chosen so that you can lift it at least 20 times.

power training

Another important condition is a minimum rest between approaches, not more than 1 minute. With such a training scheme, a girl can not be afraid to build muscles, since this approach is aimed solely at fat burning and drawing the relief of the musculature.

Classes at home

With a lack of time or money, you can go in for weight loss at home. In addition, it is almost the only real opportunity to come to form a woman in a decree. You can do absolutely free of charge, guided by video lessons from the Internet. And you can spend a little and buy small dumbbells (2-3 kg) or weighting agents, which will make home workouts more intense and diverse.

You need to train at least 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. Each lesson should include both cardio and strength. In the absence of simulators, a cardio load can be provided at the expense of a rope or jog in place, and if the house is multi-storey, burn the calories will help to  run along the stairs. Strength exercises should be as diverse as possible, directed at different muscle groups.

Do not need to swing the press for hours or make slopes to get rid of the stomach and sides. Local fat burning does not exist, this process occurs evenly on all parts of the body.

Whichever sport you choose for weight loss, the main thing is to enjoy the process itself, because on one willpower you will not last long. A guaranteed and long-term result can be obtained with moderate, but regular training, and only under the condition of changing eating habits.